Chapter 1

Pallis dropped to the floor as Adakias's heart abruptly stopped beating.

" You monster!" Anhura cried and she shook as she held Adakias's limp body in her hands.

Pallis scooped her up in his arms and placed her on his horse. He put a rag in her mouth so the sound of her screams faded. If he couldn't have her, no one could. Not even the doctor that chased the horse until a bullet plunged into his heart. He straightened up as he pulled on the horse's reins to go faster. Either Anhura would be his queen or she would die.

As Pallis approached the castle, He lifted the Princess Anhura off the horse and took her into the castle.

" One word and you will be joining Adakias very soon, my dear. You are in love with me now."

As he ripped out her gag and dragged her past the guards and into the castle she let out a a quiet sob. He led her past the riches in the palace of darkness and into a large bedroom and she heard a key lock as he slammed the door behind him after walking out.

Anhura wrenched away as Pallis took her hand in his and led her out the door of the room, or as she referred to it, her prison. She did not understand why anyone would dare do what he did or even think about it. Pallis had presented her with dresses and jewellery probably worth more money than the average citizen made in a lifetime, but he was nowhere near like his brother Adakias. She wondered of she must fall in love with Pallis to forfill the prophecy, but she could not bear the thought of thinking of Pallis as a decent man. He kissed her passionately as they walked into the hall where Pallis sat at the throne, Anhura soon to join him. She tried to pull back but he was too strong for her. She pushed at him with all her might but he displayed his affection with more strength and effort than before, thinking she was returning his kiss with passion. Finally she managed to turn her head away so that he received a face full of hair. There eyes locked for a second and then he pulled her to sit with him on the throne and ordered the guards to hush his audience for an important announcement.

"Settle down, settle down! Anhura my love , will you spend the rest of your life with me and be my queen? Will you Anhura, marry me?"

He gazed into her eyes with a smirk on his face and her eyes were full of terror as she returned his evil glare. She was his prisoner now. She new she had to say yes to his question, or else she would die a painful death or live a life of slavery and torture.

She whipered her answer so that only Pallis could hear it and turned away in shame. Would Adakias have wanted her to have a miserable life? Would he have foreseen the horrors she was about to face? She smiled as she thought of Adakias but her eyes welled up with tears when she realised that she may suffer the same fate as he had.

After the crowd had clapped and cheered and Pallis had thanked them for their applause, he dragged Anhura, who was still in shock, back to the room she was being imprisoned. He kissed her hand and she tried to pull away, but he was too strong. She attempted to cause him pain in any way possible but his rough hands holding her down deflected any opportunity she had to fight back. Anhura screamed at him and just as she was telling him how monstrous he was she heard a knock on the door. Pallis suddenly leaped up to go answer the door as Anhura tried to collect herself and wipe away the tears she unknowingly shed. She turned to face the visitor at the door and recognised the face. Somebody from the light had come to rescue her.