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It was Saturday morning and Lilly had got ton up early for a change because she had agreed to go with Miley to the beach and maybe then catch a movie.

Somebody knocked on the door. When she opened it she saw Oliver with Callie, holding hands. Callie was wearing her usual expensive clothes. Her dad was a music producer. Today she wearing an outfit that Lilly had seen in the window of a DKNY shop.

It consisted of a lemon tassel tunic, a black frilly layered skirt, and some cross over platform heels.

As usual she looked fabulous.

""Hello Oliver, hello Callie," Lilly said trying to make an attempt to be nice. Callie looked shocked.

"Hi," Callie said quietly. "I've just come to say that I'm sorry for the incident that happened a month ago. The guilt has been eating my up inside and I've been wanting to come and apologize ever since but I didn't have the courage, but Oliver has helped me by being here today. I really do like Oliver and I'm not just going out with him to make you and Miley angry as you probably think. And I want to know that maybe we can have another shot at being friends? Maybe we can play tennis again sometime."

Lilly stayed silent through out all of this and then she saw Callie take a basketball cap out of her black bag.

"I know it's not the same as the old one, but I went through a lot of trouble to get this for you."

Lilly smiled. "Truce?"

Callie smiled back. "Truce."

Oliver smiled. "I'm glad you two are friends, but what about Miley?"

"I'm sure Miley will forgive her as well," Lilly told Oliver. "And Oliver, I forgive you as well. We were going to tell you, we were just going to see if we were serious first and get a bit more comfortable with each other. And you can tell Callie as well if you want, but no one else please, because I'm sure we can trust her."

That day Lilly and Miley and Oliver and Callie all made their way down to the beach together and after messing around in the sand for a while, they all went to go and catch a movie. All in all it was a perfect day.

EPISODE 3 - Burn In Hell - Somebody's spread Miley and Lilly's secret around the school. What they want to know is who did it?