Explaining The Unexplained

Heyy I Hope You Enjoyed The Last Chapter. It Took Me Quite A While Too Do Though. Just Too Let Yuu Knoee India Is Not The Main Character. I Know I Have A Lot Of Children In This Story, But I Intend Too Make Them All Speak. Lilly Is Going Too Dump Brandan. He Cheats On Her With Madison Sinclair And Sean(Who's Surname I Do Not Know)'s Daughter. Who Is The Groups Cousin, Who They Hate With Burning Passion. She Is Called Shiraz Bailey – Which They Named After They Got Drunk And Had The Child Out Of Wedlock. Shiraz Bailey Is A True Madison. A Full Flown Bitch. Who Also Does Anything Too Hurt Them All. So Bye Bye Brandan Rodney Gant. I Might Of Forgot Too Mention, All The Casablancas Kids Are Very Good At Hacking Computers.

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India started heading towards the ICT block when someone jumped out in front of her.

"Hello India Echolls. I am Susie. Is your mum and dad Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars-Kane?" a reporter had called too her.

"No Comment" India had replied, remembering what her aunt Mac had said earlier.

"Are you positive, have you heard of a Lilly Kane?" the reporter persisted.

"She said 'no bloody comment' you dingus!" a voice came from behind her.

India didn't know who was defending her till she turned around. It was none other than her older brother Cassidy.

"You are Cassidy Echolls, yes?" the reporter pried

"No Comment" Cassidy shouted. He was fuming with anger like his dad did when he was angry.

"Do you think your dad will kill your girlfriend?" the reporter remarked.

"Shut-Up! You don't know me or my family. I don't know who this Lilly Kane is, and why would my dad even kill any girlfriend I have ever had. So shut-up!" Cassidy shouted with his hands balled up so tightly that they were white. He was the eldest and always looked at for his family, so when anyone spoke lowly of them they would meet his fist.

"Just like you grandad then. But he never did it. Your mum knows that. She is a little slut, like all the Kanes. Even Lynn knows that she was lying. She was a whore though, never could keep Aaron pleased. Lilly Kane is a slut. And everyone is glad that she is dead!" the reporter shouted at him. But before Cassidy could do anything, a voice behind him spoke up.

"You shut-up about me and my family. Lilly might have been stupid, but she was not a slut. My sister was not a fucking slut. You know that. Aaron did have a fucking affair with her and did kill her, but that doesn't mean she was a slut. Lynn was not a whore. She was my mother – in – law. I only had two motherly figures she was one of the only I ever had. And don't you dare EVER refer too Logan like that. Don't you dare. EVER. And no one we know is glad that she is dead. So shut the fuck up. Stop bringing up shit from the past. Lilly had her whole life ahead of her. Not like Aaron, he beat Logan. Logan would come too me or Lilly with broken ribs, cigarette marks on his face, belt marks where he had been whipped, a broken nose, black eyes, broken arms or legs. We even heard Aaron beat Logan. He then sexually abused Trina. When she did something wrong he would... he would..." then the woman broke down into tears behind her massive i'm-a-movie-stars-wife sunglasses.

When Cassidy and India turned around they saw the whole quad staring at the person. When the person turned around they saw it was Veronica, their mum. She gave the finger too the reporter and jumped in Meg's limo. Which sped off, with Duncan glaring at the reporter. He was not happy that his brother-in-law/best friend and his sister-in-law/best friend's sister/wife's friend/his friend was being abused by Aaron, who was no longer referred too as father. And also angry at Veronica for shouting it out, too none other than the paparazzi at their children's school. This sure was going too be the main headline in tomorrows newspapers. But now they were going to have to answer lots of questions about Lilly, Aaron, Darryl, Cassidy, their past... It was going too be a nightmare. So Duncan reached into his trouser pocket and got out is LG Tokyo Lite and dialled a number he knew all too well.

"Hello Duncan, I haven't heard from you in a while. What have you been up to?" the voice snarled into the phone.

"Shut-Up, you'll never be the mum I wanted you too be, so shut your face. I want too know how dad is doing." Duncan replied into the phone. Veronica glanced at him. He just nodded. He was on the phone too Kendall Kane, their step-mum.

"He is doing well, DD. And no he is not going too lend you money too build the new tree house for my darling grandchildren." Kendall said all sugary sweetly. Duncan just rolled his eyes at his step-mum's nickname for him. She was hopeless. Even Lilly's were better.

"I said my name is not DD, you cow. And the tree house was built for the children 8 years ago" Duncan shouted into the phone, while Veronica chuckled at the stupid nickname their step mum had given her baby brother and that she had forgotten how long ago the tree house was built. While Meg just held onto the chair, trying too stop herself from getting a cramp from laughing too much at the interaction between her husband and his step-mum.

"Hey, just cause your daddy likes me better, doesn't mean that you can be horrible. I am now your official step-mum." she teased nastily into the phone.

"I do remember. You barred us from our own dad's wedding, which by the way, we did attend" he muttered into the phone.

"Well you now know how your daddy is, so please leave me alone, DD" Kendall snarled into the phone before hanging up. But Duncan just chucked his phone on the floor and shouted 'You stupid cow'. Which made Veronica laugh even more. They couldn't take take the children around Grandpa Kane's house, because Kendall would prance around the pool like she was a goddess, and with the boys being teens, they would happily oogle their step-grandmother any day.

Back at Neptune High Quad, Principal Clemmons had walked out too see what the commotion was about, only too see a familiar pupil driving off swearing at a reporter with her twin brother speeding off. Of course it was Veronica Kane-Mars, but she married Logan Echolls. Bad boy in his days, why she ever got off with him, he never knew. She should of gone off with someone better. Much better. Someone more considerate too her and her feelings. Not her dead sister's ex. Or her twin brothers best friend. It was wrong. Clemmons took down the registration number on the back of the limo. And went and asked the reporter what the hell she was doing on school premises. And why she was harassing two of the five Echolls kids.

"Cassidy Echolls and India Echolls, why am I not surprised?" Clemmons asked them blatantly.

"As you tell us every time, Our parents are Veronica Echolls-Mars-Kane and Logan Echolls, who when they were in their high school years were constantly in your office. Either because they were in trouble or they were called too discuss the tragedies in their life. Which we never knew what those tragedies were. Until possibly now. Lilly Kane. Our Auntie. She was murdered. By our grandad wasn't she?" Cassidy exclaimed.

"Maybe you should come inside?" Clemmons stated as India dialled Cyprus. When she got off the phone, she dialled Lilly and the others.

She got off the phone and said "They are waiting for us. And Cyprus and Lynn want too know why they heard our mum shouting about a man abusing our dad, Keith wants too know why the hell his mum was abused by the same man and Blake wants too know why her limo just sped off out of the gates and Lilly says 'Why couldn't we have been there seven minutes ago?' Come on then Cassidy."

They walked too the Principals office, on the way there everyone stared at them. One of the teachers, Miss Pomroy, the pep squad leader - who never liked any of them, apart from Shiraz-Bailey Sinclair. The groups bitchy cousin, who was never included, and no time soon was going too be – had glared at them and thought here comes the drama. When Lilly walked past she sneered "The almighty queens niece. Named after her. Way too go Duncan."

"You shut-up about my dad. And this Lilly Kane, she seemed quite nice to me. So shut it." Lilly sneered back.
"Your telling me you have never heard of Lilly Kane?" Miss Pomroy asked with wide eyes.

"Yes! We haven't! I think our parents don't want too tell us." Lilly said, in a sad tone.

"Well Lilly was a slut. I am guessing they didn't want you too turn out like one." Miss Pomroy sneered. But Lilly knew better than retaliating, so she just walked off. This Lilly was known all over the school. She never knew why. She just was. Why, she was going too find out...

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