Alright, this is an update on why Outcasted has not been updated lately. For all of the people who asked why the next chapter is not up, there are a couple reasons.

One- I've been doing other crap lately. Outcasted is not the only thing I do. I draw on Deviant Art, I made Lets Plays and Countdowns on You-tube, I also have some comics and other fan fictions in the works. I've branched out on what I do, so Outcasted has not been high in my list to do lately

Second, I've been getting criticism on the remake. Some people pointed out plot holes and issues with the story, like the outfits of the girls, the weapon they carry all the time, and scenes that don't really make sense. I've looked over the criticism and the story, and I do agree with these flaws.

So Outcasted is once again going through a SECOND remake. Yes, I'm going to eventually rewrite outcasted and fix the plot holes and issues that were addressed to me. The outcasted gang will get new outfits, the plot will be revamped, and it'll help make the story better.

So please don't ask when the next chapter will be up, since it won't happen until I feel like doing the first chapter of the second remake. Please bear with me. During your wait, you can visit my Deviant Art account (User name is MsGameCraze) or my You-tube account (user name is also MsGameCraze) and you'll see what else I've been doing during the wait.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is for the sake of a really god plot and story.