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A little less that a year later: Father's Day

"Daddy!" Lia screamed as she and Maggie ran into Tony's bedroom on Father's Day morning followed closely by Ziva. All three girls jumped onto the bed, the kids each carrying a card and Ziva caring a large envelope.

"Morning." Tony said yawning.

"Happy Father's Day! Here open my card first!" Maggie said simultaneously giving her dad a hug and shoving the card in his face.

Tony opened the envelope and read the card over. "Thank you, honey." Tony was then handed a card from Lia and read it. "Thank you, too." Tony said giving Lia a hug.

"Gift time!" Maggie called out. Ziva handed the envelope to Tony. "We didn't really get you a gift gift cause we didn't know what to get you, but we do have this." Maggie rambled on as Tony opened the envelope.

Tony took out a small stack of papers. "Is this what I think it is?" Tony said looking up at Ziva who have a large smile on her face.

"Yes, they are. Adoption papers for Lia." Ziva said still smiling. "So what do you say?"

Tony looked back an forth between a smiling Ziva and an obviously nervous Lia who was biting her bottom lip. "Yes!" Next thing he knew Lia was lunging at him to hug him. "It's already ten o'clock, Grandma and Grandpa should be over any minute. You guys better go get dressed." Tony told the girls.

After the girls left the room, Ziva laid next to Tony on the bed. "This has been one of the weirdest, sadist, but best years ever. I mean you come here when I thought I'd never see you again with Lia who's an assassin's daughter/your brother that you end up killing. Then you find out I have a daughter that might be in trouble and we move in together. And even after all that, my ex-wife dies that you knew from before you even went back to Israel." Tony said snuggling next to Ziva.

"Well, I guess dysfunctional childhoods can run in the family."

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