Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or Harry Potter.

Pairing: Quicksilver/Harry.

Word Count: 217(only actual Drabble)


His eyes quickly dart over to the smallish figure in all black, scanning over the creamy pale skin and almond shaped emerald eyes before moving lower, circling plump pink lips and the elegant curve of a slim neck.

Desire flares inside the silver-blond mutant so forcefully he jerks backwards, and then forwards to get a better sight of the gorgeous mutant in front of him. Licking his lips, Quicksilver is gone in an instant, reappearing in front of the Brotherhood of Mutant's newest mutant, and if he had anything to say about it, his soon-to-be-lover.

"Hey, cutie, what's your name?"

Quicksilver smirks, taking one of the raven-haired male's hands and kissing the back, pleased when his soon-to-be-lover flushes slightly.

"Harry Potter-er, call me Basilisk, though," Harry smiles sheepishly, obviously still getting used to his mutant name.

"Names Pietro Maximoff, ya can call me Quicksilver, though," Throwing in a wink, Quicksilver quickly wrapped an arm around Harry's waist, drawing him closer, "Or ya can call me anything else ya want, I definitely wouldn't object to being called your boyfriend."

Harry flushed deeper, eyes widening slightly Quicksilver before he blushed even deeper, looking taken aback.

Smirking, Quicksilver decided he was definitely going to like his newest 'brother', especially when the raven haired male didn't pull away from his kiss.