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"What's going on in the Castle?"

"Who were those people?"

"I heard that that guy was a general from a neighboring country!"

"Oh yeah, well what about his soldiers, then?"

"Kid, if he's a general, he'd have soldiers."

"He had such a weird helmet!"

"I wonder if the princess is alright."

Those were a few of the things being spoken amongst the crowd as a sixteen year old male moved his way through it with a sixteen year old female.

The two ignored the gossip, pushing through the crowds.

"If I don't get paid this week, I'll be out on the streets, Tovs."

"Lois, you know you can stay with me for the time being." he frowned.

"But you shouldn't have to! I mean…I'll probably end up killing your girly ass."

Tovia sighed. "Gee, thanks."

"You're welcome! Hey, listen, I got to head out to work. I'll see you later, alright? Happy birthday, pansy!"

The girl sprinted ahead, blonde hair bouncing up and down as she went off.

Hyrule's Castle Town watched the Castle with interest, wondering when the supposed general would finally come out and why he was there in the first place. Suddenly, the smell of smoke drifted under their noses and flames appeared on the castle.

The crowd gasped as they saw the flames go higher, even the young male, named Tovia, stopped his walk towards work to watch the castle go up in flames.

The land became darker and the people who noticed ran inside their houses, shouting absurd things. The rest stood where they were, watching as the hour of twilight came, black squares staying by their sides.

It began to rain, drenching all who stood in the town square. By this time, most took cover.

"Tovs, did you just see that? What just happened to the sky?" Lois poked his shoulder.

"Does it look like I know?"

The girl glanced around as screams suddenly pierced the air. She gulped. "Tovs... uh... I don't suggest you look behind yourself or anything. You know, I don't want you to have a heart attack or something..."

"...What's the matter?"

"There's some black thing crawling on you." she said bluntly.

Slowly the male did crane his neck to see that a black type of parasite-by the looks of it-was crawling on his back. He held in the urge to yelp and run. "Get it off of me!"

Lois whacked at the bug. "Fucking bugs, I swear..." She didn't notice people running past them, screaming.

"Lois, hurry up!" he shouted in a strained voice.

"Don't you rush me, asshole!"

"Lois, look behind you!" She glared at him before doing as told.

"...Oh shit." The girl ran off.

He sprinted after his best friend.

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