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"I-Ichigo?" I said blinking a few times.

He smiled faintly, "Yeah, it's me"

His voice…it was so soothing. I smiled, feeling tears form in my eyes. I could feel my emotions rushing out all at once. I could feel it; doubt, surprise, sadness, but most of all happiness. I started running towards him feeling so happy, preparing to give him a big hug. But instead I clashed into my desk. Making a loud THUD! My pens and pencils started rolling down, falling on the floor. My knees were on the ground as I held unto my chair for support.

*What…?* I thought.

"Rukia," I heard my big brother say from downstairs, "Is everything all right up there?"

"Y-Yeah!" I said forcing out a normal voice.

I looked back and I could feel my eyes widened. He was still there, his back turned to me.

*That's weird, I can see you, but I can't…hold you* I thought sadly.

"I-Ichigo…" I managed to choke out as I started to get up.

He turned slowly to me, as if he doesn't want to see my expression. He looked at me his face was so….blank.

"How have you been?" he asked after a long silence.

Still in shocked I said, "I'm fine."

I smiled trying to soften the atmosphere, his head was bowed down in sadness.

"I missed you…" he said softly, then he looked up at me. Then his face suddenly turned into disgust.

"W-What the heck is up with your face?" he said, annoyingly.

I turned and looked in the mirror, my face was scrunched up as I tried to hold in my tears, but they were slowly falling, and snot was slowly coming out of my nose. Embarrassed, I wiped my face and nose and said angrily,

"What the heck?! Is that a way for you to cheer someone up?!"

I could hear a noise come out from him, first it sounded like a snort, then he started laughing, holding his stomach. Ah…that's the expression I wanted to see.

*I missed you too* I thought, then realizing that my brother might hear him, I hissed quietly,

"Shhh….be quiet! Brother might hear you!"

He stopped laughing and started to regain his posture. He smiled sadly and said,

"Don't worry, he can't see me nor will he able to hear me."

He might have noticed my reaction because he said, "Rukia, I'm a…ghost?"

It came out as a question. I let it all sink in.

*A ghost?* I repeated in my head, *That's right…the accident*

That's when I noticed he had this glowing haze surrounding him.

"Oh…"I said out loud.

He stepped closer to me, his hand slowly going up to touch my face, instead of touching my face it went through. It felt like a wind passed by out of nowhere. He looked so disappointed and so did I. I tried to cheer him up.

"B-But isn't this great? At least I could see you." I said smiling, widely.

"Yeah," he said softening up, "you're right…"

I walked to my bed and sat down. I looked at him and asked,

"What are you doing here?"

He furrowed his brows.

"What? You don't want me here?" he asked jokingly.

"It's not like that," I sighed and continued, " I mean, how did you get back…here?"

He paused for a second.

"I don't know, all I remember was waking up in the middle of the street," he said, " I tried talking to people, but they couldn't hear or see me."

I listened to him intensely, shivering from the thought that people couldn't hear or see him.

He continued, "So I tried coming over your house, that's when I noticed that when your eyes widened, you could see me."

I nodded knowingly.

"Maybe," I said, thinking hard, " you have some unfinished business or something, or you need to do something?" I cocked my head to the side.

He thought for a moment then looked at me.

"Maybe…" was all he said.

All night long we talked. We talked about the past, what was going on right now, and what happened after the accident. I didn't even notice that I was starting to fall asleep. All I remember was him saying,

"Good night…"

*****Next morning*****

I got up yawning, realizing where I was, my eyes widened.

*Was it…a dream?* I thought.

Feeling depressed all over again, I got up and prepared to go to school.

*Huh.* I thought, looking around, walking to my class, *Not much people are staring at me, must be a new gossip going around…*

I opened the door to my class. Unfortunately, an orange-haired girl came to my view.

"Good morning!, Kuchiki-san~." she said in a cheery, squeaky voice.

I gripped into my bag as I felt my left eye twitch a bit.

I smiled to her and said, "Yeah. Good morning…"

She blinked at me, with that usual dumb-founded face of hers. I quickly passed through her again. I sat down at my chair and looked at Ulquiorra. He was looking at the window, his back turned to me. Then all of a sudden I remembered what happened yesterday, feeling the anger wash over me all over again, but it went away as the teacher came in. Like yesterday, class pass by like a blur, but then suddenly an orange spiky hair started appearing in the middle of my desk. I screamed, getting up from my chair. The teacher looked at me, bewildered and said,

"Kuchiki, what's wrong?"

I was trying to regain my composure, breathing, and my heart from beating.

"U-Uhh…, n-nothing, just a bug," I said, shakily, "An orange bug."

I saw everyone look at me, even Ulquiorra was looking at me. I bowed, feeling my face burn, and said,


I saw Ichigo laughing, covering his mouth.

*As I thought, it wasn't a dream*

I glared at him and gave him a look saying "Go away!" He nodded , laughing, and began to disappear. I felt someone looking at me, so I turned and caught Ulquiorra staring at me. Our eyes locked for 3 seconds, then I looked away. He has suck an intense gaze. Remembering what Ichigo did, I thought,

*I'm going to kill that bastard later*

Everybody was preparing to leave for the next class, which is gym. I started to pack my stuff and realized me and Ulquiorra were alone. He was looking out the window again.

*Hmm…* I thought, *One day I'm going to ask him why he keeps looking out the window.*

He probably heard me stop packing because he said,

"I'm sorry…"

My eyes widened, I was taken back from what he said.

"H-Huh?" I said, dumbly.

He finally turned to look at me and said,

"Don't make me repeat myself, woman."

I just nodded, still surprised from what he said. I started walking and turned to him and said,


I opened the door to leave and turned to him again and said,

"Oh, and by the way, my name is Rukia."

Then I left, not seeing his expression.

Everyone was wearing gym clothes, which is a white shirt and red shorts, that rise above the knee. I looked around, everybody was so active today. A lot of the students were actually playing volleyball and running around and I didn't notice them. I looked around again and remembered Ichigo used to be so hyper, always running around and making jokes. I was about to smile, when I heard my name.

"Kuchiki! Watch out!"

I turned to look, but it was suddenly blocked by a ball heading towards me. I didn't have the time to react, so I took it. It hit me right in the face.

*Ouch* I thought.

The impact was so hard that I fell backwards. I opened my eyes grudgingly as I saw my classmates surround me. My gym teacher was next to me saying some stuff to the students. I could hear them,

"Oh my god, is she okay?" I heard one girl say.

"Is she dead?" a deep voice said.

"No!, you idiot!" the girl said, hearing a slap.

"Orihime, I think you threw it too hard." a girl said.

"I-I'm sorry," Inoue said, nervously, "Kuchiki-san, are you okay?"

I got up quickly, feeling the blood rush through my head. Suddenly, I felt warm liquid fall out of my nose. I touched it and looked down at my hand.

*Blood* I thought.

The gym teacher scolded me, " See Kuchiki?! That's why you have to pay attention!"

He looked around, "Schiffer, come over here!" he called.

That's the first time I noticed him in gym class.

"Take her to the infirmary." he commanded.

Ulquiorra walked slowly towards me and helped me get up.

*What…?* I thought and I felt myself blush a little.

Then suddenly Inoue came to my view and said,

"M-Maybe I should take her."

I looked up at Ulquiorra nervously, his face blank while looking at Inoue, and said,

"Maybe that's a good id-"

I was cut off by the teacher's whistle.

"Everyone, back to volleyball!" he yelled and looked at Inoue, "Including you, Inoue!"

I looked at Inoue, seeing a flicker of annoyance out of her face for a second, then she left grudgingly. The walk to the infirmary was so quiet, the atmosphere was so awkward. I tried to think of a conversation, but I couldn't bring myself to talk. He opened the door, no one was there. Maybe the nurse was out for a break. He helped me walked and eased me to a bed to sit down. Finally breaking the silence, I asked him, holding my nose,

"W-What are you doing?"

He was looking for something, not quite sure what he was looking for. Finally, he took something out of a counter, a cloth. He placed it under my nose and he grabbed my hand placed it where his hand was, so I could hold it.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he asked.

*He was acting so nice,* I thought, *So out of character…*

He caught me looking at him and said,

"Do you love looking at my face that much?"

I blushed bright red and more blood came out my nose, I pressed the cloth harder to me my nose. I stuttered and said,

"N-No!, W-Who would want to look are your face?!"

I looked away, then I heard something from him. I looked back at him and saw him chuckling. Chuckling! His hand was covering his mouth in an elegant way. His face looked so….peaceful looking, he looked so…cute? I turned redder and he said, smiling a little,

"I was only kidding."

I looked away from him, embarrassed and stuttered,


Then suddenly an orange spiky hair started forming in the middle of the bed. I screamed and jumped up from the bed. I saw Ichigo's face, he looked…annoyed. I turned to look at Ulquiorra, his face blank again, but this time he looked pissed. I raised my brows and looked down to what I was stepping on.

*Uh-Oh…* I thought.