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"yo soy el rey del jazz a go-go, el mas mono rey del swing, mas alto ya no he de subir, y esto me hace sufrir"

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then Eloise sat in the machine and put on a helmet, and she said happy "ok then! I change me with a chiken! No no! better with Handy!"

Sniffles approvached Eloise and taked out the helmet of her head, he sighted and said "I cant do a change now, I still need to do some proves"

Eloise sighted sad and said "ok" and got out fo the cabine

Sniffles patted Eloise, then Eloise smiled and said "can I use your microware for an experiment?" "no" Sniffles answered

Eloise puted a frustraded look just like Handy, then Petunia appeared and when she saw the blue little bear, she smiled at her and said "hi Eloise"

Eloise waved at her and said "hey Petunia" she tried to walk to he, but Petunia moved back, leaving Eloise confussed, then she asked "whats wrong?"

Petunia asked trying to keep herself calmed "E-Eloise, did you taked a shower in the morning?" Eloise answered "of course I did! I take one every morning! And my clothes are clean too! I send all my clothes to the dry cleaning yesterday! And I brushed my hair like always! Why?"

The blue sunk answered "so why y-you are dirty" Eloise looked at herself and said "that's not true! I might have a bit of dirt because I fell on mud"

Then the girls started arguing, Petunia saying Eloise was dirty, and Eloise saying she wasn't

Then Sniffles realized they might take a lot, so he continue working on the machine, but then something happened, many sparkles got out of the machine, then a lightning hitted the sunk and the bear, then the lights turned off, leaving everything in darkness…..

Eloise woke up, she was in the hospital of life, she couldn't remember what happened, then she remembered, she was on Sniffles' lab., then something weird happened…. And she couldn't remember more

"I guess that's why I almost never got drunk" she thought "I cant remember anything"

She saw a bunch of flowers in the table infront of her, they were petunias "hmm I wonder who leaved that" she thought confussed.

Then, she heared a panic shout, she got up and run to the room where the shout came of, but when she got in, she screamed too.

She saw her…. well, her body, infront of a mirror, then she approvached to the mirror and looked the reflect

She saw Petunia in the reflect, Eloise (in Petunia's body) was shoked, she coulndt believe that.

"n-no this is not happening" she said, but then she covered her mouth, she had Petunia's voice!

"I'm dirty!" Petunia (in Eloise's body) shouted *A/N: ok since now I'll continue writing Eloise but in Petunia's body and viceverse, ok?*Eloise sighted and shouted "you are not- I mean I'm not dirt… oh well, you know what I mean" and she facepalmed

Both girls sat in the bed and sighted sad, they were really confussed, then Eloise said "I think I know who sended the petunias" Petunia looked her confussed and asked "what?" "when I woke up I saw a bunch of petunias in my room, I guess he send them because he though I was you"

Petunia sighted, she couldn't stop thinkig that Eloise was dirty, but then she thought how she could live like Eloise

"hum Eloise? Can I ask you something?" Petunia said "sure what?" answered Eloise "hum, your life its hard?" "well, not really, living with Flippy its cool but… the problem its when he flips out"

Petunia shivered, thinking in Flippy flipped out made her feel afraid.

Eloise thought about that too, then she shouted "noooooo! I'll have to be really clean!"

Then Petunia said "yeah! I don't want people think I'm a dirty person!" the Eloise said "and I don't want people think I'm girly!"

Both girls nodded and shaked hands, it was a deal.

after they got out of the hospital, they went to the other's house, Eloise to Petunia's and Petunia to Eloise's

Eloise was walking by the park when she saw Handy fixing a pipe, she smiled in an evil way, Petunia never said anything about guys

Handy was trying to take a hammer when someone talked to him "hi Handy!" Handy turned around and saw Petunia really near to him, this made him blush a bit and really nervous.

Inside, Eloise wanted to laugh, but she hold it, she approvach Handy even more until they almost kiss. Handy was really red now and he tried to talk "P-Petunia w-w-what are you d-doing?"

Eloise made circles with her finger in Handy's chest and said in a flirty way "well I was wondering if you would like to go to a date with me" by now, Eloise was about to laugh at Handy's face, but she did the best for not laugh

"w-well, I-I don't k-know Petunia" Handy said, he was confussed at Petunia's question "o-ok, I'll pick y-you today at 8 o-ok?"

Eloise smiled and hugged him, when she let him go said "ok then see ya later!" and she leaved.

Handy realized something, he thought for a while and said "she just talked like Eloise?" he though for a bit more and then he remembered his date with Petunia. Handy was so happy that he started jumping of joy and shouting "I GOT A DATE WITH HER!"

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hehe Eloise its so mean, poor Handy XD

"Estoy esperando mi camión
en la terminal del A.D.O.
Estoy esperando mi camión
en la terminal del A.D.O.
Quiero que me lleve muy lejos
y a la chingada de aquí.

No me he podido consolar
desde que mi novia me dejó.
No me he podido consolar
desde que mi novia me dejó.
No me consuelan las chaquetas,
ni las pastas ni el alcohol."

Happy Tree Friends- mondo Media

Eloise- me