He felt a fire in his belly. He was angry, the world around him was a blur of fire and shuffling souls. The air crackled around him. Everyone was giving him a very wide breath. He didn't understand the heat of his anger but he knew he had to get to the bottom of this discovery. She was from the future, may have not even been born yet in his time, she knew who he was and he had accomplished something within her time. Be of good or bad. He remembered when he first saw her, bloody, barely awake and covered in enough soot and dirt to think she lived in a fireplace.

A bird squawked above him, he jumped, realizing he had walked all the way out to the woods. He didn't even feel that he had been walking at all. Looking into the dark forest foliage he wondered if he should just erase everything that had happened. That thought gave a sudden pain in his gut. This strange girl was making him go soft. He was to be feared but damn she wasn't making it easy. His confusion was becoming out of hand. Who was he anymore?

Turning sharply, he walked back to the castle. He was going to sleep and tomorrow he would get answers. He wasn't himself anymore. He didn't want these feelings. As he entered he watched everyone filling in for dinner. Had it gotten that late so fast? Just a few hours ago she had been flying around with that dunderhead. She had fainted then too. She was defiantly stubborn but something was wrong, she was either sick or stressed beyond a point of bodily exhaustion. He shouldn't care but he did. This damn chain and her damn face was causing an unwanted upheaval of his emotions and he wasn't liking it one bit. Expect, maybe, her kisses. Those were something. "GAH!" his voice made a group of first years walking into the hall scream and scamper off. "YEAH, GET TO YOUR TABLE!" he yelled after them. The feeling of dominance calming his nerves. He was a badass Slytherin who was going to change the world.

Hermione POV

She woke to a door closing loudly, the room was dark except for a fire now burning softly in the heath. She turned towards the door, her blanket rolling with her to the floor, it didn't completely fall off and she noticed it tucked under the cushions beneath her. She made out Tom standing near the dorm door, he seemed to be drawn larger and darker in the shadows of the fire. She didn't remember what had happened or how she had come to be lying snug on the couch. Tom approached her slowly, his jewel green eyes shimmered as he got closer. "What happened?" her voice was dry and weak but she knew he heard her. "You fainted again, I think we should take you to see the nurse, but we will do it in the morning. Are you hungry?" his was talking softly to her, it was comforting in a strange way. She nodded sitting up, she felt sore and weak. "Alright, I'll send for the house elves to deliver you some food. Go have a shower and meet back out here ok?" He wasn't looking at her now, removing his tie he started to head for his room. She clipped out a yelp and struggled up off the couch. A shower sounded nice. Heading into the bathroom the tiles were nice and cold on her feet. Stripping down she turned the shower on, going from hot and cold till she decided to keep it at a lukewarm temperature. Her head felt fuzzy. She must had drifted, a loud sharp knock woke her, Toms' sharp voice vibrated through the door.
"Hurry up, some of us would like to have some hot water left." He seemed grumpy. She felt kind of drunk.

Stepping out into the dorm she saw he had brought out the table and set up dinner, it smelt wonderful. He was already eating and just gave her a look before she sat down and started eating too. She was really thirsty, she gulped down two cups of pumpkin juice, and Tom seemed to notice. "Stop. You are going to make yourself sick. Drink some water" "what if I want pumpkin juice?" she smiled at him. He raised his eyebrows at her, she felt like giggling. It was then that she started to remember. Before she had fainted. He saw her face drop and go red at the cheeks. "It's alright Lil-gah ….Hermione. I'm not going to push you anymore tonight." He was watching her but he did seem to mean what he said.

"You know I can't really tell you much without affecting the future right?" Tom nodded as he poured a glass of water and pushed it over to her side of the table. "Telling me something will change my future and probably yours, but for now. Drink, rest and tomorrow we can start again." She stared at him. "Start what again?"

He half smiled "Well, for one, how you came here and why?"

Shaking her head rapidly she stood up. "Nope, that would affect the future." He seemed shocked. "What? I can't tell you that, I don't have a reason why and how was easy, time turner" "So it was time dust all over you"

She choked. "I didn't want to tell you any of this"

He nodded and sipped his drink. "But now I know. It doesn't surprise me, though. You are defiantly a student of Hogwarts. Now, go to bed. Talk tomorrow. It's the weekend. Lots of free time." He smirked at her. She looked down at her hands. He was being cold and weird yet warm and caring and it was throwing her around. "Tom?" she looked up at him, he raised his eyebrow. "Did you mean what you said before I fainted?" He sat forward "which part?"

"Being a mudblood" His face darkened, sending a spike of fear to her heart. Standing, he walked over to her. She didn't feel the need to run but she was still stiff. Raising his hands to her cheeks, she shivered. His green eyes met her brown ones. "No one should ever be called that. So never say it again ok?" "But I am"

He shook his head. "No, you are a witch, it has nothing to do with your blood." He was going soft again.

She felt his palms on her cheeks. It was an odd feeling to be held like this, the kiss earlier flashed up. She didn't know him at all. "Ok, no more names" he nodded and let her go, her cheeks felt cold. Reaching out she took his hand suddenly. He watched her bring it to her mouth and kiss the back of it. "Thank you"

She didn't know what made her do it, maybe it was the Dark Lord himself saying she wasn't filth, maybe she had just wanted someone to say it the way he did but as she let go she watched color rise just under his collar and It made her feel even better.

She was falling for him. Harder and faster. She grabbed her blanket and headed to her room. As she closed her door she watched him sit back down. "Goodnight Tom" "Goodnight future girl"

She woke up feeling mortified. Her thoughts instantly went over everything that had happened. The broom ride, fainting, kissing Tom fucking Riddle, fainting again, the weird ass dream, eating dinner with Tom. His odd behavior, kissing his hand. "AGH, why the hell did I do that" she covered her face with a pillow and started swearing profusely in every langue she knew. His face when he held her floated in. "FUCK!" she threw the pillow across the room and got up. She needed a nice cold shower and to stop losing her head. She was smarter than this. Ron didn't even shake her this much when he had kissed her. Ron, she sagged and sat on the ground by her door. She missed him so much, that goofy grin. His stupid face when they watched Quidditch. Harry and him playing pranks with the twins.

She wanted to go home. She didn't want to be in love with the dark lord. She sat up straight. 'Was it love?' she thought. 'No, just a silly crush!' she stood again. Her head was going all over the place. She needed that shower. She needs coffee and a pen and paper. The library, she needed the library, she had to go home. Walking out she quickly walked over to the bathroom, opening and closing it quickly she didn't realize it was steamy inside until she turned around to a very wet and red Tom drying his hair.

'FUCK' He was naked. He was very naked. So very naked. Naked as the day he was born. His nakedness of naked. Her brain was frozen. Naked boy.

He quickly wrapped the towel around himself. Even going as far as covering his chest. "HERMIONE OUT!" She squeaked like god damn little girl and scampered out. Naked man. She fell onto the couch face first. Beyond mortified. This was not going to be a good morning. She heard him walk out a few minutes later. She didn't move. His door closed. She still didn't move. Minutes passed. His door opened again and she heard him walk over to the back of the couch. She pulled a pillow over her head. He scoffed and dropped another pillow on her. "You should learn to knock" she groaned out "I do know how" His laughter drifted from over near the dorm room door. "Sure" The door opened and closed. She poked her head out. he had left? She quickly jumped up and ran into the bathroom.

Stripping down she got under the frigid water and let if just freeze her overheating skin. She was going to die. Her thoughts were muddled, she wanted to go home, but every time he came close her thoughts were on him and she didn't want to leave. The chain around her neck was warm. She grabbed it and made an attempt to pull it off. "You're the reason I feel like a freaking 12-year-old fangirl!" She knew it was never coming off but god damn she was despising it. Shoving her head under the water she felt like crying. If they were going to be linked she might as well see if she could us the damn thing. She never wanted to walk in on him naked again. She grasped the chain and concentrated. She felt a tingle begin at the back of her head. She felt him. He was colder than the water on her skin, she felt his anger. Then shock. A feeling like someone touching her forehead threw her off, she opened her eyes. Had he felt her?

Quickly getting out she threw on her clothes, as she exited he came storming in. "What the hell was that?" he boomed from the door. She jumped and shouted back "I was using the necklace" he blinked like an owl.

"I beg your pardon?" he walked slowly towards her. "I wanted to see if I could feel where you were" He stopped and crossed his arms. "Well?" She walked over to the armchair. "I could feel you but then not really" he nodded "Well I felt you, it was like getting a pin in the back of the head." She looked up at him in apology. He walked over to her, she felt like touching him. "We should practice that, it helped me find you when you fainted the first time" she looked at him shocked "really?"

"Yeah, felt your distress, it pulled me to where you were" She looked at him in shock, touching the chain around her neck. His was sparkling at her from his open collar. It was then she realized he was wearing muggle clothes, just a comfy pair of pants and open collar shirt. He looked relaxed.

He sat on the couch and crossed his legs. "Where shall we start?" she cocked her head thinking.



"Before anything, I want coffee….oh and a really big bowl of fruit"

He started to laugh, it was a deep tummy laugh. She wasn't expecting it. She wasn't expecting any of the feelings that passed over her. He stopped and stood up, holding his hand out to her. She took it with less hesitation than she had wanted. She shouldn't feel so damn comfortable around him. What had changed over the last 24 hours?

"Your hands are warm" she blurted out. He looked down at them, one still curled around hers. "Um, thanks?" she nodded and followed him out of the dorm.

They headed into the great hall, there was still people there eating breakfast. As they entered some turned to look at them. All with odd looks. She knew they didn't like her. She could feel it. Looking down at her hand, she realized Tom still had it. Another wave of emotion hit her. She suddenly felt like a little child. Scared.

Tom seemed to sense it, he turned and gave her a half smile. She couldn't help smiling back. He led her to the table and sat her down. She instantly started to drool. Piling her plate high with fruit she started to chomp on a strawberry.

Tom ate some toast, his eyes flicking up to her from time to time as she devoured her plate. He pushed a cup of water over to her. She took it, downed it and continued, he filled it again and gave it to her again. This continued until she felt satisfied. He hadn't said a word as she ate. She knew she wasn't being ladylike at all. He pushed one last glass of liquid over to her, it was orange juice. She sipped it. She didn't even realize that she hadn't had a cup of coffee till half way through her juice. She wasn't feeling like herself or had she ever.


Tom patted her leg under the table, she looked up. He tapped subtly at his head. She felt a tingle, had it been there the whole time. He was in her head, she blushed bright red and looked down. "It's easier sitting closer to you to feel through the link" he muttered to her as he refilled his cup. She nodded. "I know what you're thinking. The link is doing something to us. Maybe to help keep us from killing each other" She looked up at him, he was looking at his hands, he seemed suddenly shy. She concentrated and felt the tingle. He was feeling a mix of emotions, anger, content, shy, lust. She balked on the last one. He coughed, a red blooming on his neck. "Sorry" he whispered. He wasn't feeling in control anymore. He was just happy to be beside her, watching her eat. She looked healthier, alive.

He wanted answers but on the other hand, he wanted to just hold her. His anger spiked suddenly, he was back in control. The fog of puppy love shifting, he saw her stiffen. "You are going to be the death of me women" he wasn't angry at her, but he was angry at the situation, he felt stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"You have no idea" she whispered. He looked at her, she was sinking again and her skin was ashen. His instinct to grab her in case she fainted sprung up. She looked up at him sad eyes. "I was going to kill you, well, try to" He paled. She stood up, pulling a plate of strawberries towards her and filling a napkin with them. "Come on." She looked at him waiting for him to stand.

He knew in that moment something had shifted, such a brutally honest confession. That statement could change the future forever but she said it with such sadness.

He stood, he felt her emotions, there were like a hurricane, hard to pin one down before the next surged. She was distressed. He didn't know what to do, the fog was creeping at the back of his mind. He didn't want it to take over, he wanted to see her with his own eyes, feel with his own feelings. The fog surged, then as if like a light switch being sparked it disappeared. He stood. He felt light. Something had happened. She was watching him. He needed to move.

Taking her hand he led her back out of the hall and towards the courtyard outside. He needed answers, her confession had sparked him into curiosity.

A voice in his head seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. "I will stop interfering if you keep her safe. Help her home" He looked around him, that voice. He had heard it before. He felt a pressure on his chest. The chain was warming.

He looked down at her, he looked hard. Sudden feelings came up but seemed so natural that they surprised him. "Hermione? Did you hear that?" She gave him a puzzled look and shook her head. "You didn't hear him?" she shook her head again, nibbling on her strawberry pile. She looked cute. That thought didn't come from the fog. That was him.

He liked her for whatever reason, his feelings seemed heavy. The voice spoke again "It was me, I needed your hostility dampened. Sorry" He looked around again, she was still nibbling, "Huh?" Hermione stopped nibbling and looked at him. "Not you Hermione, come sit" He placed her on a bench, she sat and folded the napkin into her lap. The voice seemed to chuckle. This was going to be a long day, He was going insane. He knew it. Voices in his head.

She sighed and looked at him. "Where do you want me to start?" he looked at her with concern.

"Do you think you can get back to your time?" She seemed taken back. Her face became thoughtful. "I guess if I could find another time turner or a spell." She tapped her cheek. "Even if there was a way to tell someone from the future where I was and have them come back for me" He nodded and looked at his hands.

"Tell me everything and once you have, I promise to help you get home." She looked at him puzzled. "If I do that I could change the whole future, you know I can't do that" He took one of her hands and pulled her closer. "I want you to tell me. I want to know, I need to know."

"Tom, I can't"

They went the rest of the day quiet. He showed her around the school and introduced her to a few teachers. They were all polite. He then suggested they head to Hogsmeade. She agreed, saying she wanted to see what it looked like now. He got permission and led her out of the castle.

Half way there he grabbed her hand. She looked at him but didn't say anything. He didn't know why he liked holding her hand.

He was falling, hard. It was a new feeling, but it wasn't unwelcome. The fog had made it all so blurry, but now that he could feel his own thoughts, feelings. He felt much better in control. He knew it probably started the first time he saw her. Leading her around the village she seemed to become more animated, laughing and smiling, running to stores and point in at windows at things. "oh they still sell these, oh and this still looks the same" He followed her stone-faced, but he couldn't help feeling a bubbly sensation every time she dragged him to a store he had seen nearly a million times before.

Things were changing. He didn't know if it was good or bad.

But these past few days had changed him drastically. He didn't like change that was out of his control. He didn't like having a say but seeing her face light up was making his stomach drop and he just wanted to hug her.

He didn't know what he had done in the future, but whatever he did, he was determined to make sure she never got hurt again. Even if it meant changing the future.

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