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"Okay class!" the teacher said, " You all know this week is going to be very hectic!"

Groans and whining came the reply of the students inside the classroom.

"We have the Sports Festival and a Cultural Festival," she continued, ignoring the students, "I know two festivals in one week is hard, but bear with it, okay?"

"Yes!" came the reply of the class.

Some students began to whisper to one another saying how much fun it will be, while others were whining and complaining saying it'll be hard to have a Sports Festival and then the next day managing a café for the Cultural Festival. I was just sitting there observing, but mostly bored as hell. All of a sudden I feel someone staring at me. I looked and caught Orihime looking at me with a blank face. She quickly smiled when she saw me looking at her and waved.

*Weirdo* I thought as I forced a smile and waved back.

I looked away and I drifted away from reality.

*It's been 3 days,* I thought resting my chin on top of my hand, *Of course he wouldn't show himself to me after that argument.*

His expressions were still fresh on my mind as he said those words after I said to him:

"To me it sounds like you're saying it's nothing now"

"Maybe it is…"

His expression were mixed: confusion, anger, and mostly sadness.

*Maybe…it…is…* I thought, repeating it to myself also remembering how I felt that night: Free…

"Alright!" the class representative, Matsuri, yelled, snapping me back to reality as she took the teacher's spot, "As you all know, this year's Sport's Festival will consist of volleyball, basketball, baseball, and the big event would be the baton race."

She wrote down the four sports on the chalkboard as everyone stayed silent. She looked back and continued,

"Each sport will have representatives. Starting from volleyball, anyone want to start the nomination?"

So, the nomination began. It took a while for everyone to agree with the people assigned to a sport. Since each sport consisted of 5-10 people. Other names had to be written twice since our class only had 30 students. Finally, we reached the nomination for the main event, the baton race.

"Now," she said, "This particular sport will only need 4 participants, so let's start the nomination"

One hand was raised, "Izuru Mika-san"

Another joined in, " Matsumoto Shota"

Then Orihime raised her hand. "Schiffer Ulquiorra-kun"

Everybody turned to him. His face never changing by the attention everyone's giving him. Whispers began to fill the room.

"We'll definitely win for sure!" I heard someone say.

"Don't get your hopes up; he doesn't care." another person replied.

"Okay!" the Matsuri yelled, snapping everyone back to her attention, "We need one more representative."

One hand was raised, hesitantly as he said in an audible whisper, "Kuchiki Rukia-san"

I could feel my eyes widen as whispers began again. Everyone turned to look at me.

"Can she even run fast?" a girl asked.

"I don't know, judging from her height…" someone trailed off.

I could feel my brows narrow and my jaw instantly clenching.

*Hell no…* I thought.

"Leave her alone" said a voice that belonged to Hitsugaya Toshirou.

A class prodigy even though he might not look like it he was two years younger than all of us. He also came from the same middle school as me though we didn't really talked to each other. The class turned quiet.

"I bet she could outrun all of you anytime and anyplace." he continued, sounding so sure.

I looked at him, completely awed. I don't know whether I should be thankful or get mad at him for putting pressure on me.

"So you guys should just shut the hell up and don't freaking…"

Except he didn't say the word freaking.

"…judge a person on how they look." he finished.

I don't know what just happened but I'm pretty sure that he just defended me. It felt like the time inside the classroom just stopped. Is he defending me because I look vulnerable? Not even. Or is it because I don't have a friend that will defend me? I don't need one. Or is it because we're both small, everyone thinking we can't do anything? Maybe.

"Aww, you're so nice, Toshi!" a girl with a blonde, orangish hair, Matsumoto Rangiku, said breaking the silence.

She reached out and ruffled his silver spiked hair.

"Stop touching me, Matsumoto!" Hitsugaya said as he slapped her hand away.

"Awww, you're no fun" she pouted as she sat back down.

"O-kay, now that we're done with the representatives" the student in the front said, "It's time to move to the Cultural Festival."

She wrote down the words next to the Sports Festival.

"This year we're doing a café and this year's theme will be…"

"MAFIA!" everybody screamed, joyfully.

"Yes," she replied as she wrote it down on the board, "We will need 4 guys and girls as waiters; let's start."

"Rukia-chan!" Matsumoto yelled happily.

I looked at her as if she was crazy, but she just turned around and winked.

"Hitsugaya-kun" a girl nominated.

"Schiffer-kun" Chizu said.

"Inoue-san" a guy with glasses said.

Finally, the voting ended for the waiters that included: Me, Ulquiorra, Hitsugaya, Inoue, some girl with braids, Miu, a guy with blonde hair, and this really tall guy name Sado. The class rep continued with the explanations and plans for this week.

"At the end of the café, we will have a little competition between the waiters on who looks like the best mafia couple, mix and match the girls and the guys. If you want, vote for the same gender."

Someone whistled.

*Ughh…Are you freaking serious?* I thought as I put my head down on my desk.

"What? Can't handle it?" Ulquiorra asked.

I put my head up slightly and glared at him. He just smirked.

"Two more things to go!"

Everybody groaned impatiently.

"First, you all know at the end of every Cultural Festival we will have fireworks and a bonfire dance and the best part is, is that the class who gathers the most students wins a trip!"

Everybody's groans and bored expressions turned to cheers and happy faces.

"And finally," she sighed, "Two people will be in charge to buy the materials we will need, of course with the school's money. Okay.."

She dug her hand inside the box and read the two lucky names.

-Two hours later-

*I am SO lucky…* I groaned inwardly.

I walked alongside Ulquiorra as we were about to enter the last store to buy fabrics and quilts for the café. I slowed down a bit to check if he knows I'm with him. He turned his head slightly and said,

"I thought Kuchiki-san could out walk me?"

I felt my face heat up.

"Shut up!" I retorted as we walked in the store.

"What else do we need?" I asked as I looked at the list he was holding.

"We just need quilts for the table" he said as he began searching.

I looked around trying to look for the quilts when all of a sudden I saw something that caught my attention. Chappy the Rabbit! It's the very first design of it and I wanted it badly. I quickly grabbed it. Then all of a sudden I heard someone behind me cough. I looked back and saw Ulquiorra staring at the quilt with an unreadable expression. For the second time today I felt my face heat up.

"Um, you see, I was, um, planning…to buy it for…" I stopped.

*Shit! How do I explain this?* I thought as I shut my eyes.*Think!*

I opened my eyes and smiled.

"For…Nel-chan! Yeah, that's right! Since she's a fan and all."

He nodded and said,

"Sure, no need to be defensive."

"I-I'm not!" I replied too quickly.

He turned around and headed towards the counter. I searched for my wallet and when I double checked, my wallet wasn't there.

"Fudge," I said out loud.

Ulquiorra turned to me and asked,


I shook my head and said,

"N-Nothing, just forgot my wallet."

"Give it here then, I'll pay for it." he offered.

I shook my head again.

"Don't be stubborn, just give it here."

I narrowed my brows and bit my lip, hesitating.

"I'll tell her it came from the both of us."

"Fine, but I'll pay you back." I replied, giving him the precious quilt

He just shrugged as the lady rang our items. We walked outside, happily looking inside the plastic bag. All of a sudden, I feel Ulquiorra tense beside me. His body was stiff as he was staring somewhere. I was about to turn and see on what he was looking at but he grabbed my wrist and began running.

"W-Wait!" I called out, stumbling, but he just kept running.

*What's wrong with him?* I thought.

I was about to ask him out loud when he stopped making my face hit his back, hard.

"What the fu-" I began as I touched my face.

"Ahaha…where are you heading, Ulquiorra?" a familiar voice asked.

I removed my hand away from my face and saw Grimmjow grinning at us. Ulquiorra just looked at him, his face stoic as ever. He looked at me and said,

"See? I told you."

I raised my eyebrow, confused. He looked back at Ulquiorra and asked,

"Did I disturb your 'date'?"

*What?* I thought.

"What makes you think that?" he replied with his monotone voice.

I saw him move his eyes towards our hand and wrist, his grin never leaving his face. I looked down and quickly yanked my hand back. He laughed and patted Ulquiorra's head.

"No need to be shy, brother."

"I'm not," he said menacingly, "Who would go out on a date with her?"

I gave him a hard glare while Grimmjow just laughed.

"Did you mean the opposite?" he countered, earning a glare from Ulquiorra, while I smirked.

"Ahhh, but then why'd you run?" he asked.

"Cause I knew either when I get home or right now when you see us, you would bother me about it, so I chose at home."

Grimmjow just shrugged letting it go and he looked at me and smiled widely.

"Rukia!" he practically yelled.

Startled by his outburst, I forced a smile back and nodded. He stood next to me, put his arm around my shoulders and tugged me forward.

"Since I still have time, how about we go eat?" he grinned and turned to Ulquiorra.

I also looked back and saw that he had an annoyed expression, but followed anyways. In the end, we ended up at an Italian restaurant. Grimmjow, I noticed, was very talkative and cocky. When he's not asking me questions, he would turn to Ulquiorra and annoy him. But other than that, he was very nice and friendly; the complete opposite of Ulquiorra.

"So, Rukia" Grimmjow started as we finish our food and I looked up.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked casually.

All of a sudden, a smiling Ichigo came in my mind.

"Had" I replied glumly and my face blank.

He raised his brows about to say something when his phone rang. I looked down as Grimmjow answered his phone. I could feel Ulquiorra staring at me so I looked up and saw his face. We locked eyes for a second. He knew something was up so I did my best and smiled. Grimmjow stood up all of a sudden and said,

"I'm sorry, but I have to go. You guys need a ride?"

Ulquiorra shook his head also standing up and I did too.

"Okay, I'll see you at home then." he said and flashed me an apologetic smile as he started to walk away.

"See you later, Rukia!" he waved and then he was gone.

"Ready to go?" Ulquiorra asked, but he was already walking.

We walked out in silence. I looked up to see the sun finally setting; the clouds covered with beautiful shades of orange and all of a sudden Ichigo's bright hair came in my head. I felt a lump in my throat starting to build up.

"It'll be fine," Ulquiorra said all of a sudden "Whatever the problem is you're going through, I know you could work it out."

He looked back at me, his expression soft.

"Yeah…" I replied softly, smiling a little.

We stopped in front of my house. I handed him the bag that had the Chappy quilt. He raised an eyebrow.

"I-It's for Nel" I said when he didn't take it.

*Ahh…I'm gonna regret this later.* I thought.

But then I looked at him and saw him smiling.

"W-What?" I asked, feeling blood rush to my cheeks.

"Keep it." he said.


"I know you were going to buy that for yourself"

"No, I did-"

"Besides," he said cutting me off and walking away, "Nel's into toy cars and monsters, not rabbits."

He looked back once more and smirked.

"I knew that!" I yelled feeling embarrassed.

He just shook his head and continued to walk. Once he was gone I walked inside the house. It was dark and the only room that had light on was the kitchen.

* Seems like Nii-sama isn't here yet…* I thought as I walked upstairs.

I stopped in front of my bedroom door, Ulquiorra's words lingering in my head:

"It'll be fine…"

I opened the door, heart beating, hoping he would be in there waiting for me. When it was opened, all I saw was my plain old room and my heart instantly dropped. I lay in my bed for a minute and look towards Kon, I took it and hugged it tight. Fresh tears had finally fallen from my eyes as sleep came over me.

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