Chapter 37

I took a nap half way through the morning and then a hot shower which I used to inspect every single wound I now wore. Considering the accident it had been explained to me I'd had, these were nothing, but to me it looked like I'd been locked in a cage with one angry cat. Surprisingly though, my face remained intact save for a huge bruise on my forehead and another one on a cheek bone. I did have to be careful while washing my hair. All the shattered glass had apparently landed on my head and now I had tiny scattered cuts on my scalp. Every so often I felt something poke me and I would dig out another glass fragment. While this wasn't fun in the least bit, it was somewhat entertaining in a sick way.

During lunch time, Emily had visited and I had greeted her in a civil manner. This didn't mean I acted happy and chatty with her. I engaged in very small talk before leaving her with my mom and courteously excusing myself to my room where I used the time to give my biology book a glance over. While I couldn't remember the whole ordeal with Emily, I could remember that she had taken my boyfriend as her lover and that somehow he'd scarred her face. There were many pieces missing to this puzzle but the pieces that were available to me gave me a clear enough picture to go on and it was clear that she and I were not on a friendship level and our status was more that of neighborly acquaintances.

While trying to concentrate on my book, my mind kept wandering to the guy from the night before. From what I had seen, he was hot as hell. Too bad he was a fool though. But man, what a good looking fool. I couldn't concentrate on biology so I took out the math book and busied myself working out some problems. Math was really easy and a subject I loved. As long as you could follow instructions math was a walk in the park and after a while of not feeling too challenged, I got bored and took another nap. It wasn't that I was lazy or anything, the pills made me drowsy. That was my excuse anyway, and I was sticking to it.

During my nap I had a dream about the half naked guy. In said dream I was engaged in oral activities with him. You can imagine my complete and utter surprise when I walked out my room and found him sitting on my couch talking with my Mom. I could have choked on my own spit and I'm pretty sure I blushed.

"Oh, you're up honey! Look who came to see you."

Me? He came to see me? I must have been a very good girl this year. Wait. It wasn't Christmas.

"Uh, hi."

"I'll leave you two while I go check on dinner. You're staying for dinner right?"

He nodded to her and I just stood there like an idiot. It was awkward as hell, but I managed to walk over and sit on the other end of the couch. Hell, if he was here to see me, I wasn't going to complain.

"Quil, right?" I asked and he gave me a look like I'd just kicked a puppy.

"Jacob, actually."

"Sorry! I can't seem to be able to match faces to the names." I felt stupid. "My head is full of names, yes. Faces to go along. No. You were outside last night, right?"

"Uh, yeah, long story though."

"Oh. Ok. You are Seth's friend, right." Ok, what was wrong with me and why did I keep ending sentences with the word right? And why was I so attracted to him besides the obvious reasons.

"I'm your friend too." Something about the way he said it sent goose bumps flying up my arms.

He looked so much better here under good light and even with a teal t-shirt on, I could make out most his muscles. Hell, I could name each one of them too. There was the pectoralis major, trapezius, deltoid, external intercostals ...

"Are you ok, you seem... lost."

"Sorry. Happens a lot lately." I could feel my ears on fire. Was I blushing? Holy crap. Who was this guy and what was he doing to me? I felt like a kid in a candy store. I felt giddy, excited and awkward all at the same time.

"Dinner's ready!" Mom called from the kitchen and we got up to join her.

After our meal, Jacob invited me for a short walk and I agreed. I'd have been crazy to say no. We talked about non-important things for a while and then the talk turned back to the accident.

"You don't remember much, huh."

"No. Well, it actually depends on what you mean though. I mean, I remember lots of things, it's just stuff here and there that I can't remember. And it gets weird if you try to remember if there is something missing that you should remember... am I making sense?"

"Completely." He nodded and shoved his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. "You don't remember me or us, I mean, do you."

I shook my head no as we continued walking.

"That's ok. I'm not going to push you into remembering anything. Things will come to you." he gave me a smile and I thought it was the best smile in the world. "If you're confused or something about anything, just ask and I'll do my best to explain."

"Aren't you cold?" I looked at his bare arms.

"No. You?"

"Just a little." I didn't even finish the sentence when he had wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close.


Better? Holy shit you had to be kidding me! The man was like a walking, talking furnace.

"I'll take you home before you freeze and your mom or brother kill me."

"Guitar Hero!"


"Guitar Hero! I've played Guitar Hero with you, I remember!"

"Yeah, we've played." He gave me such a big smile that I thought it must have made his face hurt. His smile made me smile as well. We turned around and began walking home. It didn't feel strange having his arms around me. Nothing about him felt strange anymore and that was weird.

The next couple of days came and went pretty fast. Time really does fly when you are busy and it completely stalls when you are not. I was so busy getting my life in order that I didn't even have time to remember what things I had forgotten and which things I had not.

Jacob dropped by daily and never stayed too long, though I will admit I didn't think anytime he spent with me was too much. I loved the way I felt around him. When he was around I felt safe and understood. When I spoke, he hung to every word and he paid so much attention to me that it was as if he understood the meaning behind every single blink of an eye or facial expression I made. It was the same way with me though. All he had to do was show up at my house and I'd drop anything and everything to rush and see him.

Slowly, I began remembering things about him. He had a garage in his house and he liked to fix things. His dad was chief. He was a senior in high school and had failed a grade because he'd been absent too much. One day I remembered a girl and asked him about her.

"You were Bella Swan's boyfriend?"

"Yes and no." he gave me a sad look. "I'm a guy and I was her friend, yes, but Bella and I were never a couple. So in a sense I was and wasn't her boyfriend."

I wanted to ask about us. What we were in the past and what we were now, but I thought I might be disappointed by the answer so I didn't touch the subject again.

College and work took up most of my time. The insurance had kicked in and they gave me a small, white rental car for a couple weeks till the paperwork was done and I could go with Mom to get a new car. I drove to and from Forks three times a week and I had to call my mother when I left home, when I got to my destination and when I was returning. It kind of felt like I was living with my parole officer.

Work was going well. The first few days back, I'd worn a ton of make-up to hide the bruising and some people still managed to stare. I was quick to point out that I had been in a car accident though because people always seemed to be melodramatic and liked to imagine I was the victim of domestic violence.

College was going really well too. I'd only managed to miss one math test and I made it up right away. Got a perfect score too. Biology on the other hand, took me a little longer to catch up to, but Brennan was a nice guy and helped me out.

Except for the lack of memory I wasn't aware I was lacking, things were pretty good.


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