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Ziva's only known relatives die and is then adopted by the Gibbs'. She stay's with them for a while and becomes close. Her real dad who she never met shows up and gains custody of her. They don't hear from each other for 15 years. (when ziva show up at ncis she's only going to be 20. It's easier for me to write when she's younger) Ziva comes to ncis to clean up the ari mess and discovers that the gibbs' work there. But when she comes she's not alone- ari's 2-5 year old (haven't decided yet) daughter is with her.

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"Hello Ziva. My name's Jen and this is my husband, Gibbs."

Ziva's only response was a small head nod. Jen and Gibbs were picking her up from the airport following their adoption of Ziva. Her mother and sister had been killed a week ago in a bombing. Their were no records of Ziva's father so she had been put up for adoption.

"Should we go and get your thing? Then we can head home, okay?" Gibbs asked in a gentle tone.

Again the only response was a civil nod. Ziva followed the two adults over to the baggage claim.

"Ziva, honey, how many bags did you have?" Jen asked. Two fingers were held up signaling Ziva's response. "Okay, what color are they?" Still without speaking, Ziva pointed to her green shirt. "Are both of them green?" Another nod on Ziva's part.

"I see them coming. I'll go get them." Gibbs said walking up to the conveyor belt. Once he had returned, "Let's head home!"

At the car Gibbs put the bags in the trunk while Jen helped Ziva get in the car and get buckled in. The ride home was pretty quiet. The Gibbs' had tried to make conversation but the five year old was to preoccupied with the sites outside the window. The adults finally got her attention when they mentioned that the their son would be home in about two hours. The questioning look Jen saw on Ziva's face told her to elaborate. "We have a son named Tony, he's 15." And yet again, a nod for a response.

"Okay ladies, were home."

The women headed inside while Gibbs grabbed the bags. Ziva was in owe of the house. Her old house was a small one bedroom apartment in the busy city of Tel Aviv that she had to share with her mom and sister. This house was two stories, had three bedrooms and three bathroom, it also had a basement.

"Ziva, your room is the one up the stairs and the second door two the left. You can go up and look around. I'm just going to talk to Gibbs and then I'll be up to help you unpack."

Ziva wondered up the stairs and passed what must have been Tony's room. She kept walking down the hall until she found the room that was going to be hers. It was a medium size room with crème colored floors and light pink walls. There was a small bed in the corner with light purple sheets and comforter that matched the walls, not her normal choices but she wasn't one to complain. The closet was empty except with extra sheets on the way top shelf that she would never be able to reach. She was just about to jump on the bed when she saw Gibbs watching her in the doorway.

"What do you want to do?" he asked the little girl. He was met with a small shrug of her shoulders. "Do you want to go shopping for clothes? Or do you want to go get something to eat and then we can pick up Tony from school?" When she didn't respond, he said, "How about we get Jenny and go shopping for some toys and things for you?" she just looked at him so he took that as a yes.

He took the small girls hand and lead her down the hall to the stairs. When Ziva paused to look into Tony's room Gibbs said, "That's Tony's room." then continued down the hall. She really wanted to investigate the mysterious room but didn't want to get in trouble on her first day there so she followed after Gibbs.

She found him in the kitchen with Jenny and they were talking about something but only she got out of it were "how-tell Tony." They quickly stopped talking when they saw her walk into the room.

"Do you want to go shopping?" asked Jenny. The little girl shook her head. "What do you want to do then?" the little girl looked at Gibbs with expecting eyes.

"I asked her before if she wanted to get something to eat and pick up Tony from school. Is that what you want to do Ziva?" the untalkative girl nodded her head yes. "What do you want to eat?" Gibbs asked trying to get the girl to say something. She remained silent so he went on to ask, "Do you want ice cream?" the girl looked curiously at him so he took that as another yes.

Gibbs and Jenny got Ziva into the car and drove to the ice cream shop. Ziva didn't say anything the whole way and just looked out the window. When they got there, Ziva wouldn't answer as to which kind of ice cream she wanted. They ended up ordering her plain vanilla. They sat on a bench outside the shop enjoying the warm spring air. After they had all finished eating, they left to pick up Tony from high school.

Ziva still had not said anything to Gibbs or Jenny. They arrived at the school and she could hear Gibbs and Jenny quietly arguing over how to tell Tony. Ziva came to the conclusion that Tony didn't know that his parents were adopting her. She was somewhat disappointed that they hadn't told their son about her but what could she expect, he was fifteen and she was five, it didn't seem like he was going to be to pleased with her being there.

She saw Jenny and Gibbs straighten in their seats and a teen age boy was heading for the car. He opened the trunk and threw in his backpack that landed with a thud. Tony closed the trunk and walked around to the backseat door. He was halfway into the car when his eye landed on little girl also in the backseat.

"Um, hi? You would be…?" Tony asked with suspicion in his voice.

"Ziva." Jenny and Gibbs turned around at the voice of the girl in the back seat that hadn't said anything before that.

"Ziva, you said something!" Jenny exclaimed from the front seat. She must have scared her because she covered both hands with her mouth like she didn't mean it and turned to look out the window.

"Jen, you scared her. Ziva, honey, its okay for you to talk." Gibbs said nicely trying to get through to the scared child. She turned to look at and nodded her head in understanding but didn't say anything.

"What is she doing in our car? Who is she?" Tony asked very perplexed.

"Your father and I adopted her." was Jenny simple reply.

"You WHAT?!" yelled Tony. Ziva got scared at Tony's outburst and returned to staring out the window.

"Can we talk about this when we get home, please?" said Jen getting annoyed on how her son was taking this, but what was she supposed to expect.

They arrived at the Gibbs' house ten minutes later with a very confused teenager, a scared five year old, and two unsure-of-what-to-do-next parents.

The whole family, now including Ziva, sat down on the couch and other chairs in the living room.

"Explain, now." was all Tony said.

"Her name is Ziva. Her mom and sister died in a car accident a week ago in Tel Aviv-" but she was cut off by Tony.

"Your Israeli?" Tony addressed this question to Ziva herself and not her parents.

"Yes." was all she said but Gibbs and Jen didn't care as long as she was talking.

"As I was saying, her mom was killed and nobody knows who her dad is so we decided to adopt her. And yes, she is going to live with us." continued Jen.

"Why didn't you tell me?" asked Tony now somewhat understanding.

"We were going to but her flight was scheduled for earlier that we thought." said Gibbs.

"So I guess you're my new sister." said Tony talking to Ziva. Ziva smiled up at him. She was really starting to like her new big brother.

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