Chapter 2! YAY!

Logan POV

I found Gambit in the nearest Casino. Lucky me.

Then I caught that familiar scent. Victor. I walked into the Casino, and found Gambit immediately. Show off. He looked up when I sat down behind him. He grinned, and got up from the table, he walked over to where I was polishing off my drink. "What brings you to my fair area Logan?" I sighed. "Nothing new. On the run. Looking for him. The usual." Gambit smirked. I looked up. I saw a familiar loping figure walk in. I said quietly. "Viiictoor" He looked around and when he noticed me, he grinned. "Hey Gambit, will you look whose here!"

He looked around. "Hey Creed." I rolled my eyes. Those two still hated each other's guts. It wasn't as bad as it used to be. They weren't trying to rip each other apart now. We discussed random topics, when I told Victor and Gambit about my recent 'adventure', he laughed "Always did get into trouble!" Just then, then, a scent washed over the three of us. "Gambit" I said calmly. "Do you have a nice, shiny metal stick today?" He nodded, looking insulted. "Yes, and im not a dog, so don't say it like that." I nodded. "Fine, we need to get into the back alley, because we have visitors."

When Gambit finally got his 'stick' we headed into the alley. "Gambit, get on the roof." He nodded and leapt up onto the roof. "Back to Back?" Victor asked "Just like old times, but not yet…" There was a loud cracking sound, and I unsheathed my blades. I new by instinct Victor's nails were elongating, as were his fangs. (A.N. I made so that as his power progressed, so that not only does he have the 'nails of a bag lady' but the teeth of a wolf as well, just a little twist) Four people stepped into the alley, and two others were behind us. We both instinctively moved into defensive crouches, back to back. I growled, low in my throat, and he rumbled his own approximation of a growl. They moved in closer, and then one of them stepped forward. "This doesn't need to be violent. We just need you to come with us." Then there were several pfft! Sounds, and darts sprouted on each of them.

Victor and I looked at eachother, and laughed. "Déjà vu or what huh?" He chuckled, "Remember Vietnam? That was interesting…" "And entirely your fault." "Well last time they were using real bullets" I conceded the point, and realized that while we were bickering, they had surrounded us. I sighed then said "God GAMBIT!" Victor looked at me like, 'Waaaaaat?!' And the douche's surrounding us were looking at us funny. Then, Gambit leapt down from his perch and blew them all away from us. "Nice, now lets get this party started." We all lunged at the nearest person who was getting up. I took out this one tall guy, and then another guy swung around, smashing me through the back wall! Ow! I noticed that I had a large chunk of skin missing on my head and back. They tore my jacket!

This means war…

I lunged into the battle, my claws out and gleaming, my fury aiding me.


What the- I just slammed that guy into the wall! And the wall fell on top of him! HOW IS HE UP!? He stopped in the middle of the fight, and everything seemed to stop, his head was actually healing itself, all the blood disappearing, anfd all of his injuries gone. And now hhe was PISSED. OFF!. SHIT! I really hope that the reinforcements get here soon, these guys are good….

Cyclops POV

Damn, these guys are good, they are practically tearing us apart! I really hoped the professor got here soon. I watched as the guy with the claws got blasted back into a wall, and then the wall collapse on him, ooh, that's gonna hurt, he's not gonna be getting up any time soon… I was wrong. He shoved the bricks off of himself and stood up, and he was pissed. He might as well had steam coming out his ears. He ran into the nearest group and disabled them, moving in a whirlwind path of destruction. I got a signal from storm, saying "Stand back" Out of experience we all took a large step back. She focused on the men down in the alley darting around snarls ripping from the two ferals at times, an the Cajun was flipping around wildly. Once they regrouped in the middle of the alley, storm unleashed the gust of wind she had built up.

They all simultaneously slammed into a wall. They superchardged air had nailed them all head on, and they weren't getting back up, well, except for the fast-healer… And he's ack up, nudging the big burly one with his toe, and I heard him mutter "Up, Victor, your healing factor is just a little slow, UP! Remy's out cold, so…" I didn't hear the rest, due to Xavier's timely arrival…. Ha! "What happened to taking him without force?" Xavier asked. Cyclops grunted, "Since his and the other ones feral side kicked in!" Xavier glanced up, surveying the man prodding the man on the ground with his toe, with the youth slung over his shoulder. "I am guessing you blasted them, Storm?" She nodded. "Tha one MUST have a healing factor, especially after Piotr slammed him into a wall, then having the wall collapse on him. His brother must have one too, he's stirring, look." Xavier nodded thoughtfully, "We should go down" "WHAAAAAAT!?" I whisper yelled. "He is feral, and outnumbered, his instincts will tell him to run, so if you put people on the roof, and blocking the exit, we could talk to him" I gave him a what-are-you-smoking-and-can-i-have-some look. "Your nuts, but it may just work."

#Logan POV#

"C'mon, Victor, get,up! Your healing factor is just a little slow, but you can stand" "Gimme a sec, would ya Jimmy, it's been awhile."

I tensed. "Vic, hury up, Cajun isn't gettin lighter, and their com'en down, we gotta run!"

I caught a whiff of the air. "Great, now were surrounded Victor! HURRY UP!"

"Ya can't rush nature Jimmy." "Oh Can it bag lady!"