La Noche Triste

by Beaple Leone Michaelmas


Driving late one night, Tsukimori Kahoko takes the wrong shortcut and end up getting lost. Deciding to ask for directions, she stops at the first house she come across: a large, forbidding mansion at the foot of the mountains. The Matsuuras appear to be nice enough, until Kahoko discovers strange things about them, compelling her to doubt their hospitality. With signs of a nasty storm approaching, however, she finds herself trapped inside the mansion - unable to get out, unaware that she is about to experience the longest night of her life.

Prologue: Karina


Don't you just love horror stories?


I do not own La Corda d'Oro; the whole concept belongs to Kure Yuki-sensei.

Prologue: Karina

Terrified, she frantically wove her way through the dense forest, her breath coming in uneven gasps. The rain fell in heavy torrents, the violent wind lashing her hair around her face. Her legs felt like lead, and her chest felt like it would burst, but she kept running, running away from the house and all it contained. Feeling a stitch on her side, she leaned against a nearby tree and put a hand to her stomach. To her horror, her fingers touched a sticky, dark red substance. Blood. Her blood.

Trying to ignore the dark red stain that marred her pale blue dress, she straightened up and plowed on, albeit dazedly. The rugged path was starting to blur before her very eyes, and she felt her senses deaden with the effort of running. But still she kept her pace. She had to get away… She had to get there in time…

Stumbling past the last trees of the dense forest, she saw the highway before her, an empty stretch of grey asphalt illuminated by a line of yellow streetlamps. Panting heavily, she dragged her body forward, trying not to fall flat on her face. As she advanced, she saw a blinding light coming her way – a pair of headlights, salvation. Gathering the last of her strength, she positioned herself in the middle of the road, and waved a hand to stop the oncoming car.


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