this Poem is inspired by the end of tempted from starks pov


She has nothing but her heart beat.

As I fall off of my feet,I feel i felt the

pain she was caused by the death

of her human, although she will have few

men,it will be a horrid time when she wakes,

though i will forbid her to remember.

I failed as her warrior,

I failed as her lover,

I failed to save her,

now her shattered soul is with nyx, and her body an empty shell.

now she has nothing but a heart beat,

and me weeping at her feet.

Love it,hate it,both tell me and you will recieve my thanks even if it is a flame.

I wrote this in history class and got in trouble and had to read it in front of the class, it backfired on the

teacher because i got a lot of clapping when i finished and i was admired for the rest of the week

zoey:aww poor stark i think i will choose him over erik when i get to my real body

me:zoey shut up before i slap you


me:*trys slap to zoey but can't since she's a sprirt*i heard that and if you try and hit me with a element when you get to you body i will use fire on you and turn you into ashes like you did to those raven mockers.

zoey:*gulps*okay twin