This is the 2nd story of my Zach Bell stories. Please enjoy

Lee's pov...

My name is Lee Ariex and I am part of a big battle that takes place in my world that takes place every 1000 years! Crazy yes, but true. I have a mamodo named Dinemo who has these powers to manipulate earth like in cartoons or animes. He can only do it though when I read this Emerald book. Anyway, I am in my bed, it is 7:00 and I'm just sleeping when suddenly, "HEY LEE WAKE UP!" yelled an annoyingly familiar voice. It was Dinemo, my hot headed, bossy, pain in the neck mamodo. I decided to just sleep through his talking when there was a sharp pain in my chest.

"WAKE UP!" he yelled as he was forcing his fist into my gut.

"What do you want?" I asked him trying to recover from the blow.

"What does this day mean on the calender?" he asked pointing to the date with the red circle saying 'it begins'.

"It means that today is the first day of school." was all I said and Dinemo fell asleep. So I got into my school uniform: Blue shirt, black pants, and grabbed my new yellow cap and ran off with the emerald colored book in my book bag.

At school, I saw lots of old people from before. I'm in 9th grade because I skipped a few grades so I know a lot of people older than I am.

"Lee." said an ominous voice. I turned around and saw Roy.

"HOW ARE YOU IN 9th GRADE?!" I shouted in shock because Roy is as old as I was-13-and I didn't know he was this intelligent.

"How are you?" was his answer when the bell rang. And we both had the same homeroom. Our teacher's name is and he doesn't look very pleased at his new class. He's bold, wearing a black suit and for some reason his string at all of us.

"Okay you snot nosed brats!" he yelled, "RULE 1 IS..." before he finished a giant explosion appeared and blew him unconscious. Out of the smoke came a guy with a red mow-hawk, wearing a leather jacket with big, black, spiked boots holding, A YELLOW BOOK! He's got a mamodo! But all I see with him is a purple parrot.

"Who are you?" Roy asked standing as everyone else except me was still in the room with Roy.

"I'm Rex and my mamodo is Polly." he told us. WAIT! a parrot mamodo? "We're here to burn some books and you 2 have them." he said opening his book as it glowed bright. "BOO-OOM!" he chanted as the parrot opened his beak and shot a sonic boom at us! It blasted us through the school and we were outside. NOT GOOD!

Dinemo and Blaze are doing whatever and me and Roy are fighting a maniac with a weird colored parrot. I could barely move as Roy just stood up.

"Have any ideas?" I asked him.

"Yes." was all he said as he pulled a stick of dynamite and match. H lit it and through it right at Rex who didn't move as it exploded. I started to cheer as Roy said, "He avoided it/" in a cold way.

"Was that all you had?" Rex asked with a smug look. There was some type of defense spell that saved him but it vanished. "Where's your mamodos?" he asked laughing when we heard some foot steps. We turned to look and saw DINEMO AND BLAZE!

"This is human school?" he asked with a twisted smile.

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