Chapter 2: It's a dream

Rogue got the pleasure of feeling Remy's warm breath touch the tip of her lips before Kurt and Storm rushed in separating the two and killing the precious moment. Rogue couldn't remember much after that. She woke up in her bed with her boyfriend rubbing her hand.

Her eyes were heavy to open, but slowly she managed to creep them wider an inch at a time. Her emerald eyes found a loving pair of sky blue eyes and sliver hair on a well structured face.

"Hey…" His pair of soft lips touched her hand. "I came back as soon as I heard."

Pietro's warm eyes smiled at Rogue. Even though Rogue's eyes were weary; Peter didn't have to be a genius to know that his face wasn't the one Rogue was hoping for.

Struggling to sit up the memories flooded back all at once. Memories from their earlier years together to his sudden comeback and everything in between, Rogue mind couldn't handle the overload twice in one setting. She convinced herself that all she needed was to get out of that room, it was hunting her.

Rogue suddenly felt suffocated in her thin sheets. She needed to get up and find some fresh air, but no matter where or how much she turned she found herself confined to the bed. Her body was still shaking as Pietro reached for her and trying to bring her closer to him. "Rogue its ok! Its ok clam down…I'm here." It wasn't clicking in Rogue's head, she still fought against him, hitting him in chest and face while flopped around in the bed.

"Rogue, relax your ok." Pietro pinned her down in the bed by her arms. "Rogue!" He yelled. The demanding tone finally brought her to her senses. Rogue's chest inflated and deflated as fast as humanly possible. "Please Rogue your scaring me…."

Pietro's eyes were lined with terror as he watched over Rogue. She wasn't herself.

Pietro could feel her pulse from her wrist that he held Rogue by. The panic in her eyes, he only ever saw when she was coming off a binge. "You have to calm down." He slowly slid off her, reaching for the water on the side table. "Drink some."

Rogue hands shook so much as she took the water by time the glass made it to her lips its was half empty. Unable to hold the glass Rogue sucked on the glass like a toddler in between her harsh breaths. Pietro already had the tissue in hand and started to wipe her mouth as he removed the glass from her unsteady hands. He had lots of practice taking care of Rogue from her unstable days, her sudden panic attack wasn't new for him.

Pietro held onto Rogue's hands trying to get her imitate his clam behavior its how he used to get her to relax after a nightmare. "It's not a dream this time…" He spoke slowly to her as if she was small child. "I don't know how but it's being looked at…" He felt her grip tighten. "What ever it is you have to understand this isn't your fault." Pietro kissed Rogue on the forehead. It was important that he talked to her in a cool tone. It helped steady Rogue's racing heart and mind until proper thoughts came back to her mind.

"Where…Where-" Rogue placed her hand on her chest trying to compose a proper sentence.

"He's downstairs in the Med Bay being checked out. I will follow you there if you need me too…"

"No, No…." She waved her hands, at the thought "I…Don't need too…" Pietro agreed by nodding but something was off; her green eyes had dimmed they were blacker, colder. Horrible thoughts crossed Pietro's mind but he wouldn't let those thoughts dictate what was happening in the now. For the moment Rogue was decisive in what she wanted and she didn't shut down this time which was a major step in the right direction.

"I just need some rest…"

"You want…"

"No I'll be fine I'm going right to sleep…" Rogue reassured him.

"Ok" Peter kissed her lips quickly then left her to sleep. Even as he closed the door behind him he hated the idea of leaving Rogue alone. Nothing good could come of it. Right then he wished he didn't tell his sister Lorna to leave for upsetting Rogue; he could use some friendly support.

Hank left Remy alone to rest in hospital like room. There was quite a social gathering taking place outside the Med Bay doors, he figured it was time to explain what he had found to the rest of the team.

Storm swiped into the room as Hanks was leaving. "Storm…"

"You will not stop me Hank." She told him as she walked past him. Hank knew better then to disturb the weather goddess when she was on a mission. He exited the room letting them have a minute.

Storm waited until Hank was out of sight before she moved. Soon as she heard the seal of the sliding door, Storm ran and hugged Remy in the bed she then collapsed on him basically laying on top of him and resting her head on Remy's well crafted chest.

"Remy LeBeau not even death can stop you…I believe you now." Storm looked up into Remy's hansom face. He stared back at her with that same wolfish grin he was famous for.

Remy cupped her face to get a better look at the goddess in front of him. Storm's birth name was Ororo Monroe, she had deep ocean blue eyes and a short white pixy cut that showed off amazing cheek bones. Remy remembered her hair to be much longer but he also remembered stealing cars with her too.

"Take it you missed me?" Remy chuckled. Storms face tensed and brows narrowed when she slapped him in the face at this insensitive joke.

"Don't even joke …." Storm sat up in his lap "Everyday…." Remy bought their foreheads together. He saw that she was sincere in her words, he remembered that faithful day too and their history prior to that he could only imagine what she went threw thinking that he was dead.

Storm didn't bother to ask the why or how's with Remy, she knew he wasn't going to give anything up until he was ready. If he was ready he would have said something or at lest hinted at something.

"I thought of you too Ororo." It was the fist time in eight years of knowing each other that Remy called Storm by her real name. She leaned in and kissed him fully on the lips.

"What was that for?" Remy asked.

"Just making sure you're real. I know you are not mine." She smiled and laid back down on his chest. Their bodies were both lean and tall almost matching in height. Remy ran his hand up and down her lower half. He missed having her with him.

Remy and Ororo were friends when Ororo was thieving and running with a whole different kind of crowd. They met up when they both tried to steal the same convertible. Looking back on it they laugh but at the time both Ororo and Remy were dead serious as they fought over the car. They worked as a pair for a brief moment in time until Ororo traded sides and went to the X-Men. However far they were Remy and Ororo keep in touch vowing to come to the aid of each other when ever they were in need.

"What kind of car are you driving these days?"

Remy laughed and Storm joined in laughing in his arms she was tearing up from hearing his joyful laugh Storm never thought she would get that pleasure again. Storm didn't let Remy see her tears of joy. Their laughs echoed the room and soon the hall. The day didn't seem as grim anymore.

Coming down from their high there was that peaceful silence where just for that split second life seemed perfect. They reminisced about the good old days and soon Storm drifted off into a warm slumber in Remy's arms.

Shifting Storm to the side and pulling the blanket over top of her Remy sneaked out of the Med Bay. It wasn't hard the postman they had a Remy's door had to be a freshmen, he had fallen asleep on duty. The whole security system in the mansion was weak at best, in total it took Remy two minutes and eleven seconds to not only get upstairs pass the men on rounds but locate Rogue's room too.

Remy had his hand on the door when it opened from the other side. Rogue got up to get some water because she was unable to sleep for so she told herself.

She made it to her door frame before Remy's eyes of sinful back and lustful red sucked her in. "You didn't come see me all day…" Remy started off he wasn't sure how she was going to react to seeing him after their last encounter.

Rogue bowed her head in submission to his velvet voice. Using his index finger to lift her chin Remy brought Rogue's eyes to his. Not in control of her body Rogue's hand reached for his collar and dragged him into her room closing the door behind them.

Rogue sat on her single bed fiddling around with her sheets as Remy leaned against the wall watching her. Their actions were the same, Rogue would feel him looking at her even in the dark and inch her eyes up to his only to look away in fear. She was broken when it came to Remy. Rogue didn't know how to start the conversation and Remy seemed perfectly content with just being in Rogue's presence. She continued to fiddle around this time with the ends of hair. She couldn't stand Remy being there anymore her mouth tasted like ashes as the guilt ate at her. Rogue hadn't felt that bad since the day she let go of his hand.

Remy coughed and Rogue looked up still toying with her hair ends. His cough turned into a light chuckle, then a deeper one and finally in to a hardly laugh. "Two years later and you still play with the ends of your hair when you're scared?"

He walked over to the edge of the bed and stood above her. "Why do you fear me?" Rogue managed to hold it together until Remy asked that question. It wasn't that she was afraid of him, it was what he represented. Looking at him all she saw was the darkness within herself that she never knew existed.

"Is it the eyes?" Remy leaned toward her lips and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Even though simple it was filled with more passion then one they've ever shared. The tears danced down Rogue's cheek Remy could feel them against his own. Feeling responsible Remy pulled back on their kiss using his fingers to wipe them away from her face. "I hate it when you cry."

The mixture of his scent and his skin intoxicated Rogue making her body tremble. With each touch her body slowly collapsed falling backwards onto the bed. She couldn't stop crying so Remy brought her up into his arms and cradled her, like he used too, like he would have been doing if he was there. They didn't speak or barley made any eye contact with each other and yet it was one of the greatest days of Remy's life. After months of searching and retracing his steps he found her, the only women that ever mattered.

It could have been two in the morning or closer to sunrise none of them knew. They were in a place that had no time where nothing else mattered besides them.

"I…" Rogue tried to speak again but the bitter taste made her stomach turn. "I…thought it was all a dream Remy…" She stuttered on saying his name aloud. "I wished it was all a dream." Remy brushed back her hair to see the green eyes he often dreamed of. They were so cold when Remy saw them. It tore at him to know that he wasn't there when she needed him the most. "A horrible dream…"

"It wasn't…"

"Wasn't it?" Rogue sat up straight still weeping; she wiped the tears that ran down her face. "Isn't it? You're sitting here next to me…After" She put her hand over her mouth she felt her stomach bubble at the thought. "You were slipping…" She avoided his eyes "I killed you Remy…I let go of you." Her toes and fingers both went dumb.

"No…." Remy reached for her cheek but she rejected him.

"No?!" She backed off him completely.

"Yes Remy I did, I watched you fall…and fall you kept going and going." Rogue wrapped her hand around her throat and closed her eyes. Even with her eyes closed the tears came.

"I went back after I found out what happened… we went back….a lot of people went back." She took a few deep breaths. "I couldn't except that I lost you."

"And you didn't" Remy reached for her hand, carefully removing her glove one finger at a time. In a soothing voice he whispered while locked onto her eyes "You never should have to make a decision like that…."

She raised her head to speak. But Remy put a finger to her lips "Shhh…." It was hard for Remy to say and it took him a minute "I never blamed you for your choice and I never will…." Rogue's glove was completely off and Remy messaged her fingers and palm "I'm sorry that I left you with the all this pain…" He looked at the scars and kissed the biggest scar, then the one next to it and the one after that…

He worked his way up her arm landing at her neck. Rogue went in as Remy was about to kiss her "How did you survive?" Remy rotated his head a few inches to get a better view of her beautiful face.

"I don't know…" For some reason hearing that made Rogue tear up again. "I woke up in a hospital and all that was on my mind was you…." He stroked her cheek and laid soft kisses on her cheek and the jaw and lastly her lips. He placed a warm fragile kiss on her lips gentle to start; each one that followed was just as careful and persisted but outlasted the one before it.

Remy's body eased into Rogue's and she found herself falling in to his touch more and more. It was a blend of things she was feeling that made her body melt, his warm body that covered hers too his strong hands that explored the lost territory of her bountiful body. Either way the result was lust. So when Rogue's hand started to roam up his pants and undid his buckle she was doing only what felt natural, it was what was meant to be.