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Miley and Lilly, as Hannah and Lola, sat cuddled on the grass watching the fireworks, they chatted, mostly about them being girlfriends.

They had only become girlfriends a little whole ago, in fact just under one week ago. And before that they had been best friends. It had all started when Lilly had kissed Miley on the beach, and then had stalked off without another word, without even explaining to Miley. Miley felt hurt, because she loved Lilly too, but then why would she stalk off, leaving her by herself? The truth came through in the end though, and they were both happy.

At the moment, they were at a fireworks display that Hannah had been invited to by Traci. But they had both snuck away, so they could be alone, together.

"Miley?" Lilly said.

"Yeah?" Miley replied.

"When are we going to tell our parents? Your brother? Our friends? The world?"

Miley was silent for a few seconds and then said "I think we should keep quiet for a while. Make sure we're serious about us, make sure we're comfortable together. I definitely am at the moment, and I get the feeling you are as well, but I think we should wait for the moment, just to be sure. Then we should tell our family's, make sure they're happy and comfortable about us being together, and tell Oliver as well. Then we can tell our friends, and then when we're finally getting really comfortable and sure then we can tell the world! But that's just my opinion. What do you think?"

"Sounds like a good plan to me," Lilly smiled kissing Miley on the nose. "Do you think we should get going now? I'm feeling a bit tired."

"Sure, let's go and say bye to everyone and then we'll go. Do you want to stay at my house tonight?"

"I'd love to. I'll do anything as long as we're together!"

"Mi, can I have a shower?" Lilly asked through the bathroom door.

"Go ahead."

"Thanks." Miley could hear the tap water running and she imagined Lilly in the shower, but then she quickly pushed the idea out of her head. She wondered if Lilly thought about things like that, and blushed. She hoped she did.

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