Broken Glass

A/N Hi, and welcome to this short little one shot of mine. I really hope you enjoy it. It is Liley, you have been warned. Don't like, don't read. This is just a one-shot for now but that may change. It depends what kind of response I get.

Miley POV

I stare across the science table at Lilly. She meets my eyes, smiles and I blush and turn away, hoping she didn't notice.

As the science lesson finished out science teacher Mr. Marshall quickly scanned the room. His eyes landed on me. "Miley and… Lilly, please can you stay behind and clean.

We both nodded, and the class trail out.

Lilly POV

Five minutes later, me and Miley are cleaning everything away. I'm watching Miley carefully, the way her hair spills down her back, the way her tight top shows off her perfect curves.

I think this isn't normal is it? And I agree it isn't normal, but I don't care. All I care about is Miley. She doesn't know that I like her. I don't even know that she like's me the same way. But I plan on telling her. One day. I just have to grit my teeth and say it.

I watch Miley pick up a test tube off the table.

"Miley." I hear the words coming out of my mouth, though it doesn't seem like it's me saying them. It feels as though I'm off-side watching, looking through my own eyes, while not really there. Like somebody's taken over. "Can I tell you something?"

I don't know what I'm doing, but I can't stop myself, I need to tell her.

"Of course," Miley tells me, flicking her hair back over her shoulder and stopping and turning to face me, "you can tell me anything. Didn't you know that?"

I stand there for a couple of seconds. And then words come tumbling off my tongue. Not The words, but close enough, and she'll surely get the message.

"I think your really hot."

Miley POV

My mouth falls open, and I feel my cheeks getting red. I've been waiting for this so long, why am I like this? My grip on the test tube slackens and it falls to the ground. I hear and see the test tube shatter into a hundred pieces on the ground.

"Sorry," I mutter, for a reason I don't know.

I crouch down and try to gather up the pieces of broken glass. One pierces my skin, and draws blood.

"Ow," I cry softly, tears forming in my eyes.

Lilly, who was standing in a limp position before, rushes over grabbing some tissues from Mr. Marshall's desk on the way. Without speaking she grabs my hand, dabs the blood with the tissues, pulls a plaster from her pocket and then puts it over the cut.

She kisses my hand. "All better," she whispers, and for some odd reason, she has tears in her eyes too.

Lilly POV

A million questions are running through my head. What is she thinking? Is she disgusted? Why won't she say anything? Will she still want to be my friend? Does she like me back?

There's only one way to find out. I'm scared. I'm nervous. But I'm still going to too do it.

I place my hands on her cheeks and she just stares at me blankly. I lean forward and I feel my lips touch hers. I kiss her softly but there's no response. She's just stood there, the blank expression still on her face and her fists balled up.

Disappointment rushes through me and I kiss her more fiercely. My hands get tangled up in her hair and I'm pulling her closer until I can feel her body pressed against mine.

And finally… a response.

Her arms have found their way round my waist and she's kissing me with as much passion as she's kissing me.

She pulls away, panting.

"Lilly," she moans, and then plants her lips back on mine. "I love you," she mumbles against my lips.

"I love you too," I whisper back, smiling.

Finally. Success.