please forgive me if I have mistakes! I'm latin...hope you like it!


That was all I could hear… I was sitting there with my mom, dad and sis when I heard it and well….. Felt it too. I was flying, well, in the way a person can fly… I was thrown away.

'dios! Porque no puedo ver!?' was all I could think for the first minute. Everything was white, shinny white.

"Miss Angel? I know you understand me, I know you speak English… are you feeling well?" uh? I didn't know that voice.

"Kind of… can you put that light away?"

"Oh, sure" the voice answered everything went to normal shades of colors… I saw a handsome man, green eyes, well built and, well in short words, hot.

When I felt a little better (that was 3 days after the "awakening") I wondered where my family was

"this is hard to say, but, well, I'll put it this way… you were attacked, and… they're not with you anymore" everything went black yet again

It was too much information about everything… I could handle my parent's death, or my sister's, but the fact that I'm leaving everything is impossible!

"My name is Zach Goode" he said (finally) once we were on our way to USA "and I'm a spy… you are being taken to a new school called Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women"

"Never heard of it"

"of course, look, I know is difficult but you have to change your name… from now on your name will be Natalia Suarez, and yes you can keep all your likes and dislikes… your name will be the only different thing" he added when he looked me in the eye

"why?" that's when I first learned a rule: THEY will NEVER tell YOU the TRUTH!

"not yet" he said