Ok guys, you're probably wondering what the heck is going on. Why did I delete this story and add another chapter? I'm re writing the story, that's why! :D I didn't like a bunch of parts to my old version, so with the help of a freind of mine, I'm starting all over again and making Outcasted more better for you all!

The sun was just setting over the horizon. It's reflection sparkled over the water of a huge area of water which was called Lake Erie. The lake was near a very huge city known as Detroit. It was very peaceful at the lake tonight. It was perfect for a small trip on a boat, or to swim in the gentle waves that never reach ten inches in height.

Tonight at the lake, there were a group of people preparing to go on a boat. Six people, three boys and three girls. One girl, who looked to be 18, had short, shaggy brown hair that was halfway above her shoulders, green emerald-like eyes, and looked to be about five feet and eleven inches. She looked more muscular than normal girls her age. She wore a baggy dark blue shirt and a pair of long black pants. A dark blue belt she was wearing had a sword attached to it, hanging off her right hip. Black sneakers with a flame pattern on the outer side of each shoe were placed on her feet. Her expression was bold, but kind.

The boy had spiky blond hair that had a hint of gold to it, with hazel eyes that sparkled in the sun. He was a few inches shorter than the girl, but was just as muscular. He wore a blue shirt with green sleeves. He also wore black fingerless gloves on his hands. Short, black baggy pants were his choice, as well as blue sneakers. He looked to be about 17 years old. His looked like the easy but gentle going type of person, which was rare in most boys his age.

The girl looked at the sunset while she waited for the boat to be ready to ride the lake's surface. Her hair flowed gently in the calm wind of the evening.

"Michelle! Christopher! The boat is ready for take off!" One of the older men shouted out. This immediately made the two kids turn around, the man was waving at them with a smile.

Michelle shouted back at the man, waving. "OK, Dad! We're coming!" She turned to the boy. "Come on, little bro! Let's go!"

Christopher smiled at her. "I'm right behind ya, sis!"

Both of the siblings ran over to the boat, where they were loaded in the boat with the help of their mother and father. The other man, who turned out to be Michelle's father's friend, fired up the engine of the boat. It roared as it dragged the boat to the deeper part of Lake Erie.

Michelle and Chris screamed in joy as the blast of wind hit their faces. The two laughed through the whole ride of the boat. Michelle would put her arms up in the air shouting 'Hallelujah!' over and over again. Chris would put both fists in the air and scream lots of words such as 'I'm king of the world!' Their evening of fun turned downward as the the engine made a funny noise and halted the boat's motion. This made everyone both confused and worried.

"Dad, what's going on? Why did the boat stop?" Michelle asked. She looked pretty worried.

"I..I have no idea. This boat is not that old. It should work fine." Michelle's mother said. She turned to her husband. "Aidyn, can you check out the engine?"

He shook his head at his wife. "Wendy, I'm not that much of an expert on machines. You know that." He looked at the other male. "My dear friend, will you look at the boat?"

Aidyn's friend gave a smile as he clapped his hands together. "Sure thing! Just give me a minute..." Aidyn's friend opened the engine hatch and started to mess around, looking for what could be wrong with the boat.

His wife, who was the friend of Wendy, looked at her husband with great concern. "Be careful, honey."

He laughed a bit. "My dear, I've worked with these kind of problems all the time. There is no way I'm going to mess this up!" He messed with a wire, which flickered a lot. He screamed as he pulled his hand back in pain. His wife and Chris went to his side.

"Dude, are you OK?" Chris asked.

"That was quite a shock you got!" His wife exclaimed in slight horror.

"Eh, it was just from the static electricity, it's no big..." but he was interrupted by a sound from the engine, the sound a fire makes when it was starting to flicker to life. Everyone looked to see that the engine began to catch on fire from the amount of electricity that flickered from the wires. Everyone began to panic.

"The engine's on fire! We have to put it out!" Wendy screamed.

"We can't put out this fire without a fire extinguisher! And water won't help either!" Michelle shouted.

"Then it's best we desert this ship! Michelle and Chris, you two jump in the water now!" Aidyn shouted.

"But what about you and the others!" Chris shouted, worried for the adults.

"We'll join you after! Now both of you, go!" Wendy shouted.

Michelle grabbed two life jackets and her little brother's hand. "Come on, Chris! We'd better go!" She strapped her brother in as fast as she could and finally strapped herself into one.

Chris was hesitant at first, but he nodded as he and Michelle both dived into the drink. The two of them began swimming for shore. They only got a few yards away from th boat until Chris stopped and turned around. He called out to the boat. "Mom, Dad! Are you OK!" He looked around.

Michelle turned around, facing her brother. "Christopher, we have to get out of here! They'll be fine!" She pleaded him, even though deep inside, she worried about her parents too. Everyone was doomed.

Chris shook his head violently. "No way! They're our parents! We have to go after them!" He began to swim vigorously back to the flaming boat.

Michelle swam right after him. "Chris, wait!" She grabbed her brother's hand, trying to stop him from getting too close. But just as she did, the boat's engine overloaded, causing it to explode in a huge blast. Michelle and her brother was sent flying in the air. The kids could get a small glimpse at their parents being flown at the other side. But Michelle and Christopher's attention was towards each other, trying to keep their grip on each other's hands.

"Hang on, big sis! Don't let go!" Chris shouted, pleading.

"I'm trying, but the force of this blast is strong on my hand!" Michelle shouted back, struggling to keep her hand on Christopher's. Unfortunately, the force of the explosion caused their hands to lose grip of each other, making the two siblings let go of each other.

"MICHELLE!" Chris shouted.

"CHRISTOPHER!" Michelle shouted, catching her last glimpse of her beloved brother before falling in the water.

"CHRISTOPHER!" Michelle shouted as she jumped out of her bed. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she panted. She looked around to see that she was in her bed, at home. She shook her head; she remembered that the events of her dream happened three years ago. She sighed. "Phew, it was just a bad dream. But man, it looked so real. It even felt like the real thing."

She looked at her clock, which the green numbers flashed 2:00 AM. "Damn, why do I always wake up at this time of night?" She complained as she lied on her side. "Better get some sleep. I have a big day tomorrow at work."

Michelle closed her eyes. She whispered to herself. "Hope that dream wasn't a warning." With her last words, she drifted off into a slumber. Unknown of what would happen to her. If anything would happen.

yeah, so sorry again for deleting the story. I know I have a bunch of people who favorited this story and now just lost it in their faves and stuff, but i wanted to make this story so much better than the last! The original version, I rushed a bit through it cause I had so many ideas popping inside my head. But now that I understand writing a bit more, I wanted to re create this popular fanfiction. You guys will notice a change in the plot, a little shift in the character's pasts and personallities, and this will be all in third person view! I hope you guys can forgive me for deleting the old one...

There will be some similiarities, like the characters true ideneties, the pairings, etc. But you will see a lot of change though.

So without further ado, let's begina a fresh version of Outcasted!