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Chapter 11:Is It Still Over?

*At the Autobot Base*

"Come on Guys! Drinking some Egg Nog will make you feel better..." Sari said trying to sound cheerful.

Optimus wasn't buying it and Prowl wasn't either. All knew Sari was hurting the most from losing friends, her size and part species, all at once so if pretending that everything was "hunkie dorie" made her feel some small comfort...we'll then they would all just play along.

Sentinal had left early along with Jazz muttering "They didn't need to get drunk on energon. They needed to focus on the jobs at hand. Repair their ship so they could go home." So only the original five teammates with Sari were in the living room drinking Egg Nog quietly. Only a few jokes were shared, more from Bumblebee who was too trying to hide the pain with laughter, and many chuckled in good nature.

Prowl said goodnight early going to his room looking up in the tree solemnly. His gaze slowly fell on the little makeshift bed where Sadie had slept and his optics burned with holding back energon tears. She had been so quiet every night, only smiling a good night and looking up at the stars with Prowl naming them off by whispering for him to learn. Now her quietness was the one thing Prowl missed the most. So he looked up at the stars dreaming of what she was doing right at that moment.

Ratchet left soon after walking to the medic room and tried to pour himself in his medical work. He just couldn't focus, maybe he had too much energon to drink, maybe he was secretly missing his "little student", but Ratchet growled in frustration half throwing a tool against the desk watching it clang around.

Optimus left last watching the other three young teens/robots yawn walking to their rooms. Bulkhead went straight to his room and Bumblebee to his but Sari stopped muttering something on the line of "You guys aren't waiting up for Santa? You guys are a bunch of partie poopers!" and looked at Optimus for a moment. An old memory came back to him when Sari had not believed "he could not understand women." And Optimus smiled softly his spark aching from the unspoken words of affection to a little, temper brown haired teenager who not so long ago left, never to return. He hid it though saying with a yawn " There's still tomorrow Sari and ugh...Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas big guy and...pleasant dreams." Sari replied lovingly and turned to her room walking slowly. Optimus smiled at the teens soft words and walked to his room in silence after gazing up at the stars until one o clock. No words of regret were spoken only a deep sense of longing and regret filled up Optimus' spark as he drifted off to sleep.

Sari looked around her room remembering the fun and silly times here. Sari's eyes filled up with tears as she collapsed on her bed reading herself for her father to come to pick her up to come home any moment. When the familiar ringtone of "My Little Girl" rung for Pro. Sumdac's Text of "I'm here. Come outside." She waited a long two minutes before slowly raising up to leave. Sari was surprise though to see on her way out Optimus leaning out the garage door gazing to the stars. She walked by him quietly not wanting to disturb him and her little heart broke to see the "Big Guy" in so much heart ache. A heart ache...that Sari knew...would not quickly go away.

"If you can hear me Crystal...please come back...Optimus needs you." Sari whispered while she neared her father's car. The ride home was quiet and Sari went to her room at once...silently crying her eyes out for her two besties girls, Crystal and Sadie, for her adopted like brother Alex and finally for the soft hearted, troublemaking Billy. She wiped her eyes slowly whispering "Some Christmas."

*Back Home On Earth*

The Teens landed a bit roughly on the dirt floor of Billy's Lab in a straight line across from each other, face down. Crystal was the first to awaken groaning in pain hearing her back pop from being in an awkward position...for however long she was out. Crystal eyes went wide replying the last few hours and she sat up quickly ignoring her back's shooting pain in response. She got on her knees and slowly got up but felt a weird bulge next to her foot. Crystal tapped it with her finger and heard a resounding grunt of pain from a familiar male voice.

"Billy!" Crystal cried out in relief helping her brother to his feet.

She slowly picked him up whispering "Easy...Easy" as Billy looked around dazed. Crystal looked around but sadly at the awakening Sadie and Alex around her.

"Ugh ha...What?" Billy said dazed his eyes partly glazed over.

"It's Ok Billy" Crystal soothed hiding her bittersweet feelings of happiness and sorrow well from her grogry brother. Billy obeyed gaining his memory saying slowly

"Were All Home?"

"Not All of Us.." Sadie's timid voice now full of hurt echoed behind Crystal and Billy. Crystal didn't respond to the comment only shaking her head because it felt like every time she thought about what just hurt so much. Like a proverbial knife hitting her straight in the heart every time she thought of the last bots that would never be seen again except from a screen. Billy was having the same problem saying quietly

"I don't think we need to talk about them right now..."

"Why? What are we suppose to do? FORGET them?" An angry voice of Alex came from Billy's right. Billy looked to see Alex's face wet with angry hot tears glaring at both the older teens. Alex came up to the now standing half way Billy and said with more hurt anger "Act like that NEVER happened? Just go on with our lives?"

"No not forget them. I think that would be best if we don't mention them for the time being..." Billy tried to explain to the hurting Alex but he didn't want to listen. Alex growled stomping the floor and went to the nearby desk slamming his fist's down. None of the other teens, including Billy, had never seen him act like this and many could relate to his outpouring of anger. Suddenly Alex grabbed Billy by the shoulders shouting "That's not Fair! All This is your fa..."

Crystal grabbed him by the shirt throwing him away from Billy before he could finish saying with controlled anger "Don't you dare finish that sentence!"

"But it is his fault! If he hadn't tried that stupid machine..." Alex tried to yell but it only came in hoarsely voice. Crystal pointed at him saying with determination

"If he hadn't tried that machine WE would have never met the Autobots OR Sari OR had them become such close Friends! Then Sadie wouldn't have Fallen in Love!"

Sadie made a soft sad smile from the comment still remembering the feel of Prowl's lips upon hers and the way his strong arms around her made her feel protected. Billy laid a comforting shoulder around her as Sadie's left cheek showed a single tear escaping. Crystal turned to give a *I'm Sorry* look before turning back to a calming down Alex. She gave a sudden comforting look saying with tears coming and a horse voice

"Don't you think were hurting too Alex? Not to mention Sadie but Billy. Our Grandpa died when we were infants and Billy never had that kind of relationship with any older male we ever met. Ratchet gave him that..."

"I's just.." Alex replied in a quiet voice not crying anymore only giving a angst look. Crystal suddenly pulled him into a hug saying comforting

"You don't want to forget them...Ok don't have too.."

Billy looked around the Lab seeing the disastrous look having a fleeting thought of how ironic it was. Their lives were now just as messed up like the Lab and it would take an equal long time to patch up everyone's broken hearts. Alex let go of Crystal giving an apologetic look towards Billy who made a forgiving smile. They slapped each others hands in low high fives to show each other's forgiveness. Crystal saw with a bittersweet air how Billy didn't make a comment about Alex crying but only acted like it had never happened. "Ratchet if you could only see how you changed Billy...Like Optimus changed me..."

Crystal wiped her hot eyes catching the tear before it even fell but Sadie had caught what she had done. The room took on a heavy quiet as the teens suddenly noticed the outside. Sadie went facing the outside door asking quietly

"Why is it not snowing outside? I thought it was Christmas eve?"

The others wondered the same thing but Billy, who thought of an idea on how to find out. Billy's face suddenly got serious and he turned quickly to grab his phone out of his pocket dialling a number. He put the phone to his ear just as a familiar female voice came sweetly on the phone

"Hey, Billy Bear What are you calling me for?"

"Hey Mom, I just wanted to ask you..." Then he looked at the confused faces of each teen before asking "What day is it today?"

"It's May 20th silly, I swear if your head wasn't bolted down on your neck you'd loose it every minute of every day!" Billy and Crystal's mom teased as Billy's face turned pale from understanding. He didn't notice the volume that his phone was on and didn't see the rest of the teens pale from hearing exactually what his mom had said.

"Ok mom, I just wanted to know, Love you." Billy answered suddenly wanting the phone call to end. His mom sweet laugh the closely resembled Crystals, that made him suddenly remember old times from the Autobots Base, came through the phone saying

"Ok honey, love you too, bye."

"Bye" Billy answered sadly but before his mom could ask what was wrong he hung up the phone. He turned to the teens saying quitetly

"You're never going to believe this..."

"We heard, but it's doesn't make any sense." Sadie replied quietly shaking her head in confusion. Billy suddenly did a laugh that had no humour saying

"It actually does."

*One Hour Later*

Billy explained the long feature that eventually the sum of it was that the TV show didn't go as slow as our dimension and so on. Eventually the Teens decided to leave but the girls didn't know where they were. So with a rubbing his neck in nervousness Billy said sheepishly

"It's My Lab..."

" have a Lab?!" Crystal hissed looking at the sheepish Billy. He shrugged grinning ready to shield from a slap but Crystal only shook her head. Sadie gave slight teasing air, as much as she could conjure up with all the heart ache inside, saying

"We should have known something was up when you stopped doing experiments in the back yard!"

Billy laughed silently and Crystal said hoarsely "Enjoy your fun. When mom hears about this the old term never saw the light of day will be your motto for life!"

Billy panicked looking at Crystal but seeing her walk out the door dropping the conversation Billy knew instantly she would not tell. Mom would want to know why they had been there for hours, then questions would pop up...questions no one wanted to answer right now.

Sadie followed Crystal out the door saying

"Can I talk to you in private?"

Crystal nodded and they left to go to Sadie's house after calling her Uncle for a ride. Billy and Alex decided to go to back to the YMCA for fear that Alex's mom might catch them not where they were supposed to be. None of the teens mentioned cleaning up the Lab because simply they didn't have the energy. Mental OR Physically and Crystal felt like if she didn't get out of the Lab she break down crying and never stop. Sadly everyone felt the exact same way.

*In Sadie's Backyard Garden*

"You Forgot Someone.." Sadie finally spoke to a very quiet Crystal. She was watering a hanging plant and Crystal was sitting on her knees half heartedly touching the flowers for bugs.

Crystal looked up at her confused saying "Huh?"

"When you were talking with Alex about people hurting...You didn't mention someone." Sadie said calmly walking over to Crystal. She sat on her knees putting her weight down on the ground and looked into Crystal's eyes sternly. Then Sadie went soft saying "You."

"Me? I Forgot myself?" Crystal asked confused tilting her head sideways slightly. Sadie put a comforting left hand on her shoulder saying softly

"I saw the way you looked at Optimus before we left..."

"Ohh...That..." Crystal said with a hint of exasperation. She flipped her hair trying to hide the hot tears that wanted to well up. Sadie was clearly not dropping it saying

"You cant act like it never happened..."

Crystal suddenly gave a smirk saying with little arrogance "You clearly don't know me."

Sadie suddenly gave a cold stare saying sternly "Actually I do. Which means you will try to act like it never when your father died."

"How dare you try to compare that with Optimus!" Crystal said clearly angry folding her arms across her chest. She turned away from Sadie adding with equal anger "I don't act like that after every little thing that happens to me! I'm fine with what happened. IT's life...get over it."

Sadie suddenly turned her quickly give a look Crystal had never seen on her before. She looked deep into Crystal's eyes saying

"You are not fine! Look at what you are doing right now!"

"What am I clearly doing?" Crystal said trying to sound sarcastic. It ended sounded like a real question. Sadie held on to the determined look saying

"You are trying to forget what happened and it wont work Crystal! It never works...Trust me."

Suddenly Sadie's eyes weld up in tears and she added "I tried that with my mother and it didn't work. IT only back fired to where I was scared of anyone getting close to me..."

"But at least you got to say goodbye!" Crystal suddenly blurted out the tears suddenly beginning to flow. She clenched her fist saying with the anger slowly dissolving

"I have NEVER been able to tell someone goodbye! Not my Dad, Not Optimus, not ANYBODY! Now I have to act like the man I loved never existed with other people because here he NEVER DID!" Crystal screamed in anger to the heavens as Sadie quietly listened. She knew Crystal was just letting go of emotions that had been building up since the moment Billy said they could go home. So if Sadie needed to be quiet for Crystal, she would, like she had always been the moment they met.

Crystal continued her rant with more emotion turning to Sadie screaming "At least you got to kiss Prowl Goodbye! I didn't even have the guts to kiss Optimus!"

Crystal stopped forcefully wiping her tears away as Sadie suddenly pulled her into a hug. They stayed like that for nearly an hour until Sadie pulled her away looking deeply into Crystal's eyes saying with determination

"Then we will make a promise right now. Just us."

"Promise what?" Crystal said her face red and her eyes slightly swollen from recent outpouring of emotion. Sadie smiled full of sadness but said

"To Promise, that we will never forget them. To never forget the time we spent together with all of them and never once think of it as just a dream. Even if we do find someone else we well NEVER stop talking about those wonderful memories...even if it still hurts years later."

"Ok. I'll second that." Crystal said grinning sadly putting her hands up for the handshake. Sadie grinned and both did the football handshake. When they finished the gun shooting Sadie pulled Crystal into a another hug and the silent promise was made.

Over the next eight weeks the teens tried to pick up the pieces of their lives. Billy made up with his girlfriend Madie and Alex went back with his recent girlfriend Sally both trying to find a way to forget. Both girls seemed to sense this and gave whatever attention they both deemed good for their Boyfriends. Like with Billy, Madie refreshed his memory of sign language so he could communicate with her again. For Alex, Sally got him into Football and tried to prank him to where he lightened up...a little. Sadie and Crystal kept the promise with each other and didn't bother to tell the rest of the girls about the "TFA Incident" which was what they called it now. They both knew the girls would probably laugh saying they needed to prove it. With no real proof the girls could only keep the silent promise to themselves.

Sadie became more quiet than original and seemed to like being alone more and more every day. Everyone who had gone on the "TFA Incident" could see that she missed Prowl so much. When they went to talk about it Sadie would openly talk but seemed not to enjoy it eventually going on her own in mid conversation. Crystal became frustrated and concerned for the brooding Sadie who seemed lost into herself. Crystal had enough to deal with as she had her own feelings to sort out, that eventually, she gave Sadie only sad understanding looks. Sadie escaped the patronizing sad looks by going to the woods ever so often. It reminded Sadie of Prowl and hers first kiss and in some made Prowl feel closer. Then every night the sky would show the first star and Sadie would whisper

"Come Back to Me Prowl...I miss you."

One night not barley a week ago, Sadie swore she felt his organic arms around her and looked up with a pleading smile on her face. Her face down casted and Sadie silently cried when it was proven not true as Prowl was nowhere to be seen. Sadie dreamed that night that one day he would be there to truly be there to stay but silently whispered as she turned her back on the bed "It's only just a dream."

Billy and Alex seemed the most who had recovered from the loss. What they showed anyway.

Alex wanted to talk constantly about Bumblebee, Sari and the others until Billy finally snapped at him saying "It doesn't do any good because they're gone! Get over it!". Alex refused to accept that and eventually kept the sweet memories to himself...and his "make believe" stories he had to write for English summer school classes. He sometimes would see a picture of his "adopted like" sister Sari and then would begin to cry. Alex couldn't believe how unfair it was that suddenly the two people, Bumblebee and Sari, who finally gave him a feeling of a family, were gone. This only made Alex feel worse and he soon poured into sports and studies to try and forget. It sadly wasn't working.

Billy showed the most by suddenly having no interest in medical stuff or science in general. He soon went into denial and acted like "the TFA incident" had never happened which frustrated the others to no end. Billy's mother finally notice her sons strange behaviour and when she went to ask what was wrong, why he wasn't doing experiments anymore, Billy snapped off

"I just don't want too! It just seems stupid now!"

His mom dropped the subject but was sadden that a part of what made Billy, well, Billy was lost to the past...never to return again. Billy refused to go back to his Lab silently hating the way it made him think of Ratchet, Bulkhead and all the other buddies from back then. Which without Billy knowing, gave Crystal, time to make her move.

Crystal surprisingly didn't reach for hot anger like what happened after her father but she did seem to snap at certain things like when the other girls mentioned dating boys. She secretly poured herself into science theories after Billy had mentioned something a little disturbing. After the first month Billy had finally come clean with a discover he had found while researching exactually how to "dimension Travel" like they had done before.

He had said that since the TFA dimension's was unstable being depicted from a Tv show that...the main characters might disappear and die after the last TV episode aired while another characters in some odd alter dimension law would take their place to do the show over again. It would keep on happening Billy had said for as long as the show stayed on air then it would disappear all together when it was stopped showing on TV. Billy also said that Cybertron was not affected nor Earth but the Main characters, like the Autobots including Jazz and Sari with her Father Pro. Sumdac would disappear allowing the original characters, who knew nothing of them, to play out the show all over again.

Crystal would not let that happen if she had anything to say about it. So sneaking into Billy's old Lab each other night she started to repair the Space Bridge from the schematics that Billy had copied from Ratchet so long ago. She was close to finishing and soon was going to do something many would think stupid.

Crystal was going to bring them back to our world.

*The Park Ten Blocks Away From Billy's Old Lab*

"Touchdown!" Alex shouted with triumph. He had just run to the end of the Park to the designated tree that signified the other teams designated end zone and now thrown his hands up in a score pose as the Football bounced on the green grass below. Alex turned to see a smirking Sadie, who was luckily on his team, along with cheers and a big smile from the other girls on his team, Ashley and Sally. The grouped together and did the Football handshake and pointed gun figures at a not so happy other team.

"You just got lucky bro!" Tasha shouted in play but turned to make a scowl at Billy, Annie, Madie and Emily who were on her team. Billy acted guarded then pointed saying

"What? I didn't let him through! Emily did!"

"I said I didn't want to play this silly game!" Emily said huffing putting her arms across her chest. Madie was mute so she only shrugged her shoulder sheepishly signing "He went to quick." Tasha rolled her eyes and looked at the only player left Annie who looked more confused saying in her slight germen accent

"I thaught I wus on my sister's team!"

"Yo were until Crystal decided to bail!" Tasha said with a hint of anger noticing that the said recent Teammate was nowhere to be seen. She lifted her eye brow looking around adding "By the Way where did the dudet go?"

Sadie gave a sad look saying "She's been acting weird today and I saw her leave very quickly not too long ago."

"If ya ask me ya all have be acting weird..." Sally muttered in her country accent but Alex only gave his recent girlfriend a look. She rolled her eyes but grabbed the Football changing the subject with a

"So your saying you don't want to try again?"

"I don't know.." Madie signed looking with teasing eyes at Billy. She smirked signing

"Can Billy handle being beat by his girlfriend?"

"Oh you are so going down!" Billy taunted getting in football pose in front of his girlfriend reading for another play.

*Billy's Old Lab*

"Im running out of time!" Crystal whispered harshly to herself. She snapped another piece of the Space Bridge in place and quickly went over to the computer pressing a sympany of buttons quickly. Soon the words "Space Bridge Ready For Transport" blared on the screen and Crystal turned to see the Space Bridge blue orb shine a bright blue. She cringed knowing that her friends might be able to see what was happening but they couldn't stop it now.

"I won't let them." Crystal said determined reading to walk into the Space Bridge.

*The Park*

"Touchdown!" Sally's voice ringed in the air as her boyfriend looked on with pride as she did the twist for her score dance. Tasha threw her hands up in agitation as Alex's smile went bigger saying

"That's what happens when you give your team the name Saints!"

"Ohh you did NOT just go there!" Tasha taunted putting her hands on her hips. Alex knew that Tasha and the others on her team had routed for the Colts which made it a perfect smashing to name their team the ones who won the recent Superbowl.

"I did and I am proud of it!" Alex taunted making some of the girls giggle and Tasha actually smile from the teasing. But before she could make a comeback a blue light shot across the sky a few blocks away. Sadie, Alex and Billy gave each other a look full of dread as Sally shouted

"What was that yall!"

Sadie, Billy and Alex didn't respond only suddenly booking it to the Lab a few shouts and footsteps following them left in their wake.

*On Top Of Sumdac Tower*

Optimus gripped the Magnus Hammer protectively while the Space Bridge that would take them to Cybertron started to glow. His spark ached thinking of Crystal. She would have loved to see Cybertron but dropped the thought of that immediately. Optimus needed to focus now and not let his processor wander...even for the girl he loved. The Jet Twins and Jazz stood by and Optimus smiled from the recent spectacle. The Twins had FINALLY had enough of Sentinal and demanded to be put on Optimus' team, much to a flabbergasted not to mention angry Sentinal. After he threw a fit Sentinal swore that they would never be Elite Guards again and had left before the big battle had begun for Earth. Now it seemed all his tantrum was for nothing because it seemed Cybertrion was haling them all heroes.

"What the Spark?" Ratchet's very grumpy voice echoed behind him. All the Autobots, including Sari, looked back at the agitated bot as he added concerned

"Someone or something is coming out of the Space Bridge!"

All the Autobots readied to fight and all gave shocked and agaped looks as none other than Crystal, her hands on her hips, came walking out the blue orb. She looked at each one of the stunned faces saying calmly

"Unless you all want to need to come with me."

"What are you talking about?" Sari said shocked grabbing her father's right hand protectively. Crystal sighed deeply explaining what Billy had described watching the Autobots faces turn from shock, to dread, to outright fear. She gave a pleading look to all of them saying

"I know I haven't been always the compassionate one but..."

Her voice broke a little and Optimus saw a look full of Love and Care for each of them while she whispered

"But you've got to believe. I don't want anyone of you to Please...turn into your hologram modes and come with me..."

Slowly Issac looked at Sari,... who looked at Bumblebee who turned too Bulkhead,... who looked at the damaged but alive Prowl, who turned to Jazz,... who looked at Ratchet who finally fell all the gaze to the one who would decide what they should do.

Optimus Prime.

Optimus lowered down to the tearful Crystal who softly put her hands on his face and leaned her face on his faceplate looking into his optics saying

"Please Optimus...look into my words and hear what Im saying...I know that you are in love with this place but...I don't want you to die."

He leaned back up with a stern face and just when Crystal was going to yell in anger for his heartless choice, a suddenly strong, youthful, determined face of Optimus' hologram was in front of her and pulled her close saying

"I thought you would never ask..."

Crystal smiled in glee her eyes sparkling and soon all the Autobots were in hologram walking near the front blue orb to walk through. She saw Sari hold on protectively on to her Father who seemed hesitant but a look from Sari kept him walking right into the Blue orb first along with Sari right on his heels. Crystal didn't notice the other Autobots holograms for the moment only holding on to Optimus until he pulled her face up softly by the finger saying

"I think you're next..."

"Pretty's Boys's a rule." Crystal teased watching Optimus smirk letting her go. She held on tightly to his hand while both took one last look into the dimension both would never see again. Optimus suddenly whispered

"It's not like I don't want to leave but...I became a hero here."

"I know but..." Crystal soothed looking deep into Optimus' now sparkling blue eyes and brushed his hair lovingly. She put her hand down on his face adding

"You will always be a hero to me Optimus and..."

Then suddenly she pulled him close and watched his facial features show a look of small confusion. Crystal grinned from the look and slowly matched with his organic lips, giving him a very passionate kiss. Optimus felt like he was on fire. He had kissed Elita One once but...that was NOTHING compared to the kiss of the young woman who had her arms wrapped tightly around his waist. No wonder Sari said organics never forgot the one they could they with this strong, connecting feeling that both he and Crystal were sharing at this moment. Optimus held on to Crystal for only two minutes that took the kiss but literal had a feeling of warmth that only could be described as...Love.

Crystal finally released Optimus' lips and suddenly felt compelled to kiss again but held to her reserve. She lovingly stroked his cropped brown hair whispering softly

"I Love You."

Optimus held her tighter and said, still trying to breath in air, whispered

"I Love You too."

After the long moment was shared both smiled at each other and turned as a unit jumping into the Blue Orbs. For Optimus this was pivotal of an adventure but holding Crystal close as the world around began to brighten he knew one thing.

Optimus would go to the ends of the world, literally, just to be with Crystal.

*Back at the Lab*

The world focused to see all the Autobots in human form but more, detailed. Sari and Issac Sumdac both had the same body looks with the exception of a skinner, shapelier Sari and a pugger Issac Sumdac. Optimus was the same looking at a victorious Crystal, who looked on smirking at the others who looked around quickly, with his features more toned along with his muscular arms. He had the same clothes on and found how amazingly real they looked and slowly pinched himself to see if he really was human. A sharp pain from the soft skin confirmed the exciting but scary reality.

Ratchet had his arms crossed together looking sternly around but still couldn't hide the fascination that sparkled in his eyes. The old pictures of his organic side, from the show, was what could have described Ratchet with only a few minor flaws. One was he had more muscles and two his beard was shaved. Other than that his profile fit the picture online.

Arcee,who stood beside Ratchet her right arm wrapped around his folded looking around stunned, was very thin. She had pure white long hair that went past her shoulders and a pink buttoned shirt with long white pants. Arcee's features would have been described as a loving Granny look with small eyes and a big smile.

Prowl was the same with only darker sunglasses and thinner looking body features. However Jazz was the most amazing transformation. His organic skin was dark charcoal black and his body showed baggy clothes that hide a good amount muscles behind them. Jazz's hands were gigantic like Billy and Alex would call "Shaquel O'neal" hands that matched his 5'9 height. He had a striped blue and white loose tee shirt and red loose pants. His sneakers were very cool with flashy gold trim and shiny shoe laces. Jazz smiled flashing pure white teeth turning his head quickly around seeming to soak in the world around him.

The only ones who WERENT there were of course the youngest...

"Where's Bumblebee and Bulkhead?" Crystal said accusingly looking, with a growing frown, all over the Lab. Ratchet gave a snort saying

"The two sparkling saw a place called an Arcade across the street and..."

"I told them what they were and both went running." Sari's more woman like voice ran out sheepishly. She shrugged saying

"I didn't know if I should go after them..."

"You need to because this place may have a lot of things similar to Detroit but..." Crystal began but started to laugh a little getting a few odd looks from the others, including Optimus. She glanced at each of their faces adding "Your gonna see a few changes."

"Like what?" Issac Sumdac asked clearly interested. Sari had already left and would not hear what Crystal had to say for now. Crystal smirked at him saying

"We'll for one...No Robots. Ever. Never been invented."

All look shocked but the most was Pro. Sumdac who blubbered

"Not even for everyday stuff like cleaning windows?"

"Nope. Like I said...Never. Been. Invented." Crystal said flatly. She watched a suddenly thoughtful Professor who muttered to himself "I might have to look in on that.."

Crystal looked at Ratchet who seemed to have gotten over the shock as she stated

"Also Don't Say Sparklings for young ones. Here their called kids.."

"What not?" Ratchet said grumpily and Arcee gave a disapproving look.

"Because Ratchet, Here, they don't know what that is. If you call a KID that, parents will look at you funny or say you're making a crude statement about them. Got it?" Crystal said trying to be calm.

Ratchet shrugged but asked nothing more after Arcee gave him a *Listen to her* look that shut him up. Crystal looked at Sari saying sheepishly

"Also before you all leave...there's one more thing..."

"What?" Optimus said thoughtfully. But seeing Crystal look around the room not smirking anymore made Optimus frowned Prowl asked before him saying sternly in a slightly deep voice

"Crystal...What did you do?"

"I might have...just bit..." Crystal said cringing giving a *help me!* smile not full looking Prowl in the eye and rubbed the back of her neck slowly.

"What was that strange light yall?" A country voice came from the outside making Crystal straighten up quickly recognizing Sally's voice anywhere. She gave wide eyes look as all the Autobots turned their attention to the opening door hearing a familiar Alex say

"I don't know Sally! Just move and let Billy open the door please."

Crystal cringed from that mentioning of name and as Optimus gave a raised eyebrow to her as the other Autobots looked her way Crystal muttered

"I'm in trouble."

Meanwhile Billy was trying to get the other teens to back up so to be able to unlock the door. He could have swore he heard voices but knew it probably just his imagination. Crystal wouldn't have done something THAT STUPID like he had done...could she?

"We are related though..." Billy thought as he opened the door and all the teens tried to flood in.

Suddenly they all stopped in their tracks seeing SIX strangers and a very nervous Crystal. Unlike the other girls, Billy, Alex, and Sadie clearly knew who the few people standing in front of them. Sadie paled instantly seeing a much fascinated but clearly happy Prowl looking straight at her. She softened though and quickly ran into his outstretched arms and kissed him passionately. When they released Sadie held tightly to Prowl swearing to never let him go. Jazz on the other hand had just glance at Sadie suddenly VERY interested in the shocked Tasha before him.

Billy stared mouth agape at Ratchet and clearly in his life had nothing he wanted to say. Ratchet smirked but remained distant from him and Arcee gave a sweet grin clearly told a lot about this "young student". Billy smiled back but quickly looked at Crystal and his features went aggressive. He frowned and said lowly

"You couldn't just let it go..."

"They were dying Billy." Crystal said losing slightly her nervousness frowning at him adding

"What was I suppose to do?"

"You could have at least told us." Sadie said suddenly her gaze never leaving Prowls.

"Would have you believed me?" Crystal said half pleading but frowning all the same. Optimus put a reassuringly hand on her shoulder and she allowed it fully not paying any attention. She added threatingly

"No. Then you would have tried to stop me..."

"What?" Billy said half shocked his sister would say such a thing. Suddenly a loud ghetto voice shouted

"Yo what is going all bros? And Why is this strange boy looking at me?!"

That suddenly made the tension of what had happen lesson as Alex slowly laughed at the turned up look Tasha was giving a sweet smiling Jazz who leaned on a nearby lab table. This lead to Sadie to say smiling loosening up

"Don't your remember from the made up picture online Tasha? That's Jazz."

Tasha gave a *Yea right* look saying

"No honey. I know Jazz. That's not him yo."

"It is Tasha." Crystal said beginning to see the tension release and smirked adding "Just look a little harder."

Tasha rolled her eyes but obeyed staring hard at the smiling Jazz before him. Her eyes grew wide and she put her hand over her mouth as Jazz gave a flirting wink to her. Tasha pointed at him blubbering

"How did that happen?"

"It's a long story." Crystal stated sighing deeply. Then the two girls Sadie and Crystal, with the Autobots now humans help, told of the "TFA Incident".

After an hour went by Alex and Billy were stalking to the back of the Arcade and behind a few pinball machines, slowly, ready to pull the most awesome "Welcome to Our Dimension" Prank on Bumblebee and Bulkhead. They had left Crystal and Sadie to fill in the rest of the story to the other girls when Crystal had mentioned bringing the three missing "teens" to fill them in on what was going on. Yes, Billy and Alex were doing that but...Why not have some fun along the way?

*The Arcade*

"Ha! I FIANLLY beat the High Score!" Bumblebee shouted in glee pumping the air with one hand still on the controller. He frowned sad because the High Score had been from Alex and Bumblebee didn't know why he wasn't there when they came to their "dimension" Billy called it.

Bulkhead noticed how quiet Bumblebee had gotten and walked over to his buddy saying quietly "I miss Alex too..."

Bumblebee nodded sadly then gave a small smile saying softly "Won't it be awesome if Alex came right through that door and say..."

"NINJA!" Alex shouted from coming up behind the next machine and poked Bumblebee in the arm.

Bumblebee screamed jumping high in the air and landed in a huge heap on the ground. Bulkhead had just jumped shielding away from whatever had decided to jump out and get them. Bumblebee leaned up glaring daggers at whoever did that to see with pure joy coursing in his body, Billy and Alex crouching on the floor in a fit of giggles.

"Bumblebee...hahaha...I didn't know...y-you scream l-like a girl!" Billy blubbered out in giggle as Bumblebee's organic face turned bright red in embarrassment. Alex was in too much in a fit of giggles to say anything only to point at the suddenly Red Bumblebee. Bulkhead laughed along pointing at Bumblebee saying "I didn't even know that Old Buddy!"

Bumblebee let the comment slide just this once from the shear glee of seeing the Teen Boys again and, with Bulkhead's help, both Tackled Billy and Alex to the ground. Billy tried to escape but the boys were too fast and landed in a big tangle while Alex shouted with laughter

"Get off Bulkhead! You might be organic now but you're STILL huge!"

"Sorry.." Bulkhead replied sheepishly getting up by hands. Bumblebee laughed also getting up off of Billy who pretended to be squished lying face up on the floor arms stretched out. That made all the boys laugh and the Autobots turned Teens helped Billy up by his hands hoisting him up on his feet quickly. Billy smirked looking Bulkhead up and down saying

"So when did you turn into the Terminator?"

Bulkhead blushed sheepishly shrugging his shoulders as Billy looked him over again. Bulkhead towered over both Billy and Bumblebee at a good 6'1 height and was not at all overweight. He had a barrel chest and was slightly bulky but more what people called " Just big boys" with dark tanned skin. Bulkheads arms were very muscular and matched his legs that were slightly less muscular. He had a tight light green shirt on and camo pants loosely fit around his legs that a thick army belt held up. Bulkhead's sandy blond hair matched his overall army look and the black matching leather boots, with his face features showing he was about seventeen, tied it all together.

Bumblebee didn't look all that bad either Billy noticed. Bumblebee did look a lot like the picture of what he "should" look like from the pictures but some things were different. Bumblebee was still short, only reaching barely above 5'5, still had chocolate brown hair and a look of a sixteen year old. He only had more muscles, not as much as Bulkhead but still pretty good along his arms and chest. It was no surprise Bumblebee legs were tight and hard signalling fast runner and was skinny but not imitated looking like the pics. More on the wirey side and Bumblebee still had the yellow baseball outfit that seemed to show more of how "energetic" Bumblebee was.

"Have you gotten any homeruns lately Babe Ruth?" Billy teased punching good naturally at Bumblebee.

"What's homeruns? Who's Babe Ruth?" Bumblebee asked clearly confused.

"Nevermind" Billy replied shaking his head. Bumblebee quickly changed the subject turning his head back and forth in jerks asking excitedly "Where's the Girls?"

"Where do you think?" Billy teased a goofy smile on his face. Alex had the same look saying with giggles

"Smooching on their New Boyfriends!"

"Hey!" A Female voice good naturally said coming up behind Bumblebee a soda in hand, Sari smiled at the shocked but happy faces of the boys adding

"Don't knock it till you try it!"

"What?" Billy asked confused but a look and a smile from Bumblebee to Sari filled in all the info he needed. Alex saw it too and giving a goofy smile said

"No way! Your dating?"

"It's called that here too?" Bumblebee asked but a smirk told it all. The boys made loud AWWW noises doing high fives and watching Sari and Bumblebee's faces grow a deep red. After that was over Billy looked at Sari and a silent understanding was made. They were friends. Nothing more. He mental shrugged thinking "Can't blame a guy for trying" but became serious forgetting the notion forever saying

"The girls are telling our friends about you and what happened..."

"And Crystal told us to get you to help try to convince them." Alex finished still giving goofy looks to a now calm Bumblebee.

The three teens followed them out while Billy whispered to Bumblebee on the way out.

"Hey Alex doesn't have room to tease. You will never believe it but Alex...has a GIRLFRIEND!"

Bumblebee smiled wide and Bulkhead, who had overheard, playfully put Alex in a head lock rubbing his hair saying

"So who's the unlucky girl?"

Alex pulled free from the grip saying "Ha ha. At least mine is better than sports than Billy's!"

Sari gave a teasing eyebrow to a blushing but happy Billy saying "You didn't tell us you had one too..."

"It must have...slipped my mind." Billy said causally but booked it when Bulkhead tried to get him also in a head lock. All the teens laughed but soon headed to the Lab building ready to face the music of both running of AND trying to explain something to four teens girls that was close to impossible.

*Ending Summary*

It took a lot of work but eventually ALL the girls believed the "TFA" teens. Soon the teen girls, after the initial girl fan syndrome wore off, swore to keep how the Autobots came here a secret. Even some, including Tasha after she got over Jazz's constant flirting, grew to having relationships with the appointed Autobots which gave Crystal the nickname of "Match-maker" forever. The Autobots had to be taken to get birth certificates and after had to change their names. Many didn't like this, Ratchet mouthed he had the same name for how many stellar cycles and wouldn't change it now, but the teens told them the truth. If it got around that they had successfully transwarped two things would happen. One, scientist would come from EVERYWHERE to examine, possible dissect them, for the name of science separating the mechs now males from the women they loved. Two, fan girls from every spectrum would try to either go to TFA to see Decepticons there or bring them here. Which would NOT look pretty. Seeing that side the Autobots quickly changed their names.

Ray for Ratchet. Arcee said it gave him a more, calmer, idea of himself. Billy still called him Grandpa which, after Crystal told him the truth about their grandparents, Ratchet didn't seem to mind at all. Alex didn't dare. Don't ask.

Ariel for Arcee. Ratchet liked it and the girls said it was the name of a princess or something. Arcee was flattered when Ratchet had said it fit her perfectly.

Jack for Jazz. Tasha said something about how it fit his flirtatious moods and Jazz had taken it just to show he listened to her. Tasha didn't find it at all flattering.

Phil for Prowl. Sadie had said it seemed simple, mature and strong. Just like Prowl. Surprisingly all the Autobots agreed.

Blake for Bumblebee. Sari said it fit him well with is fast and energetic ways that had clearly not died off from not being in the show. Bumblebee liked it because he could say it quickly. Figures.

Ben for Bulkhead. Emily told him artist usually had simple names. He also liked it because it was only three letters and he could spell it easily.

Jimmy for Jetfire and Timmy for Jetstorm. The Twins Ashley and Annie said that twins had to have names usually that matched. It was like a rule or something.

Oliver for Optimus. Crystal had always liked the name. Optimus said it sounded okay with him. Actually it was the only "sensible" O name that didn't sound like someone was sneezing or something.

Samantha or Sammy for Sari. Bumblebee liked it and it rolled of his tongue. Pro. Sumdac said it gave Sari a more mature edge and the girls agreed. Sari liked it because it was longer than her other name. Plus she FINALLY could get things embroidered for herself like Key Chains.

Ivan for Issac. Sari said it sound good for a scientist. Issac Sumdac thought it was sensible and nice.

After that things began to die down. The Autobots soon adjusted to the new life of what people called the "real" world with only a few minor slip ups. Sari fit right in with the girls and soon was off learning how to shop like the best of them. The Autobots and Issac had to find jobs which was pretty difficult since they all had to get GED's first to even count for any education. After the job hunting it seemed like everyone was getting into the new life perfectly. Sari and Bumblebee relationship grew more and more to where they kissed openly not caring about the girly giggles and "I told you so." From the other teens. Sadie and Prowl were as close as ever and constantly were hardly seen away from the woods or without each other. Optimus and Crystal had a few fights, mostly about Optimus wanting to maybe go into the army which Crystal refused to happen, but they always made up in the end. Billy and Alex were teased unmercifully for finally having girlfriends EVEN by the girlfriends themselves! Alex still played pranks to the dread of many and Billy began to experiment again with the guiding hand of Ratchet. It seemed like everyone was finally happy...even Crystal. Funny it took the teens to go across dimensions to find it and the one strongest feeling of all.


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