A/N: Heads up I'm back on FF. Granted that recent story I started probs won't ever update cause I'm a piece of shit that posted that without thinking and have no direction at all to go with it whoops...

WHAT HAPPENED - TS died. It legitimately died. I'm so sorry. I had moved by the time SS had come out and SURPRISE- I got friends in real life! Things have gotten a LOT better for me over here. I'm a senior now in high school, I'm looking to go to college with a major in film, and I've sort of gotten control of my anxiety for the most part! AWESOMENESS! The sad news? TS died. My writing got better and unfortunately, if I tried to write TS from where it's at NOW it'd be way too different and ugh. Besides, Kay's in college now so there's really no time to write it and Tovia's changed as a character. Hell, EVERYONE'S changed. BUT that'll be in another section of this long little update/farewell. Will TS ever update? No. Will you ever see Tovia again? HOPEFULLY. Kay and I still write in our freetime and we've come up with some really interesting stories and stuff. Since we're both going into film, we'd really love to make our own movie or tv series about our characters and at the least, I really want Tovia to be in a book. Hell, who knows, maybe I'll rewrite TS entirely one day.

HOW IT WOULD HAVE ENDED - Tovia was going to die. He was going to forget himself and everything else. Plain and simple. Vaati was going to gain full control, there was going to be a whole shebang with Cassandra where she said they couldn't ever be together again, Vaati was gonna go on a rampage and kidnap Lois, and Link and Shad were going to save her and stop Vaati for good. Lois was going to have some massive depression from the whole thing and miss Tovia and yeah. It wasn't going to be a happy ending.

FUNNY TIDBIT - This story doesn't even make sense canon. Hyrule Historia declared that FSA doesn't happen until AFTER TP. So technically... Vaati's actually still alive in the Four Sword. Can't fucking blame me, the damn Zelda fandom thought we'd NEVER see an official timeline and then 2011 happened and praise the Goddesses above. Not that I'm saying it's bullshit at all but haha, yeah this story isn't even right. Oh well. Also casual reminder that Vaati's Hyrule's first villain. ;D

CHANGES - Cassandra - who I think was briefly mentioned in a chapter - isn't even written by Kay anymore! Ivato (I THINK HE WAS ALSO MENTIONED?) plays a bigger role in the whole Vaati situation and has really become a character and basically shit changed. UHM, Tovia's actually bi-romantic. Who knew. Guess he really was gay the whole time.

It's funny, the boy's got himself a boyfriend and everything now. Oh and Lois isn't even around because I fucking can't stand her and she was a shitty ass character written by a 12 year old weeb so meh.

...yeah. My babies grew up.

I DIGRESS - Really though, I want to thank everyone that read and reviewed this damn story. There was a lot of encouragement and I'm so happy that you guys enjoyed Tovia and this stupid thing. I still look at the little fanart I got on DA and reading the old reviews last night almost had me in tears. I really did love this story, it was my child, and it's a little sad to say I have no desire to write this anymore but... things got better and there's always hope for another day. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.

The end