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Chapter 1

Realizing Something Important

Mia was practicing on her own again since she has nobody else to practice with. Why? You might ask? That's because Ike, the only person to ever beat her in a sparring match left the continent by himself 2 years ago. At first she was fine because she was already planning on traveling the continent in search of strong opponents. The problem now is that she has already done that and proven that she is the strongest warrior on Tellius. Sure, Ike is probably still stronger but he isn't around anymore to fight her. So now Mia is simply lazing around the old Greil Mercenary Fort thinking about the past and all the good times she had with Ike. For some reason she just couldn't get him off her mind, at first she thought that it was because he was the only person able to beat her, but since all her thoughts seemed to be centered on the times that WEREN'T spent sparring for some reason. Right now, she was remembering the time Ike gave her the sacred sword Alondite back during their campaign in the Tower of Guidance.



"Yeah, what is it boss?"

"Here, you should probably hang onto this while we face the rest of our opponents from here on in" said Ike handing over Alondite.

"Wow! You're giving me Zelgius' sword Alondite after all the trouble you went through fighting him? Are you sure you want to give this to me?" said Mia trying to get more information out of him.

"Yes, I'm sure, it would put my mind at ease knowing that you are using a weapon that you can defend yourself better with"

"Alright, thanks for the sword boss! Said Mia in her usual bouncy way, and then Mia thought 'I wonder what he meant by "put my mind at ease" when he said that… meh, probably nothing important.' Thought Mia

-End Flashback-

'Maybe there was some hidden meaning behind what he said back then…' thought Mia, 'Maybe he thinks of me as more than just a sparring partner and friend…'

"Ugh! My head hurts from all this thinking! I've never thought this much before all at once!" Mia groaned over her personal dilemma.

"What's wrong Mia?" said Mist who clearly overheard Mia's groan of exasperation.

"Oh, hey Mist, I'm just wondering what to do next… or where to go next, so far I've got nothing."

"Don't bother lying to me Mia! You were thinking about my brother Ike weren't you?" Mist said with a knowing grin on her face.

"H-how did you know that?!" spluttered Mia.

"Because you were blushing while you were thinking, and you're blushing right now as well" said Mist.

"What makes you think I blush whenever I'm thinking about Ike?" said Mia in a defensive way.

"Because your mind always travels back to that one sparring match when you ended by actually kissing him!"

"That was an accident and you know it!"

"Maybe so but you enjoyed it didn't you?"


Mia thought back on that fateful sparring match.


Mia and Ike were having another sparring match and were surprisingly evenly matched for once. The only spectators were Mist, Rhys (for healing), and Titania. Mia was about to deal what she would have thought to be the blow that ended the match since she managed to just barely slip past his guard when it happened. She tripped, luckily Ike broke her fall, but there was one complication to the whole situation. Mia's face crashed into Ike's; when they both realized that they were technically kissing they broke apart blushing profusely. Then they heard laughter they turned to see Mist, Titania, and Rhys laughing like mad people. Oddly though, Mia actually enjoyed the lip contact, although she would never admit it out loud.

-End Flashback-

"I'll take your silence as a yes" said Mist, "You're in love with him aren't you?"

"WHAT!" shouted Mia in complete surprise.

"Don't bother trying to deny it, it's written all over your face!" said Mist slightly giggling.

"Am not!" protested Mia trying to fool herself.

"The first step is always denial" said Mist in a sing-song like voice.

'Maybe she's right…' thought Mia.

Mia then thought back on all the times she was close to Ike after the accidental kiss. She felt a lot warmer around him for some reason she couldn't explain, and she occasionally blushed for no reason around him too. The worst part of it was when she had the barely uncontrollable urge to grab his arm and lean against him when she sees him looking at the sunrise after one of their duels at dawn. In retrospect it should have been easy for her to figure it out.

'She's right' thought Mia, 'I'm head-over-heels in love with him and it took Mist pressing the subject for me to realize it, man I am dense!'

"You finally realized it just now didn't you?" asked Mist.

"Yeah" said Mia.

"Well what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go after him!" said Mist proud of what she managed to pull out of Mia.

"I'll get right on it! By the way I will be leaving tomorrow, make sure to say goodbye!"

"Don't worry I intend to"

And the plot is set…

Guess which Fire Emblem continent Ike is on.

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