Song: tu peor version (Mrs. Hyde). Artist: Santiago Cruz. Nationality: Colombian!








I followed him. We got into the car, well, limo and headed towards town.

"What is the best place to hide?"

"Plain sight" I answered thinking that the uniform wasn't the best thing to hide with.

"Here, have this bill. Buy two cokes and come back as fast as you can" he said and handed me a 5 dollar bill. He threw me (literally) out of the car and headed back to school. ALL JUST FOR TWO FUCKING COKES! I felt insulted, how can that be so easy. And then I realized, it wasn't going to be easy.

I went to 'Abrams and Son Pharmacy' looking for something that would give away the plan Mr. Goode had for me

"Welcome, I'm Josh Abrams, how can I help you?"

"Hi, two cokes please" COKES! FUCKING COKES! WE HAVE TONS AT SCHOOL! Mr. Abrams looked a lot like Suzie. He looked really kind but you could see pain in his eyes. Almost like Suzie's 'I wonder…' FUCKING COKES? SERIOUSLY?

"Here you are. Ah! Welcome!" he said to someone else "Thank you for buying, come back soon" he handed me the cokes and I turned around just to find Jim's face inches away from mine. He blinked. OH MY… HE WAS SO HOT! HE WAS HOTTER THAN THE SUN! (6000°c or 11000°f in the surface)

"Two ice creams please" he said a little harsh. Was he mad?

"Sure. What flavor?"

"One vanilla and the other one chocolate" Mr. Abrams gave him the ice creams and then we went out of the store.

"This one is for you" he said and gave me the chocolate one.

"You're supposed to be at school"

"You too. I have a special permission" he was smirking, but I could see he was quite nervous; his eyes were like clear water "how is it going?"

"How's what going" I said sharply. I hated when he gave me the I-know-something-you-don't smile.

"I heard you're probably skipping to junior year, and probably sub-level 2" he looked… hopeful?

"How do you know?" the ice cream was delicious! It was almost winter and the weather was getting colder. I loved it. It was like a perfect/improvised date.

"Mom told me" he looked kind of sad.


"Why do you look sad?" asked Natalia (I couldn't call her by her name any more) with concern written all over her face.

"It's not sadness, is something different… what is it call? Ah yes, nostalgia" we stayed quiet for a while. Even here, at Gallagher Academy, I couldn't see my mom as frequently as I would love, and when I'm with her is not more than 10 minutes or so.

"I should get these cokes to your father" she said suddenly. It was almost sunset. It was so beautiful.

"can you please stay with me just a little bit more?" I asked her. I wanted her with me. I felt happy, complete when I was with her. Everything was senseless without her.

"I guess ten more minutes won't hurt" she answered blushing a little. It was so sweet and hot at the same time.

We sat on a bench in the park. The most hidden one.

"I love the sunset" she stated


"It means change. Like change from day to night. I like it because I hate the routine. Change" it was so fresh. So cool. I understood her, I knew what she meant.

"Natalia" I said and she looked at me. Her face two inches away from mine. I forgot what I was going to say. I couldn't stop myself. I kissed her. Sweetly but deep, desperately but patient waiting her respond.

Natalia POV

I kissed him back. It felt so good. For the first time in my whole live I felt complete. I still missed my family, my friend and my ex, especially him, but with Jim, all the sad memories were just that, memories. They didn't hurt anymore. That entire people were now memories.

"I'm sorry" I said. Impulses were what made people make mistakes, that had been an impulse… but not a mistake. At least not for me. He tasted like vanilla, because of the ice cream of course.

"Don't" he said. He looked… happy now?

"but…" I was going to answer but he gave me another kiss. It felt so good.

"would you please date with me?" ha-ha! C&A class!

"do I have a choice?"

"no" he said, leaving C&A class behind, and smiled. It was perfect. The sunset, we, all alone… everything was just perfect. We were about to kiss again when I felt myself flying from the bench, literally.

"Natty!" Jim screamed. He sounded afraid. I felt someone covering my eyes with a scarf or something. I didn't panic. I waited a couple of minutes till I could listen two men speaking in Spanish. I was so numb I didn't recognize the language at the moment but then I remembered something…I'M LATIN! DUH!

"Tenemos que llevársela al jefe" boss? What boss? Who are they taking me to? They didn't sound Latin or Spanish at all. They had a faint English accent.

"que hacemos con el otro?" said the other guy. What will they do with Jim?

"let's take him too" said the first guy switching to English. I decided I would act. I still had the cokes and with enough force I could kill someone, just that I didn't want to kill, I didn't want to be like my mother. So I kicked pretty hard the guy behind me, I didn't notice where but I could tell he was in pain. He screamed like a girl!

Jim and I managed to get free and when we did he smiled.

"what is it?"

"they're from school. They're guards"

"what? Don't get me wrong but this must be your father's doing. This must be a kind of test for me to skip to sub-level 2"

"I don't think so" he said suddenly looking sad, angry and with tears in his eyes and showed me a picture.

"They've got my mum"


It felt so good to be with Nick. To be in his arms and him holding me tightly. David had a crush on Suzie, and the funny thing is that Suzie had a crush on David and they both thought they wouldn't be accepted by each other! So typical! So Nick and I arranged a trap and hooked them up.

"I can't see this… more privacy and it becomes a porn movie ore something…ouch!" he said. What I love the most about him was that he was funny, and way too smart. So good we were recording them.

My phone rang (I know, we're not supposed to have cover at Gallagher but we just modified some phones a little bit, with Suzie's and Nick's he of course). It was Jim.

"What is it?" the phones were designated only for emergencies

"Gather the team, Roseville's High's gym. 20 minutes" he hanged up. I sent a text to the group called team (they were Nick, David, Suzie and Jim) and met at the front door.

"What happened?" asked a little too worried Suzie. She didn't like CovOps, that's why she chose a desk.

"I don't know Jim just called us" I answered while we were running towards Roseville.


Mom. That was all I could think of, well not exactly. I was also thinking about how Natalia's hand felt so good into mine, and how they fitted perfectly. But I had tears in my eyes because of my mother. She was the woman I owed everything in my life, she was almost everything in my life. Almost.

We get to the gym 5 minutes to spare. The team arrived 3 to spare.

This was going to get wild.

Natalia POV

Concern, sadness and anger were the three words written across Jim's face. In that moment I could see how much he looked like Cameron and how much he cared about her. The plan was 'easy' Jim recognized the place his mother was kept. It was Sub-Level 3. None of us had access, but Jim went there once, with his father.

"Suzie, Nick, you need to hack Gallagher's system and give us green light for going there" he didn't say that gently, he ordered. And they just obeyed. He was the head of the team, the brain; the others were just like the other parts of the body. Arms, legs… you get the idea.

"That's mad dude! You know I couldn't hack Blackthorne's…Gallagher's ten times harder!" everyone was worried. They were looking at each other faces, like if I didn't existed.

"I can" said Suzie.

"How on earth c…?" started Sam but she cut her off.

"I've been hacking into Gallagher's system for about two years now… or how do you know I always knew when they would do something big and prepare ourselves? Or when the pop quizzes would happen? Or about the guys?"

"Go now!" shouted Jim. Suzie grabbed her bag and they went to work in one corner of the gym.

"Now. I supposed you brought com units right?"

"Here" said David and gave us small earpieces and some micro cams. Sam gave me a smile.

"What…?" I couldn't finish. She gave me someearrings. And some contact Lents. I gave her a wired look

"If looks could kill, we would be able to read minds" oohh! Laser Lents and reading-minds-earrings… I putted them on. She gave me a ring.

"That controls the lasers" you just need to press the diamond she though. It worked

Yes, it does work. The boys don't know anything

Would you girl shut your mind up? I need to concentrate that was Suzie… these earrings rocked! In less than 30 minutes Suzie had us in.

We headed back to the mansion and went straight to Sub-Level 3 and made it to the CovOps' class room. It had been an easy trip, a way too easy one. I was definitely suspicious… and so the girls, which meant they weren't prepared for what we saw, neither was I.

Sitting there, with a smile, was my uncle.

(Here Natalia and her uncle speak in Spanish, I'll put it in English but I'll underline what they said in Spanish.)


"Uncle Carlos? What are you doing here?" asked Natalia really confused. I was too.

"Sara! I'm so glad to see you're alright! I see Cameron here did a great job taking care of you!" he said my mother's name like if they were friends. My mum made a face.

"how…?" Natalia's voice broke. I turned to her. She was crying. Her uncle, Carlos, hugged her. He started singing a Spanish lullaby (the name of the lullaby is "a la nanita nana", it is actually really famous in Spain and Latin America. They sing it in the second cheetah girls' movie… just so you know what he sang to her) "don't cry 'nena', I'm here…everything's going to be ok"

"I miss them! I want to be with them! Wherever they are! I want to go too, I want to leave this world too!" she was sobbing hard. Then I started moving. I untied my mum and hugged her "Be careful, this is Natalia's test. But something went wrong. He's not supposed to be here "my mum whispered in my ear, so softly I almost didn't get the idea.

"but…what is he doing here then?"

"He's come to take Natalia with him"

I took her with me, next to the other guys. I gave them the message and then we got ready for kick and punch.

The room went black. I could hear Natalia scream and kick (she kicks really really hard) someone grabbed me too, but I couldn't free myself. When the lights turned on again I was alone.

Natalia POV

They were taking us somewhere else… somewhere colder. I was worried about Jim. He wasn't with us. Some guys dressed in black took us to a basement full of boxes. I saw Mr. Goode standing there, an smile on his lips.

"You failed" he said to me.

That meant that I was dead.


My uncle was stepping into the room in that precise moment.

"What does this mean?" shouted Mr. Goode and took his gun.

"I've come to take her with me; she's not supposed to be with you! She's not supposed to be with the enemy!"

"The enemy? What does he mean Natty?" said Jim's voice from behind.

"I'm sorry" I said turning to face him "I love you Jim, remember that. Always" I turned to face Mr. Goode again, with my gun held high. All the guys in black did the same thing

"Don't fire them unless I say so. Grab Jim" I ordered. They did what I said.


Two months had passed by since Natalia's, or should I say Sara's, performance. They had sedated us and took us to some place across the country. We were back at Gallagher now. Some injuries were still healing, some will never heal.

Like a broken heart.

"You should get over her already" said Anne Jones. The MOST ANNOYING GIRL I HAD EVER MET!

"And you should get the hell out of here! You are so annoying, look; I don't mean to be rude but, AT LEAST SUT THE FUCK UP!"

"Ugh! You're so rude!" she said and left the room. I saw with the corner of my eyes that she was crying. I went straight to the girl's room. Everything was just the same, including Sara's stuff.

"something arrived" said Sam. She was like a sister for me. The little sister I never had. She had been the one who supported me the most when she left.

"it's a letter" said Suzie. She was my mother's ex-boyfriend's daughter. The owner of 'Abrams and Son Pharmacy' her older brother worked there.

"good" I answered

"Sara sent it" Nick's voice said. I grabbed the letter and opened it. I read it out loud

Guys, I'm sorry about what I did, believe me! Everything has an explanation.

My parents did die. But the plan was only to kill my father. He was a member of the CIA, but my mother was the daughter of the head of a terrorist group we call the CofC. Something on the plan went wrong and I was the only survivor. They had no idea about my mom, but they did know about my uncle. I don't want to belong to the C, but I have to… it's in my blood! But I'm trying to get out of it! Believe me! I'm trying!

I went to Gallagher for spying the teacher's there, especially Ms. Morgan. I accomplished my mission. Let me tell you guys, something dangerous is being held at Gallagher, but at Blackthorne… well, it's a little more complicated. Let's put it this way… at Gallagher it's being held The Matter; at Blackthorne is being held The Antimatter. Just that the real thing is ever more dangerous than that.

They don't know about Ms. Morgan having a son. So, for now, Jim and Mr. Goode are "safe".

I wasn't supposed to fall in love, or to find friendship, or just to love you guys… I wasn't supposed to become a Gallagher Girl…

It wasn't supposed to end that way.

I was supposed to disappear without you guys knowing anything. But I feel like I owe you! The level I have now in P&E and my IQ it's all because of you! Thank you!

I can't tell you where I am now, but the view is beautiful! I wish you were here with me Jim. We would probably be drinking coke!

Sam! Suzie! Thanks for being the best friends I've ever had! Don't have way too much fun while I'm not with you ok?

David! Nick! Take care of them! If you don't I'll chase you down and death would be like a gift!

Jim. I don't know how to put this on words, but I love you. I know it sounds like a lie because of all the things that happened, but believe me I love you. I never felt so good before me and you! I never feel complete now, not without you.

We'll see again guys!. Believe me. It will happen. Sooner than later. Thanks for understanding why I did it! If you want to make me proud, you'll do what best spies do. Keep going. Find a whole new life.


Sara Angel.