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My love, my life, was just a few yards away from my feet. I start walking quicker towards her.

My Mai was sitting on a rock perched in the soft sand under my feet. I could see her staring at the blue waves, waiting for her prince to arrive and sweep her off her feet.

Or was that just my thinkings?

I took three last steps and sat down next to Mai, my arm tightly wounded around her waist.

Her head fell on my shoulder and she gently smoothed my ragged hair.

I remember when I had to rid of my ponytail, grown for 15 years, but now, in my opinion, it looks better than ever.

"Hey, Mr. Firelord." Mai whispered, teasingly.

I smirked.

"Good morning, my love. Sorry I'm late." I apologized sincerely.

I had to sort things out about dinner plans with my family and the Avatar.

"It's okay. At least it's warm enough now to take a dip in the ocean." Mai looked up towards me and smiled.

"Why don't you go change in the tent and I meet you in there?" I winked at her and kissed her.

As our lips connected, sparks flew in my heart. Her lips were full of electricity. I slowly opened both of our mouths and we touched toungues.

Our lips and toungues moved in rhythym and then finally, we pulled apart.

She blushed, as did I, and went to change.

I threw my robe off, exposing my naked chest.

I took my shoes off, and ran into the warm, bath-like water.

Little ripples of waves washed over my lower body.

I awaited for Mai by floating on top of the calm waters, staring at the shapes of the clouds.

After minutes of endless staring, I heard a little giggle.

As I flipped over, I fell underwater which made Mai laugh even harder.

I chuckled along with her, ran towards her and threw her on my back.

Her arms wrapped around my neck lightly and she kissed my cheek as I sped us back into the deeper waters.

She slid off and turned to face me.

Then, she jumped on me, her legs around my pelvis, and kissed my neck.

I now see what I've made her become.

And I like it.

"Zuko. I love you with all of my heart."

I looked into her eyes affectionately.

"I love you too, Mai, my love. Forever and always, will I."

"I like the sound of that." She smiled.

I smiled largely back at her, and we enjoyed the rest of that day together.