Little Pieces of My Heart

By: Carla Pena


Long light brown hair bounced softly in its high ponytail. Ocean blue eyes sparkled magically while being framed with long dark eyelashes. Her tone of skin was a pale complexion that seemed like she never got out into the sun. The young woman looked about fifteen and was quite petite and only standing at 5'0. She walked silently out of the airport wearing white capris and a pink t-shirt. The young woman wore lace up style open toed shoes that were white and had a slight heel. The crowded airport glanced over at the girl. A few felt their faces warm and wondered if she were a model with her nice body and flawless looks. The girl looked silent and serious. Her name was Mazaki Sakuya. The half Japanese and half European girl coming home after her leave to New York.

Chapter 1

Food Fight

I walked inside the room full of rich kids in class 1-A. Ouran high school is a whole school filled with heirs and wealthy children of Japan's high class adults. Now, I was one of them. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way, but the sudden fame that took over my father had just upgraded us from middle class status to royalty. When I mean royalty, I mean royalty. Since my father the sensible one didn't go all bonkers like most people when they win the lottery, he used it in investment and two years later, we are on easy street. No my father did not win the lottery. To put it simply, it related. My past life of being a nobody and middle classed somehow was etched out of my life so I could fit in with this group of kids. I had been away from Japan for two whole years when the whole fiasco took place with my father's job, so I was back and a new kid with a clean slate. Things would be great, if only I had courage. To put it simply, I'm pretty shy as well as quiet and always try to blend in with everyone. I'm not the smartest person around and usually keep my secrets and life to myself. I looked around nervously hoping that I wouldn't make myself look like an idiot in front of the class. A teacher glanced up at me and smiled broadly.

"Class, we have a new student joining us this morning. This is Mazaki Sakuya. She just arrived back from New York in the United States a few weeks ago. Please make her feel welcome," said the overzealous teacher.

I sighed quietly and looked around searchingly. People glanced at me as if expecting me to say something. I blushed.

"Hi. I hope we get to know each other better these coming years," I said.

Everyone smiled in approval. I sighed in relief. I felt a tug on my lips which formed a sliver of a smile. A boy a few feet away glanced over in curiosity. He had large chocolate eyes and a mop of dark brown hair. He was about my height and nodded.

"Well Miss Mazaki, I suggest you gather up your things and go sit next to our class scholarship student Fujioka Haruhi," explained the teacher pointing to the boy with the large brown eyes.

I nodded and walked over in my yellow cotton dress with the powder blue ribbon tied near the collar of the dress. It was cute...I guess. My favorite part was the stockings though. I sat in my new desk and looked over at Haruhi. He smiled easy going and outstretched his hand.

"I'm Haruhi Fujioka, as you heard from our Sensei. So, how do you like it here so far?" he asked.

I looked at my hand pensively and shook his hand. I looked up and smiled. I guess I'm not alone here anymore. Not that anyone would know my past, but it was nice seeing someone who was just a middle class person without the whole snob thing going on. Not that I mean that this class was like that, which wasn't the case.

"A pleasure to meet you. Uh, I guess living in a new town is okay, but its hard to find people who are close to my age," I explained.

He smiled once more. He seemed alright. I prayed silently that we could be friends. The first half of class was all fine, until lunch crawled along. Somehow, Haruhi and I hit it off and became fast friends. I reached into my bag and pulled out my lunch. It was homemade by none other than myself. Haruhi took out his and we were about to start eating when they came along. A few of the girls walked over to me. A girl with short brown hair in a type of bob cut and a girl with long straight hair with two small pigtails came over. They smiled over at Haruhi as well as myself.

"Hi Mazaki-san. I'm Momoka Kuragano, and this girl is Sana Motamiya," explained the girl with long hair.

I looked down at the roster I recieved that morning and came up with her being vice president.

"It's nice to meet you as well," I said politely.

She smiled cheerfully.

"So, was New York as marvelous as the Macy's Festival? My mother was the one to decide that it would be so grand to visit all the stores where our clothing brand has been sold to see how commerce was going," explained Sana.

Really interesting. I never knew there was so much I haven't explored over in New York. Mostly, I took to not going out often, seeing as it is pretty dangerous to be out at night. I nodded in understanding, even if it didn't apply to me.

"Well, I didn't go to the Macy's Festival since I had to acompany my father to his work in order with the business, but I really liked all the clothing stores that were in New York There was so many unique

patterns and styles," I explained.

Hina nodded in approval. Momoka-san laughed softly.

"Forgive me, but Sana-chan has an obsession with clothing, so most girls tend to run at the sound of her voice and nonstop lecture," explained Momoka-san.

A small puff of air escapes my lips as I try to contain my giggles. I looked out the window and quietly stroked my hair which was in a high ponytail. These were some strange people. Not at all like I pictured the stereotypical rich kid. These were just really happy go lucky people. Sana looked at me with wide eyes.

"You have a pretty smile," she commented.

I looked at her in surprise. I looked away feeling slightly embarrassed. Guess I let my face slip for a second. I look back and sighed softly. I looked back and a small curve of a smile was planted on my face.

"Thank you," I said sincerely.

From out of nowhere, a loud and chorused voice pierced the room.

"Yo, Haruhi," called out a sing song voice of a male.

I looked over to see two guys walking over to Haruhi's desk. I looked closely to see double. Twins huh? Light brown hair with one side parted right and the other on the left. They both had on a mischevious looking grin. Their honey colored eyes gleamed with trouble. Haruhi glanced over at the twins. He sighed.

"Hey. What's up guys?" he asked.

The twins looked over at me and looked over at Haruhi. They nodded.

"So, is this your new girlfriend?" asked one twin with his hair parted to the right.

Haruhi groaned. He looked slightly annoyed.

"I hardly think that has any relevance with why you came here," he said simply.

That was a sly way of avoiding the question. He could have just gone out and said that we were just...what were we? Not friends...just maybe desk neighbors. Sana listened intently. What was up with that? This isn't something that concerns her. Momoka-san had left in a hurry looking slightly...sad?

"Come eat lunch with us at the cafeteria," the twins chorused.

Haruhi shook his head. He looked over at me.

"I can't afford half the stuff on the menu so what's the point? Besides, I was planning to eat

lunch with Mazaki-san," explained Haruhi.

Woah. Talk about blunt. I looked over nervously at the twins. They looked unfazed. Huh. Must be best friends or something to not go all out angry on him. The twin with the hair parted on the left looked at me once more and smiled.

"Let's go. We're taking her with us so you've got no excuse," said the one with hair parted on the right.

I looked at him with slight anger but shook it off and didn't feel like I wanted to interfere with their relationship.

"Thank you for the invitation, but I'd much rather stay here," I looked over at Haruhi. "There is no reason you shouldn't go with your friends just because of me. I'll be fine on my own," I explained.

Haruhi looked stoic for quite some time. The twins began to get impatient and grabbed my lunch. Haruhi snapped out of it and looked at the twins in shock. I looked over in even bigger surprise. What...the...heck was up with these two? Did bad reputation really not matter to them? Haruhi stood up and the twins took off with my lunch. I sat in my seat dumbfounded. I just had my lunch jacked by a couple of rich guys...I banged my head on my desk.

"Ouch!" I cried out softly.

Haruhi looked at me in concern.

"Are you okay Mazaki-san?" he asked.

I sighed and nodded. My stomach grumbled in complaint. Haruhi looked at me. I blushed.

"Thanks to those two, I'm probably going to pass out from hunger. I didn't even get to eat breakfast since I woke up so late! I'll probably be looked down upon for my gurgling stomach," I thought.

Haruhi stood from his desk.

"Looks like we should go after those two. Who knows what they've done with you lunch by now. Besides, do you really want to go through the rest of the day without eating?" asked Haruhi.

I stood and smiled. I bowed slightly.

"Thank you Fujioka-kun," I said.

He scratched his cheek slightly with his index finger in embarrassement. Before we left, Haruhi handed me a small plastic bag with baby carrots in them. I took one and chewed slowly as we made our way to the cafeteria. As I entered the double doors. My eyes widened in amazement. It looked very similar to any ordinary cafateria, only with better tables and silverware. This place reminded me of an expensive restaurant. I scanned the cafeteria for those two idiotic brothers, but just couldn't find them anywhere. Suddenly, I felt a looming presence behind me. I glanced behind me slowly. A pair of arms encircled my waist and pulled me up. They were guy hands for sure. He squeezed my side which made me squeal out involuntarily. The cafeteria went silent and everyone looked over in surprise. I gasped and covered my mouth. I looked up to see one of the twins grabbing me from behind. His hair was parted to the right..or was it the left?

"Caught ya'!" cried out the twin.

I looked up at the towering guy. Was he like 5'9 or something? For a someone who isn't used to labor, he had an easy time picking me up.

"What are you doing?" I asked trying to calm my pounding heart.

He reached out one hand and cupped my chin. He turned my head from side to side. He looked like he was having a hard time trying to figure something out.

"Making sure you don't run away," he explained.

Like that was going to happen. I just came here to get my lunch back. He set me down on the ground and dragged me to a table where his brother and Haruhi were already sitting at. He looked at me apoligetically. I nodded and took my seat at the table.

"Could I get my lunch back now?" I asked.

The brothers looked at eachother and mirrored one look: Laughter. I looked over at Haruhi who just shrugged in what was the matter with these two. I rest my head on the table and grumble angry remarks under my breath. One with hair parted to the left looked at me and stopped laughing.

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that lunch is long gone," said the one with right parted hair.

I gaped at them in surprise. What..had...they...done?

"Where is it?" I asked quietly.

The twins looked at eachother.

"We ate it," answered the left parted twin.

My lunch had just gone down the throats of two brats and now here I was...starving. Haruhi rubbed his temples. For the first time in my life, I actually felt like biting the heads of these guys. I had just come to a serious conclusion about these two. I hated them.