"Damn it! Where is that book?!" Edward yelled across their military dorm room. All that could be seen of him was his bare feet sticking out from under his bed.

"No. I can't find my chalk either. I just bought it yesterday too." Al was on the other side of the room, looking for his missing things.

Ever since they came back to Central after their latest search for the Philosopher's Stone, their things had started disappearing right from under their noses. They could turn away for a second and random objects would be gone. So far they had lost numerous alchemy texts, an apple Ed was about to eat, Al's armor oil, chalk, Ed's right boot, pillows, and all of Ed's left socks. They had been warned that strange things happened it that particular dorm room, but it had been the only one available and Edward had been extremely tired. Now Al was starting to wonder if they would have been better off paying for room in an inn. At least they would still have their things, although their wallet would have been lighter.

Ed crawled out from under his bed and collapsed on top of it. He rolled over to check the time when he realized the clock was missing. "That's it. We're leaving now. Lets grab what we have left and see if we can crash at Hughes' house. I'll take the photographs over this."

Meanwhile in alternate dimension...

"Arghh! Where is this crap coming from?!" Ed screamed. He rubbed his head where a huge alchemy book had just fallen on. Al started to cross the room to check on him when a bag of chalk bashed into his helmet.

"My helmet is starting to get dented. Have you figured out where all this stuff is coming from yet?" Al asked as he checked the knot on his brother's head.

"I'm not sure yet but some of this stuff is pretty useful." he said, flipping through the same book that just fell on his head. "Now I see why everyone wants this room."

A/N - This is what happens when I watch the Discovery channel while reading Fullmetal Alchemist fics while on a sugar high. According to the show, matter that is sucked into a black hole may be released through a white hole some where else. That's the gist anyway. I turned it on halfway through the show so I missed a lot of stuff. But I saw enough to write a FMA crack!fic (or more like a crack!drabble) And yes I do know that I am a dork.