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Prologue- The Whirlpool Tragedy

In an unknown location a shady figure wearing a dark hooded cloak and a spiraling orange mask with one eyehole approaches the nine-tailed demon fox Kyuubi's den with an odd air of confidence surrounding him.

"It took me a long time to find you again, but now here you are… Kyuubi" said person spoke.

'Damnit… not him again!'"What is your bidding?" spoke Kyuubi.

"We are going to finish what we started all those years ago… destroy the Hidden Leaf Village."

"As you wish" 'Typical Madara Uchiha, if it wasn't for that Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan of yours controlling me I would eat you alive!'

And so began the debacle that would soon be known as the Kyuubi attack.

As soon as Madara and the Kyuubi reached the boarder of the Whirlpool country and the Land of Fire Madara unexpectedly stopped."

"It's been a while since you got some exercise hasn't it Kyuubi?"


"I've decided that as a warm-up before we wipe out the Hidden Leaf, we will destroy the Hidden Whirlpool Village to make an example for all those that stand in my way!"

Riku Uzumaki was only a few miles away from the boarder headed in the direction of the Village Hidden in the Leaves when he sensed an outrageous amount of chakra charging in the direction he came from.

"This could be trouble, better call Janaff to get a good look ahead" said Riku to himself.

'Looks like I won't be able to see my nephew as soon as I hoped, oh well, I'll see him the day after he's born then' he thought as he bit his thumb and formed some hand seals

"Summoning Jutsu!"

Out of the summoning smoke came a hawk just as tall as Riku with a wingspan easily twice Riku's size.

"What is it Riku?" Janaff said right before he sensed the Kyuubi's chakra

"Whoa what is that insane amount of chakra" yelled Janaff.

"I was hoping you could figure that out my friend" said Riku

"Will do!" spoke Janaff

With that Janaff took to the skies to get a better look at the surrounding area. One thing that you should know about Janaff is that his eyesight is easily ten times better than that of a regular hawk so the source of the insane chakra was found in seconds.

"Trouble! Big trouble!" shouted Janaff in an alarmed voice.

"What is it?" Riku said suddenly worried.

"The source of that power is the Kyuubi and by the looks of it, it's being controlled by some guy in an orange mask with one eyehole!" spoke Janaff in a still panicked voice.

"THE KYUUBI!" shouted Riku on the top of his lungs worried beyond all reason.

"Do I need to repeat myself?!" said Janaff in his still panicked state.

"No, but did you get a good look at his eye at least" said Riku already coming up with a plan.

"Just barely, it was red and had a peculiar black pattern on it, but it can't be… didn't he die at the First Hokage's hands decades ago?" said Janaff starting to calm down.

"Apparently not…'what is Madara doing here? Why the hell is he even alive? If he has the Kyuubi under his control again wouldn't his target be the Leaf Village? Why is he targeting the Hidden Whirlpool?' we have to go back." Riku stated in a rather calm manner.

"Have you lost your marbles?! The Kyuubi is out there!" shouted Janaff in a shocked voice.

"I'm not asking you to fight it! Just get me close enough to Madara so I can hopefully beat him, with him gone the Kyuubi should hopefully leave and return to its den" spoke Riku in a shaky voice, clearly not sure if he could pull this task off.

"Sorry but I'm not going anywhere near that thing!" said Janaff clearly adamant against going.

"Fine then! I'll summon someone who's strong enough to help then!" said Riku slightly miffed

Signing again Riku slammed his hands onto the ground again intent on summoning the hawk king this time "Summoning Jutsu!"

This time a much larger cloud of smoke appeared and when it dispersed a colossal hawk the size of a 2 story house appeared wearing a hawk feathered necklace and many battle scars.

"What do you want Riku?" said the hawk king Tibarn in a slightly board tone.

"I need to get back home quickly or the Kyuubi will level it in a matter of seconds!" spoke Riku in an urgent voice.

"THE KYUUBI!" shouted Tibarn in a surprised voice.

"Yes, but we don't necessarily have to fight it directly, all we have to do is eliminate the man controlling it" spoke Riku in a surprisingly calm voice.

"Fine, I'll do it, but only because I'm board and am literally desperate for a fight" said Tibarn.

"Wait your not serious are you your majesty?!" said Janaff fearing for his king's safety.

"If you're not going to help us fight then go home Janaff, you're dismissed" said Tibarn in a voice that demanded authority.

"But!" "Now!" "Alright." And with the hawk squabble over with the two remaining figures now focused on the main objective, save the Village Hidden in the Whirlpool.

All was going according to plan, in a few minutes the Whirlpool Village will be wiped off the face of the planet. Nobody dared stand in Madara's way… that is until he heard the earsplitting war cry of a colossal hawk descending upon him.

Tibarn was just inches away from tearing Madara to shreds until he somehow just phased through him as if he wasn't even there.

"That was close," Madara said, "if you did that quietly I would have been torn to shreds."

"What are you doing here Madara?" said Riku, "one would think that your target would be the Hidden Leaf Village, not the Hidden Whirlpool, did you get lost on the road of life?"

Somewhere in the Hidden Leaf Village Kakashi sneezed

"No, I just thought like giving my old pet a little warm-up before I wipe out that pathetic excuse of a village!" said Madara

"That's what this is about? A warm-up? Innocent lives are not yours to play with Uchiha! And you are destroying thousands for no reason whatsoever!" shouted a royally pissed off Riku. – There's an old saying in the Whirlpool, never piss of the Uzumaki, they are quick to anger and damn slow to forgive- and today is the start of an incredibly long grudge.

"You're pretty quick to anger aren't you?" taunted the renegade Uchiha.

"You don't know the half of it" challenged Riku summoning his sword (the Mystic Whirlpool)

Riku channeled his chakra to the seals on his sword making a chakra aura surround its red blade.

"Here I come you freak!" yelled Riku.

Meanwhile, Tibarn was having a difficult time distracting Kyuubi and avoiding its nine tails at the same time 'what have I gotten myself into!' Tibarn berated himself while just narrowly avoiding another tail.

"Uzumaki secret sword technique: Mystic blade barrage!" shouted Riku while multiple blades of light attempted to impale Madara, all were either dodged, deflected with is fan, or phased right through him.

'Damnit!' Riku shouted in his mind, ' he's dodged almost everything I've thrown at him! This isn't looking good for me!'

"While this has been entertaining, I think it's time I wrapped things up" said Madara "Kyuubi! End this and destroy what's left of the Hidden Whirlpool!"

All of a sudden, the Kyuubi started charging an immense amount of power in its mouth and Riku knew what was going to happen next.

"Tibarn! Get out of there before it's too late! Warn Minato that the Kyuubi's next target is the Hidden Leaf Village!" Riku shouted at the top of his lungs hoping that he would hear him.

Apparently he did because Tibarn immediately got out of firing range and took off in the direction of the Land of Fire.

'I have one last chance before that blast goes off, I can't waste it! If I can't kill him I might at least be able to injure him.' Riku jumped up into the air right above Madara "Uzumaki Secret Sword technique: Rain of a thousand blades!" When the jutsu was complete Riku landed on a tree just outside the clearing of the battle.

Surprisingly, due to the immense blast radius of the attack and sheer number of blades shot out of Riku's sword, Madara couldn't phase through all of the attack and received sword wounds on both of his arms and his right shoulder, it also broke the left half of his mask.

"How dare you!" Madara gasped in a malevolent voice "you'll pay for that! Fire style: Volcanic Impact Jutsu!" an immense blast of fire shot out of the ground around Madara and hit Riku at full force due to his weakened condition.

While Riku was getting hit, the Kyuubi shot a blast of pure demonic chakra at the Hidden Whirlpool Village reducing it to rubble and the shockwave sent Riku flying a good half-mile away causing him to black out with his one last thought 'Looks like I won't be meeting my new nephew after all.. What was his name again? Oh yeah, now I remember… Naruto.'

What an evil cliffhanger and tragic beginning!

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