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It had started as a normal day. Roxas had gotten up, gotten dressed, eaten breakfast, and sat down at his computer to chat with his friends, Hayner, Olette, and Pence. None of them were on their preferred chat site, so he turned the computer off again. He stood, grabbed a backpack, packed some snacks, and headed outside. He went to the fence around the edge of his backyard, pushed up a loose board, and slipped into the forest behind his house.

After hiking around the forest for a while, he sat down for a snack. It was at this moment a White Rabbit sprinted past Roxas. He did not find this particularly odd, nor did he find it odd when it exclaimed in a feminine voice "Oh! I shall be ever so late!" But when it produced a pocket watch from a waistcoat pocket, Roxas sprang to his feet, dropping his half-eaten apple, and leaving his backpack where it lay, he chased after the rabbit.

A few minutes into the chase, he lost sight of the rabbit. Looking around, he spotted a large rabbit warren, and without stopping to think about how he would get back out, he crawled into it.

The tunnel sloped steeply downwards, and soon, rather than crawling down a tunnel, Roxas was falling down one. He was falling slow enough that he could look around his surroundings, and he saw that the tunnel was lined with shelves and cupboards containing rather ordinary looking jars and containers. As he passed on of these, he grabbed a jar and blinked at the faded label. It read 'ORANGE MARMALADE'. He opened the jar, only to find it empty. Rather than dropping it and risking it falling on the head of anyone walking below, he placed it in an open cupboard as he past, quiet befuddled as to why anyone would keep an empty jar in a pantry, until he remembered where he was. Then he began wondering why the shelves and jars were there in the first place.

As the fall went on, Roxas began to wonder how long the tunnel was. "I have been falling for quite some time now," he said out loud, to no one in particular. "I wonder just how far I have fallen. Maybe I shall fall straight through the center of the earth! How queer it will be to find myself among those people on the other side of the world." He knew this was a rather silly idea, but so many strange things had happened that day that he believed it could possibly happen.

He was so occupied with these thoughts that he didn't notice the ground coming closer, so when he landed on the pile of soft autumn leaves, he was quite surprised. He stood and started to dust himself off, but then he stopped, gapping at his feet. They were now clad in a girl's black dress shoes instead of the sneakers he had put on this morning, and he was wearing stockings. What came as an even bigger surprise was when he saw that instead of the jeans and shirt he had put on this morning, he was now wearing a black dress. "What the hell is going on here?!" he exclaimed, staring at the lace-trimmed hem of the dress he had suddenly found himself in. Then he caught sight of something that distracted him momentarily from the fact he was now in a dress.

It was the White Rabbit. Or at least, he thought it was. It was a girl dressed in a white shirt and pants, with black shoes and a red vest with a black back and a golden heart design on the back. Her blonde hair was all swept to one side and went over her shoulder, and there were two white rabbit ears coming out of it. She was running along, biting her lip and staring at a golden pocket watch clutched in her hand. "Oh dear, oh dear, I shall be ever so late! The Queen shall have my head!" She was hurrying down a long hallway Roxas had not noticed before, and he hurried after her.

As it was with the first chase after the White Rabbit, he lost sight of her and found himself in an antechamber of some sort. There was no door out of the room other than the one he had just entered through, and all that was in the room was a glass table, about waist height, with a golden key resting on it. He walked over and picked up the key, and looked around the room for something it would open. It was then he noticed a small door, near the floor, about 6 inches high. He leaned down and unlocked the door, then opened it. By laying down on the floor and placing his face near the small door, he could glimpse a beautiful garden through it. But the door was barely large enough for him to fit his hand through, let alone walk through it into the garden. So he closed the door again and locked it, and stood up to return the key to the table. As he set the key on the table, he noticed a bottle that certainly hadn't been there when he had gotten the key. Around the neck of the bottle there was a label that read 'DRINK ME'.

He was a bit apprehensive, so he first opened the bottle and took a small sip. It tasted good, like a mix of vanilla ice cream and root beer and peppermint and several other flavors he couldn't identify. He continued to drink, and soon the bottle was empty. It was then that he noticed he was shrinking.

He dropped the bottle in surprise, blinking as the table top steadily rose above his head. Eventually he was just the right height to go through the small door, and this cheered him slightly. He walked towards the door and pulled on the knob, confused as to why it wouldn't open until he remembered he had re-locked it. Disappointed, he walked back over to the table and sat down on one of the glass feet, staring up at the see-through table top. He could clearly see the key, but he could see no way to get to it; the glass was much too slippery to climb, and he had never been a good climber in the first place.

He sat brooding on the table foot, wondering how he was ever going to return to his proper size and how he was going to get out of the room. He noticed a cake resting on the foot sitting next to him and picked it up. Written on it in icing was 'EAT ME'. Remembering what had happened with the bottle, he cautiously nibbled the edge, and was overjoyed when he felt himself grow. He ate the whole cake and waited for himself to return to his normal height, and was startled when his head hit the ceiling of the antechamber. He looked down and could no longer see his feet. He suddenly wished he hadn't drunk the entire bottle, or eaten the whole cake. He began to cry out of frustration, tears splashing onto the checkerboard tiled floor of the room. How was he ever going to get home?

While he was moping, the White Rabbit ran into the room again, carrying a pair of gloves and a fan. "Oh, oh dear, oh no, the Queen will have my head for this, I am so terribly late, late, oh so late!" She began to hurry down a hallway Roxas hadn't noticed earlier. Tentatively, he spoke. "Excuse, but can you-" The Rabbit jumped into the air and spun around, dropping the fan and gloves. Then she fled down the hallway, still chanting "Oh no, I'm late, oh so terribly late!"

Roxas sighed, sitting down on the floor and picking up the fan and gloves. He began to fan himself. "I'm never going to return to my normal size and get home…." As he was brooding, he noticed he had slipped the glove onto his hand. He was shrinking again. He dropped the fan, for that was what had made him start to shrink, but he was already returned to his normal height when he did. He found himself in what seemed to be a lake of salt water, which he soon realized was the puddle formed from his tears of frustration when he was larger. He began swimming, trying to make it to shore and stay afloat at the same time, and saw he wasn't the only one who had fallen into the lake of tears. There were many birds and other creatures floundering in the pool of water. One such creature was a mouse, which was swimming towards him now. As it swam past him it said, quite clearly so he had no doubt it was talking to him, "Grab my tail." He did so and the mouse towed him to the shore as if he weighed nothing. Upon getting to the shore he stood and tried to dry his hair by shaking his head like a dog with water in its ears.

"Are you quite alright?"

He looked up and saw a rather damp-looking man in a black suit and top hat. Two mouse ears jutted from the rim of the hat and a mouse tail curled around his knee. Roxas could only assume this was the mouse that had pulled him out of the lake.

"I said, are you quite alright? And it's rude to stare." He sounded impatient, like he had better things to do than stay there with Roxas.

"I'm fine…."

"Good. Now follow me, unless you want to catch pneumonia." With that he turned and walked through a door that yet again, Roxas had failed to notice. Roxas hurried after him.

The mouse was talking as he walked. "One of my lectures should dry us off. I must tell you, though; there will be quiet a few others joining us." Roxas waited him to become silent before he spoke. "Excuse me, sir, but, who are you?"

"Ah. Yes. My name is Zexion Mouse. You may call me Mr. Mouse, or Zexion. Do not call me Zexi, Mr. M, Mouse Man, or whatever else you can think of."

"Ah. Thank you for saving me, Mr. Mouse."

"Quite welcome. Are you not going to introduce yourself?"

"Oh…ah…um…my name is Roxas…" Roxas wasn't really paying attention to the mouse now. He was looking around the area they were walking through. It was a library, and quite a large one at that. The number of books and volumes resting on the shelves he could see astounded him, and he could only guess how many more there were.

"Here we are." Mr. Mouse stopped and Roxas almost walking into him. They were still in the library, but they were in a part of the library that was a large area lined with benches. Sitting on the benches were many of the others that had fallen in; Roxas could see a dodo, a crab, a loon, and a creature he suspected to be a lobster. Mr. Mouse shooed Roxas towards the bench in the front, where he sat down next to a lory that appeared to be asleep.

Mr. Mouse was standing at the front of all the benches. "Alright, is that everyone? Is everyone seated? Okay, this is the driest thing I know: William the Conqueror, whose cause was favoured by the pope, was soon submitted to by the English, who wanted leaders, and had been of late much accustomed to usurpation and conquest. Edwin and Morcar, the earls of Mercia and Northumbria—"

The lory shook itself. "Ugh!"

"I beg your pardon?" said Mr. Mouse, frowning, but very politely, "did you speak?"

The lory ducked its head and said hastily, "Oh, no, 'twas not I!"

Mr. Mouse shrugged. "Ah. I thought you did. Anyways, were was I? Ah, yes: Edwin and Morcar, the earls of Mercia and Northumbria, declared for him and even Stigand, the patriotic archbishop of Canterbury, found it advisable to go with Edgar Atheling to meet William and offer him the crown. William's conduct was at first moderate— How are you getting along now, Roxas, my good man?" He turned to Roxas as he spoke.

"As wet as ever." Roxas replied, fathoming as to why the creatures seemed to think that a lecture would dry them off. "I am as wet as ever."

"Well, then," said the dodo, standing up from where it had been seated. "I propose a different way to dry ourselves! Let us have a race!"

All the creatures began chattering happily, except for Mr. Mouse, who crossed his arms in an annoyed fashion and said in offended tones, "Well! How rude!"

Once the general hubbub had died down, the dodo began explaining the rules. "Quiet frankly, there are no rules. We shall simply race till we are dry, and whomever wins the race shall receive a prize. Now, I suggest we use that bookshelf there as a starting point-"

"Not in my library, you don't!" Mr. Mouse appeared outraged. "How dare you even think of holding a race in this institution of learning! Some of these books are older than your own grandmother! The very history of Wonderland is contained in these shelves! If you must have your race, have it far enough away from my collection!" With that he shooed all of the creatures towards the doors at the other end of the library, slamming the door behind them and locking it.

The dodo stared at the locked doors. "And he called me rude!" Then it turned to the other creatures. "Okay, so, I'll draw a starting line, and from there the finish line shall be…." The dodo scanned the horizon. "That poplar tree, way over there." It pointed with one wing and then drew a starting line. "Okay, everyone line up!"

There was much confusion as everyone tried to line up along the line; Roxas got shoved to the side by others more than once. But eventually everyone was settled and in place in line, and the dodo cleared its throat. "Okay, on the count of three….Three."

Everyone darted from the starting line. Roxas was near the front of the group, running as fast as he could. He soon began to notice that the runners beside him appeared to be fading, and soon he was running through the woods, quiet alone. He skidded to a halt. The library was far gone, and he could see nothing but forest. But then something caught his eye. It was neatly manicured path with a sign pointing down it that read in curly handwritten letters, "Caterpillar's Garden." Intrigued, he began to follow the path.

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