Ok then, I havent submited in... a while, ^^; oh well, I decided to make a new story! :D yup, it's a bit…. crazy, but I think the idea is good hehe

Here the main are Petunia, Sniffles and Eloise!

Well, hope you like it and please comment!

"I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me, papa-paparazzi"

Sniffles was on his laboratory checking all his weird experiments and inventions when he arrived to one, the last proyect he was working on, he was about to work on it when he slipped and fall down.

"ow" he said while he got up, he look at the floor, it had something weird there, it was like… a extrange liquid.

He looked at his laboratory, it was a complete mess, and it was really dirty, he really needed to clean it, but he was too busy for clean it by himself, so he took the directory and looked for a number.

Meanwhile, on another place in town, a blue bear with camo jacket was bored to death, she didn't had anything to do since morning, the only thing she had did was to go to the market, she couldn't even annoy her brother, she didn't know where he was.

"agh! I hate this!" she said to anyone in particular, she only wanted to broke the silence "great! Now I'm talking alone!"

She got up and got out of her house and started walking. She had live in the town for one year and half, she knowed everyone perfectly and she now could walk without getting lost.

Although she didn't know where she was going, she just keep walking, she would find something interesting to do

After a good time of walking and walking, she decided to take a rest and lay in the grass on the park.

"ahh! I like this more!" she said "agh! I continue talking alone!"

Meanwhile on Sniffles laboratory, someone hit the door

"it must be her!" thinked Sniffles while he ran to the door, and he opened it, it was Petunia, with a lot of cleaning stuff, she smiled and said "hi Sniffles! So you need help for clean?"

Sniffles opened the door more for let her get in and said "yes, thanks for help me Petunia"

Petunia looked at the place and tried to talk "n-no prob-blem" she almost got hyperventilate but she tried to got controled

"ok, lets start" she said while she put the things in the floor

Eloise was still bored on the grass, now she was wondering what would happen if you put a battery on a microware…. But then she thought "why the hell you should put a battery on a microware?"

She was lost on that when she thought who might know what happen if you put a battery on a microware, she could do it by herself, but it might explode, she didn't care to die, but how could she get money for buy another microware?

She got up and start running to Sniffles' lab, he might know… or have a microware to do the experiment.

When she arrived to the laboratory, she hitted the door and shouted "SNIFFLES! ARE YOU IN HOMEEE?"

Sniffles opened the door and said "yes Eloise, I'm in home"

Eloise smiled and answer "can I get in? I need you help me with an experiment"

Sniffles got surprised when Eloise told him to help her in a experiment, since when Eloise like science?

But Sniffles decided to help her, so he asked "what do you want to do Eloise?"

Eloise smiled and said "what happens if I put a baterry on a microware?"

Sniffles got blank, she annoyed him just for that?!. He sighed and said "Eloise, why you should put a battery in a microware?"

"I don't know, that's why I came" answered the bear. Sniffles just face-palmed, then he heared "ohh! What's this?"

He turned around to saw Eloise looking at one of his experiments, it was a big cabine with two helmets on eache side and many other things that caught Eloise's attention

"oh that!" said Sniffles "its for change the characteristics of two bodies"

Eloise stayed blank, Sinnfles aswered "it change the bodies of two people"

Eloise smile and said really excited "it's like "Freaky Friday"?" "Freaky Friday?" Sinffles answered "yeah!" said Eloise "its about a girl and her mom that change bodies because two chinese cookies, so the mom is on her daughter's body and the daughter is on her mom's body"

Sniffles sighed and said "yeah, something like that"

ok then, there's chapter 1! :D what does Eloise will do with this thing?

I tried to do it the better I could ^^;

Hopes you like it!

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