Explaining The Unexplained.

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This is basically a finding out who you are story that is about 10 Chapters. The main character and there children are:


Are married. They have a set of triplets Lillian, Lynn and Cassidy and a set of twins Cyprus and India. The children don't know that their mum was a Mars before she became a Kane. Logan and the 09ers didn't outcast Veronica after Lilly died. Duncan and Veronica broke up 2 months after Lilly died because they found out they were related. Veronica was left on Keith's front door one night by Celeste just after she was born. Celeste then got drunk and jumped off the Coronado Bridge. Veronica owns Mars Investigations and Logan is a writer/actor.

Are also married. They have two children, Blake and Lilly. The children don't know who Lilly is. They live in the old Kane house, next door to the Echolls mansion which didn't burn down and the Echolls family lives in. Wallace and Dick, Duncan's cousins, live in the mansion on the other side of the Kane Estate. Meg's parents will never see their grandchildren after they had spent years abusing Grace and it eventually led to her death. Duncan now runs Kane Software.

Are married. They have two children, Cassia and Kenya. Mac wasn't swapped at birth and is the twin sister of Madison Sinclair. Dick has won he's fair share of surfing competitions and Mac is Duncan's right hand man at Kane Software.


Jackie's plane crashed on the way to Brooklyn and after years of being single Wallace finally began dating Lizzie who he eventually married. They have a set of twins, Jackie and Darryl, and two girls, Alicia and Grace. Wallace is a famous basketball player and Lizzie is third in command at Kane Software.


Weevil is the Kane's cousin but lost the right to be and 09er when his dad died. Though he is still accepted by he's close friends he is not accepted by anyone else. He lives in the 09er zip and is married to Carmen. They have a set of twins, Lilia and Felix, and a little girl, Kimmie.


Trina and Lamb are not horrible people. Lamb is a Mars by adoption (And yes i borrowed this idea from my lovely beta- isdonisgood). They are married with 2 children, Kayleigh and Keith. Lamb is Sheriff and Trina is a movie star.


Lilly, Lillian, Cassidy, Lynn, Kayleigh, Kenya, Lillia, Jackie, Darryl and Felix are in the same year at school. Keith, Kimmie, India, Cyprus, Alicia, Grace, Cassia and Blake are all the in the year below


Is dead. Aaron Echolls killed her. On her memorial it says: 'Lilly Kane will always be missed by Veronica, Logan, and Duncan. Fab Four Forever. Will never be forgotten by Meg, Mac, Wallace, Dick, Weevil, Darryl and Cassidy. Love always, xoxo.' The surnames where never engraved into the memorial so the children don't know who they are


All died in a plane crash. They were on there way to arrest Woody Goodman for the violating and molesting of children. Cassidy and Darryl where among the children who where violated. Darryl was 15 at the time and Cassidy was 17. They both attended Neptune High. They have a shared memorial which says: 'Cassidy Casablancas and Daryl Fennel-Mars died in a plane crash. May they Rest in Peace. Loved forever by Veronica, Wallace, Dick, Logan, Duncan, Meg, Mac and Weevil.'

Lynn (Logan's Mother):

Was pushed of Coronado Bridge when she found out that Aaron had seduced and killed Lilly.

It Starts?:

This story starts when the children of our favourite characters start attending Neptune High. The older children are sophomore's and the younger children are freshmen. They all notice two memorials in the area where they have lunch. One is for Lilly and the other is for Darryl and Cassidy. They find it strange and decide to investigate and this leads them on a quest through their parents past...

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