This POV is of Kai [he was going to do it eventually...]

My name is Kai and we have just finished burning every book of the followers of Juro. Amazing how the 12 of us beaten 30 of Juro's followers.

"That was fun." Blaze said kicking the last piece of ash.

"Now we just have to-" "Change of plans!" yelled Dinemo as he cut off Haily. "This place is going to blow!" Dinemo yelled as he got closer.

"Here we go again." Hori said running as the rest of us ran towards the stairs only to see that they were blocked by 56-feet of steel. "He really wants us dead."

"Stand Aside." Roy warned us. "LAVABLO!" he roared as Blaze spewed lave from his mouth, which wasn't doing anything.

"NEKORUGA!" Media shouted as Hori shot a concentrated blast of purple fire, as the wall started to burn open

"By the time your done, we'll be blown to bits." Dinemo yelled.

"Got any better ideas?" Media asked kind of sarcastically.

"Here's one. GIGA KAZEMARON!" Haily shouted as I had my wind sword. I jumped over the 2 teams shooting fire and slashed at the door as they stopped.

"Nice..." Skye commented, "All that fire power and you guys made..." Skye waited for the smoke to clear. "...a crack." Skye said as the smoke cleared.

"I refuse to die like this!" Kerouji yelled as his spell book started to glow.

"Okay Kerouji! RIBBORAZON!" Alice screamed as Kerouji made to rings of water and through them at the steel wall, breaking it to pieces.

"Nice work Frog Prince. Now we move!" I said as we started running. We ran as fast as we could down all those stairs. It took about 30 minutes because of gravity, ad when we finally got out, no explosion and we saw Lamervos, Daniel, some kid and an alligator.

"Gakote? Dakote?" Lee asked the kid and alligator. "What are you guys doing here?"

"And where's the bomb?! It's going to explode!" Dinemo yelled.

"Yeah...funny story...the bomb was, well, miscalculated. It was going to activate a computer crashing." Daniel explained.

"WHAT THE F***!" Dinemo yelled foaming at the mouth.

" was just a diversion for you guys not to get some plans." Skye said.

"Wait. You new?" Haily asked very ticked.


"So you made me run...down all those stairs?! FOR NOTHING!" Kerouji yelled.

"So...what was on the computer?" C.J. asked curiously.

"The plans for my invention." Daniel answered causing a tremor in all of us. "He's going to turn it into an amplifier for Juro and make it 10X more powerful."

"Where's he building it?" Lee asked seriously.

"In his Tokyo." Lee and Holly were shocked cause that's were there mom is.

Unfortunately it ends here...for a while. It will begin again on a new story format. Thanks for reading. Sorry for the never ending cliff hangers.