A/N: I do not own this awesome song by Skillet or any characters that appear in said songfic.


Rogue is sitting in the garden, reading a book and listening to her MP3 player. This song comes on and she closes the book to listen.

You're worth so much. It'll never be enough to see what you have to give.

How beautiful you are. Yet seem so far from everything you're wanting to be, wanting to be.

Tears falling down again. Tears falling down.

She thinks about how it would be if she could touch someone. To be able to hold, kiss and just simply to hold hands with anyone without the aid of gloves or clothing to protect them.

You fall to your knees, you beg and you plead. Can I be somebody else for all the times I hate myself? Your failures devour your heart in every hour. You're drowning in your imperfection.

How many people has she hurt over the years since her mutation became evident? She hates this, thus in a way, hating herself for the damage done not only to others, but to herself as well. She feels the pain building inside.

You mean so much, that heaven would touch the face of humankind for you.

How special you are. Revel in your day. You're fearfully and wonderfully made, wonderfully made.

By now, she is in tears. She can't believe that anyone would even want to be around her. Why did God make her this way? Why?

You're worth so much, so easily crushed. Wanna be like everyone else.

No one escapes every breath we take dealing with our own skeletons, skeletons.

Yes, she has indeed been crushed by life's cruelties. Mystique and countless others have hurt her. She wishes she could be normal.

Gambit hears her crying and sees her hunched in the garden, the book abandoned beside her. He quietly steps up behind her, kneels down and pulls her against him, stroking her hair.

"Remy, why can't I be normal? Why was I made this way?"

"Belle Marie, I don' know why you were made the way you were, but we all have our imperfections to deal with. No one is perfect, cherie. God made you for me and I love you just the way you are."

Rogue throws her arms around him and they stay like that for awhile.