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Chapter 15

A Second Journey Begins

Both Mia and Ike had a rather uneventful year at Castle Ostia; Mia was normally bored beyond all reason whenever she couldn't spar with Ike due to his duties as the Black Knight. She did however, become fast friends with Hector due to the fact that both of them had close enough to no manners and only want to fight as much as possible, thus giving Mia a new sparring partner. Mia of course, won all of her matches against Hector due to her superior skill and greater level of experience.

There was really only one event during the whole year after Ike and Mia's reunion that would be notable, and that would be the two getting married. It all started when Ike made a moonlight proposal that left Mia crying out tears of joy, and then all of Ike's friends at Castle Ostia immediately chipped in on arranging a rather subtle wedding due to the fact that Ike didn't want to attract any unneeded attention, particularly the Black Fang's attention due to the fact that the fang has a price on his head due to his meddling in their affairs over and over again.

On the day of the wedding itself, the group of people attending was small and only had their friends from Ostia. Ike wanted Soren to be there to be his best man, but since they could not find him anywhere, Hector had to take his place instead. As to be expected, Mia cried tears of happiness during the entire ceremony and later noticed that Ike's ceremonial white robes (that he wasn't exactly all that comfortable in) explained that fortune that she was given all those years ago. Uther also presided over the slightly inconspicuous ceremony since he had a day of free time out of the public's eyes, and of course, with Mia being… well… Mia, she ended up throwing herself at Ike and kissed him senseless when Uther was halfway through saying "You may now kiss the bride", causing the few people that were actually there to giggle and laugh at Uther's look of exasperation while he walked off mumbling something about knowing that he would be unable to finish that last sentence.

However, that was approximately 3 months ago… We now see Ike and Mia spying on Hector complaining to his older brother Uther about something involving Eliwood, and Marquess Pherae's disappearance. Once Hector stormed off… most likely to do something rash and unplanned, the couple approached the Marquess and Mia asked, "What was that about?"

Uther sighed before responding, "Hector heard about Marquess Pherae's disappearance and is now planning on helping Eliwood out with his search, and it looks like Hector is planning on leaving with, or without my permission."

"So do you want us to stop him, or help him?" Ike asked.

"You two are to just simply follow him and help him in any way possible" Uther responded.

Ike looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking up again, "You already knew Hector was going to do this didn't you?" Ike asked.

"Of course, after all… I know my own little brother better than anyone else" Uther replied.

"We have a lot of catching up to do then, I wouldn't be surprised if Hector was already halfway to the border!" Mia added.

"Alright, you two are dismissed, now I suggest the two of you start packing and catch up to Hector as soon as possible!" Uther commanded.

"Yes, sir!" Ike and Mia saluted (although, Mia made sure to over exaggerate her salute, and make it look funny) before taking off to their room to start packing, which mostly meant just grabbing their swords, Ike's axe Urvan, and enough money to last them for about a week.

With Eliwood

It has been about a week since Eliwood found Soren unconscious at a riverbed near Castle Pherae, and a month since Eliwood's father, Lord Elbert vanished. Many people believe by now that Lord Elbert is dead; Eliwood however, believes that he is still alive and is now leaving to find him. We now join Eliwood and his small group near the border between Pherae and Santaruz…

"Mother, it's time of us to go" Eliwood said to his mother, who chose that she would rather say goodbye to her son at the border instead of the castle.

"Eliwood… Promise that you will return to me safely. I may be worried about your father, but… If anything were to happen to you… My heart would not be able to bear the sorrow." Eliwood's mother, Eleanora pleaded.

"I know, Mother. Please don't worry. Father is alive. I know it, and I promise that I will find him and return him as soon as possible."

"I have your word then."

"Yes, of course" Eliwood then turned to the blue-haired female paladin next to his mother, "Isadora, I will entrust my mother's safety to you in my absence."

"Yes, milord. I will guard her well" Isadora replied.

"Mother, I will return alive and unharmed, please rest easy" Eliwood assured his mother one last time.

"You really don't have to worry Lady Eleanora, with my tactical genius helping Eliwood out, we should be able to find Lord Elbert in no time at all" Soren assured Eleanora.

"I'm holding you to that too then" Eleanora said before walking back to Castle Pherae with her guard.

"Well Marcus, Soren, it looks like it's just the three of us" Eliwood said before the paladin corrected Eliwood.

"Not exactly, milord. My man Lowen will also be traveling with us"

"Lowen? That's reassuring" Eliwood said sarcastically.

"I've sent him ahead to the village. He hopes to seek out a few able men who are skilled enough to fight and aid us" Marcus explained.

"It was my idea" Soren said, choosing to take credit where credit was due.

The group of three waited around for about an hour with Eliwood talking to Marcus while Soren brooded about who knows what (most likely Ninian and what happened to her and Nils) until Lowen came rushing back in a panic with somebody on the back of his horse.

"Lord Eliwood! C-Commander Marcus! I…"

"Calm down Lowen! A knight must be in control at all times!" Marcus ordered.

Lowen took a few seconds to calm down before speaking up again, "The village is under attack! It's bandits!"

"What? Bandits? Here!?" Marcus asked in disbelief.

"Are you sure Lowen?" Eliwood asked.

"This girl has more details" Lowen said while pointing at the green-haired girl in a bandana that was just getting off his horse.

"My lord Eliwood? I'm the daughter of the village magistrate. My name's Rebecca" the girl introduced herself, "The bandits came without any warning. They're stealing everything! I beg you! Please help us!"

"I see" Eliwood said before turning towards and saying, "Marcus! Lowen! Soren! We have to help the village!"

"Yes, milord" Lowen responded.

"Why am I not surprised… I'll get started on a battle strategy" Soren mumbled.

Eliwood then turned towards Rebecca again and said, "Rebecca, stay here and stay out of sight."

"If it would please you, milord, I would rather fight. I hunt almost every day, and I have some skill with a bow" Rebecca said while trying to get Eliwood to let her help.

"Is that so? Alright then, but try to be careful!" Eliwood responded, allowing Soren to add Rebecca into his battle strategy.

"I have my battle strategy ready, Eliwood! It also looks like the bandits are starting to move this way, we'd better move out now" Soren advised Eliwood.

"Right! I'd suggest that you hang back Soren, you might still be injured from that incident last week that you told me about."

"Actually, I feel fine enough to fight, I heal pretty quickly. Besides, these are just a few bandits, I could probably handle all of them when I'm having a good day" Soren said.

"Alright, but try not to overexert yourself, Soren" Eliwood conceded.

"Of course" Soren replied.

Early on in the fight, shortly after the first few bandits fell from Eliwood's sword strikes, Rebecca's arrows, Lowen's strikes, and Marcus's lance. Two more fighters joined the fray, Soren recognized the red haired one as Dorcas, while the one in the metal headband remained unknown to him. The two immediately helped out by taking down an enemy archer with a few well placed axe strikes. Soren quickly gave Dorcas a nod that he returned before taking off and dispatching a bandit with an Arcwind spell.

Due to Soren's tactical genius and the bandits being complete and total weaklings, the group quickly found themselves at the occupied town's gates with Eliwood challenging the bandit leader, Groznyi.

Groznyi quickly charged at Eliwood, hoping for a quick victory while Eliwood held his blade in front of his face while the sun shone on the blade's tip. Eliwood then bolted at the foolish bandit at a pace faster than the bandit's and pierced the bandit leader's heart, causing the bandit to gurgle out something about luck before dying.

So now without any more bandits occupying the town, Eliwood and his group entered the town and were almost immediately mobbed by happy citizens praising them for their bravery, and thanking them for saving the town from the bandits. Soren then chose to let Eliwood deal with the magistrate while he chose to catch up with Dorcas, seeing as they haven't seen each other in a while.

"It's good to see you again, Soren"

"Good to see you too Dorcas, how have you been doing?" Soren asked.

"I've been fine, you know, doing mercenary work here and there, you?"

"I've been better…"

"Why's that? And where's Ninian anyway?" Dorcas asked, only to see Soren hang his head down while a random storm cloud floated over his head while he said nothing.

Dorcas then sweat dropped and thought, 'I shouldn't have asked… something bad must have happened, but it really isn't my business.'

The group then reassembled outside the town while Eliwood was now talking to Soren.

"So we're now heading for Laus, would you mind telling me why Eliwood?" Soren asked.

"I've been told that Laus has currently been collecting arms and preparing for war, so it's possible that my father's disappearance and Laus's arms race are connected somehow" Eliwood explained.

"Well, at least we have a lead now, so I suggest we leave now because we still have enough time to get some more distance between where we are now and Pherae since it's still only midday right now" Soren said.

"You're right there, well then, let's get going!" Eliwood said in a voice loud enough for the rest of the small group to hear.

The adventure has now officially begun…

Ike and Mia were now running in the direction on Hector's trail when they finally caught sight of a group of four.

"Hey, it looks like we finally caught up to them!" Mia said to Ike before shouting out at the top of her lungs to Hector's group, "HEY! WAIT UP! YOU'VE GOT TWO MORE TRAVEL BUDDIES COMING YOUR WAY!"

Hector then turned around and noticed Mia waving her arms in the air while jumping hyperactively, and Ike was right behind her too.

"Oswin, did you send for the two of them to follow me too?" Hector asked.

"No, I was not aware of them coming, my only guess is that Lord Uther saw it fit to send them to assist you" the knight replied.

"Well I'm perfectly fine with them coming along, this group could us another lady" Serra said, happy that another girl would be in the group.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right…" Mia said while spontaneously showing up a few feet away from the group.

"Gah! How did you do that?!" Hector demanded while jumping in surprise over Mia's random appearance.

"She's always been able to do that, it's kinda a self-taught talent" Ike said while appearing in a fashion similar to Mia, causing Hector to jump in surprise again, and make Matthew laugh at the hilarity of the situation.

"Okay, now putting all of this insanity aside, would you mind telling me why the two of you are here?"

"We're here because we want to help, sure, your brother did order us to help you and make sure that you don't do anything stupid, but we probably would have done this anyway regardless of orders" Ike explained.

"And by that, you mean that he ordered YOU, to do this and Mia just simply followed" Matthew remarked snidely.

"Believe whatever you want Matthew, but try to remember that wherever Ike goes, I'm following because I refuse to let him out of my sight! Even if it means going to bed with him…"

"I thought that last part was because the two of you are married now…" Serra said.

"That just means that I have two reasons for that then!" Mia said.

"We're drifting away from the main topic, Mia!" Hector said.

"Oh, right, sorry…"

"I'll let the two of you come along as well, but that means that both of you are under MY command now, not my brother's. Are we clear on this?" Hector asked.

"We knew that right from the start" Ike said with a smirk.

"Alright then, let's move out! The sooner we find Eliwood, the better" Hector commanded while marching off.

"SIR YES SIR!" Mia shouted out with a mock salute before skipping off.

'Why did I marry her again?' Ike asked himself before answering his own mental question, 'Oh, right… it's because I love her regardless of the fact that she'll probably always be a child at heart.'

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