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Chapter 4

Previously: We made good time… then we saw the blockade going into where Alkali was, and Stryker's smile….

Logan POV

I swore angrily, and swung the car off the road, hearing bullets shatter the taillight.

Victor swore, and I growled angrily, driving along the steep mountain path. "Count of three, jump!"

On three, I would jam the accelerator down, and we would jump. They would follow the Jeep, we would be in the trees. "ONE! TWO! THREE!" We threw open the doors, and rolled out of the car, which roared off, jumping and bouncing. "Trees!"

I quickly heaved myself up the tree, and Victor grabbed my jacket and threw me onto a branch. "Slow poke." He groused, and shoved Gambit onto a nearby branch.

We waited, when several soldiers ran past. No Stryker. We glanced at each other, and heard a helicopter taking off. Then we ducked, swearing when bullets whizzed passed us, shredding the trees.

We were about to move, when Gambit hissed, "Non! Non! They be seeing us if we be movin'!" Well, they would see him. Us? No. Experience of running through forests and avoiding hunters.

We stayed still, and they moved onto another part of the forest. They took a deep breath. I winced as the bullets wormed their way out of my flesh.

Victor sniffed when a fresh breeze blew our way. "I think, knowing Stryker, the spill way would be the way to get in… Sneaky bastard."

I jumped off the tree, landing in a crouch, and sniffed. I heard Victor land next to me. Then Gambit jogged over to us, scowling.

"Gambit tinks dat de chillen's need ta be less jumpy." 'Chillen's? Were older than you by about a century and a half!" I hissed, moving through the underbrush.

We argued for awhile, then settled into a terse silence. "Y'know, I don' think tha there's an entrance round here." I groused. Then walked straight into something. Solid Stone. Victor sniggered, while Gambit howled with Laughter.

"Look out Jimmy! It's a… a… Door!" Victor said between sniggers. I growled, and kicked at the door. Nothing. "Try the door." A low voice said. They jumped, and whirled around, weapons out.

"Where are you." "On the other-side of the door idiots." "Where on the door?" Victor growled. Then a silvery black feather poked through a hole they hadn't noticed. "That's the key lock."

Then Gambit blew it, and heard a yelp inside. "OW! Goddamnit." They stepped inside, when a small light appeared, and the darkness seemed to… dissipate. They saw a girl, mid teens, and two huge black wings curled slightly around her, and the bloody wound on the head quickly healed over.

"Who the hell're you." I snarled, claws out. "Depends. Who the hell are you ta come knocking on hells gate."

They exchanged on wary glances. "Are you an experiment?" "No I'm the Easter Bunny, what do you think. By the way the soldiers are coming back, so I suggest you shut the door."

Sure enough, they heard the angry shouts. "What about light?" Then there was small flare, and a low voice said, "Here." They turned, and saw a small boy, holding a round sphere of light.

"Where's the prisoners?" "We found a gap in the wall. We just couldn't open the door…" The winged one said slowly, eying them distrustfully.

They ran in, and saw the cages, most of them slashed open. "Who has the claws?" The girl held up a had, and five ivory white-black talons slid out. "I'm a bird." She explained. They found the door. "They electrocute it." The small boy said, still holding the light. "It's okay Zack, turn it off, the camera's will see…" Then the light flicked off, and they were stuck in green light. "Stay here. And if you hear gunshots, keep the door closed!"

Gambit made to move to the door, when the girl said, "There's another feral out there. Can turn into a big ass bear." I groaned, and unsheathed my claws, slashing open the door. We ran out, Gambit grabbing and charging anything he could get his hands on, and we were slashing at soldiers left and right.

Soon we entered a huge, dome like room, and saw Stryker, and a huge man, with a crown of hair, standing up, and gold streaks runnin through it, on a platform with about an entire regiment of soldiers with their guns trained on them.

"Hands up boys, this game is over." Stryker commanded, that annoyin' as hell smug smile curling across his pudgy face. "Y'know, I think I know what Wade would said right bout know…. 'Holy shit, Stryker, you've gained weight! Man, I remember when Freddie started-," Victor began, grinning, when suddenly, he growled when a bullet slammed into his gut. I snarled, and began to move, when I saw Gambit standing with his hands up. "What the hell you doin Cajun?" I snarled. Then there was a loud BA BOOM!

We ducked, and gunshots started. We lunged for Stryker, when darkness began to seep around them, and the soldiers spun wildly, and they heard a familiar, "HI BILLY!" "Ih no way in fucking hell…" I breathed, spinning around, and staring into the face of a grinning Wade Wilson, two katana's out. "Why the hell aren't you all… Deadpooled." I asked. He frowned. "Y'know, I think the healing factor did that! You killed me… Then saved my life… Then killed me again…. Then it saved my life! You know, I sense a trend here…" I growled, and lunged at another group of soldiers. "Thanks Kiara!" Wade shouted. "You can let the dark go now!" "Wade I swear to whatever the hell is out there one of these days I'm gonna kill you three times over." Winged-kid-apparantly-named-Kiara snapped, slamming a fist into one soldiers face, creating a domino affect and sending five more sprawling. I turned my attention back to shredding them, then spotted Victor and the bear guy goin' at it.

Huh. Predictable, but an interesting- shit! He swore angrily as bullets began raining down on him, and he turned to the threat, lunging angrily, claws flashing in the dim light, now stained with blood.

Soon he had taken out the three men, and dove into the fight with Victor, trading furious blows with the bear-guy. Then Wade started singing '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.' I slammed my claws up under the guys ribcage on each side, almost reaching; his heart. Vic is rippin out his throat quickly, one hand grippin' his spine. "Damnit Wilson shaddup!" I barked. "-And pass it all around! 86 Botles of beer on the wall-," BANG! They all flew back as Bear guy spun around, sending him crashing into Wade, then winged-kid-named-Kiara barked, "Bear, I swear ta God a bullet in the eyes will only put ya out for a few seconds, 'nough time for these guys to cut ya're head off though I \'m thinking." They turned and looked up, seeing her perched on the banister to the stairs, using her knee to brace the pistol she was holding up. "You ain't got the-," BLAM! He dropped three smoking holes inbetween his eyes. They lunged, and were hacking at his neck when he started to come to. Then I was almost through his adamantium spine, when he groaned, blood bubbling and hissing around out hands as we hacked away. "Sonuvabitch-," He gargled. How, I ain't got the slightest clue. "Kiara, where'd ya go?" Wade called. "Ah move it Jimmy, Vicky." HE snapped, and spun one blade, slamming it down on the adamntium hard enough to sever it entirely. Then victor grabbed the head and ripped it free of the remaining skin easily, and threw it at the wall. Then there were more gunshots.

Which were silenced with a whoosh of water, and shouts and the sound of stone grinding shut. "Kiara!" Wade shouted, looking around. "Hey, remember that green button?" " Zack? You found out what it does?" He asked, suddenly excited. "Floods the gate thing." "Cool… Wait so those soldiers are like, floating now?" "Er- their weapons probably weighted them down…" "Zack shut up." Someone snapped.

Then some kids picked their way over, shivering and looking around in awe and terror. Some gave cries of triumph when they saw the bear guys body. Then they heard a shout and several gunshots. Then a muffled thump and a cracking sound. Then Kiara/Bird Kid staggered into view. "Where'd Stryke go." Remy snapped. "I think he fell in he hole." She muttered, eyes a little blank. "What hole?" Wade asked curiously. "Y'know the big hole they put us into for starvation y'know?" She muttered. They rushed into the darkness. As they walked it was eerily quiet and damp. Then at the end of the hall, they stepped, their footsteps echoing back. Sure enough, a pit, not really a hole, about five feet away form the wall, seven feet long and looks… Well from here bout twelve feet? "Y'know, I find this oddly fittin'." Victor drawled down it. I spotted movement in the corner. Stryker. I suppressed a smirk. Then I noticed Wade was leaning on the wall looking into the hole, a little haunted looking. "You ever been in there?" I asked. "Bout three weeks." He muttered. "It-it wasn't my fault." The voice below grated out. "Oh? Jimmy did we ask whose fault it was?" Victor was, disguising his voice, coloring it surprised. "No Vic I don't think we did…" I growled back. "Nah… We just know you were de ones who bei' usin allus. An hurtin' an experimentin' on chillen." Remy growled. I shot him a look, which he ignored. He was radiating fury, enough to stink up the entire hall. And the pit. "I'm tempted, ta out tha' grate over this hol an' flood the entire hall… But then I wouldn' get ta.. talk… with ya Stryker…" Victor growled, glaring down, a sardonic smirk sprawling over his face. I watched with a cautious eye in case something… snapped. I wanted to go down there, stab him, and be done with it. I had a feeling Gambit/Remy did too, but meanwhile, he also deserved what Victor was dangling over him. Then there was a boom from the front of the place, and my head snapped around, only to see fresh and clean light spilling over the entrance. "Let's go Jimmy." Victor growled, jumping down into the hole. I followed his lead, remembering suddenly, he had used Kayla, me, Victor, Remy, Wade, yeah, he and wade especially, all those kids experimented on, thinner than a rail… He stepped forward, and saw he'd broken a leg in the fall. With a 'snikt' his claws snapped out. Meanwhile, Wade had walked back to the entrance, swinging his swords happily, and grinned at the group of people and said, "Boo! I look like shit, who? Why you!" Then walked forward and leaned on the wall, and smiled widely at them. "So… Anyone here see the game last week?"


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