Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or Harry Potter.

Pairing: Quicksilver/Harry

Word Count: 353(only actual Drabble)


Laughter and the familiar buzz of multiple people talking greeted Harry as he entered the living room, happy to see his family—the Brotherhood—clustered in the fairly large room, waiting for him to say those much beloved three words.

"Lunch is done," Harry grinned, amused when Toad and Pyro immediately jumped for the kitchen, elbowing each other in attempt to get their first.

Mystique and Destiny, who had been lounging on the couch, followed the two boys and offering Harry a warm, thankful smile as they passed the boy. Waiting for everyone to exit first, and acknowledging the thanks he received, Harry turned around to join his family for lunch someone tapped him on the shoulder. Blinking in confusion (hadn't everyone left to the kitchen?) Harry turned around only to stop short as a pair of lips pressed against his own in a short, chaste kiss before pulling away to reveal a grinning Quicksilver.

Harry squeaked, flushing at the grinning male.

"You're so cute, kitten," Quicksilver smirked, nuzzling his cheek affectionately, hands sliding down to slip the tips of his fingers under Harry's jeans before he slipped them in all the way, firmly squeezing Harry's ass.

"Pietro! I thought I told you to stop groping me!"

Harry squeaked, blushing heavily and quickly moving to punch the older man who grinned, blurring out of sight and appearing next to the hallway, wearing a smug grin.

"I can't help it, kitten, you have such a cute ass. It's just begging to be fucked into my bed-"


Harry glared, embarrassed at how red he was turning as Quicksilver smirked, flashing Harry a wink and a grin and dodging the lamp Harry threw at him.

A second later, Harry could hear Scarlet smashing a frying pan into Quicksilver's head, and Quicksilver moan in pain. Smiling and laughing as the sounds of Scarlet verbally beating her twin (with the occasional sound of him being hit) for embarrassing their 'mom' (his nick name among the brotherhood for his cooking and cleaning after them) Harry made his way into the kitchen.

He couldn't have felt more at home.