A chance meeting between Spock and Nyota Uhura has life altering consequences. Rated M for a reason, so you've been warned. Absolutely AU and a bit OOC. Fluff, as always

Spock/ Nyota, Christopher Pike, Gaila, OC

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Spock fidgeted as he made his way to meet the captain, a very non-Vulcan act yet one he seemed unable to refrain from. He was uncomfortable at functions such as these but as the head of the xeno-linguistics department is was essential that he attend this weekend recruitment seminar.

He entered the Clock Bar at the St. Francis Hotel and scanned the crowd for Captain Pike, they were scheduled to met and discuss a few candidates that the Academy was most interested in.

"Hey, Commander, over here." Christopher Pike motioned the Vulcan over with a wide smile on his face as Spock motioned back, making his way through the throng of potential students and teachers alike.

"Captain." Spock nodded.

"So, did you get settled? Nice room, yeah? I booked you a bay view." He turned to the bartender. "A whiskey neat and a Brown Russian." Pike turned back to his Vulcan friend. "Don't ya just love this place? Historic, been around centuries. And a great bar. Who could ask for anything more?"

"Captain…" The Vulcan was interrupted by this superior.

"Christopher, call me Christopher, Spock. Once were done with academia you'll have to address me by my title, so until then it's Christopher." He handed him his drink and took a healthy swig from his own.

"Very well, Christopher. I do not drink." He laid the glass back on the counter. "And as I told you earlier, since I do not drink a room was not needed for me." The Academy had made the decision to house all faculty members in case they drank and didn't have the sense to call a cab.

"All the senior professors were allotted rooms. So just spend a couple of nights getting pampered. And who knows? You just might get lucky!" He picked up the Brown Russian and handed it back to Spock. "Now, take a taste, I think you might actually like it."

Spock acquiesced. "Very well, thank you…Christopher." He brought it up to his lips and sipped at it experimentally. "Hmm, interesting. Sweet, very rich." Taking a heartier drink and relishing the burn of the alcohol at the back of his throat, he finished it quickly. Christopher Pike smiled and handed him a second.

While enjoying the second beverage a bit more slowly he turned, scanning the room when he saw her.

The woman's hair was long and straight, pulled back and up but still almost hitting her waist. The deep rust dress she wore came up high on her long neck but was cut to bare her smooth brown shoulders, the skirt was down to her ankles yet slit high to show off her long, perfectly shaped legs. Spock's jaw clenched as he fought an illogical desire to throw her over his shoulder and run from the room. He tilted his head to one side at his reaction. Most illogical, he thought.

Taking a deep breath, he noted the smooth mocha complexion on her flawlessly sculpted face. Large expressive eyes, slightly slanted up at the corners. And her lips. The tip of her tongue slipped out to wet those full, luscious lips and Spock was not at all sure he could control the urge to mark her.

Spock quietly growled, relieved that the music was such, it hid his vocal expression. He found himself approaching her, his legs apparently moving of their own volition.

Nyota Uhura noticed the Vulcan the moment she had entered the lobby. He was tall, lean but still muscular; she could tell by the way his black shirt clung to him under his open jacket. She was almost lost her breath when he began to make his way towards her.

The Vulcan stopped no more than a foot from her, she could feel the heat emanating from him and smell his scent, a combination of musky incense and something she was sure was intrinsically him.

Spock had no idea how he had come to stand before this young woman, but he was here and he had no desire to move away. He'd been with several Terran women and a few off worlders as well, so he was not inexperienced in the ways of sexual attraction. However, this one, she pulled at him. Perhaps a sexual encounter would sate the allure she held for him.

"May I retrieve a fresh beverage for you?" His voice was deep and rich and Nyota fought a shiver that threatened to race though her body.

"Andorian Brandy, please." She breathlessly responded.

"That is quite a strong drink." He simply stated. She shrugged and handed him her empty glass.

The Vulcan tilted his head to one side, slightly raised a brow and gave her the ghost of a smile.

"Indeed." He motioned a server over. "An Andorian Brandy and a Brown Russian, please."

Nyota studied this man up close as he ordered their drinks. His coloring held a slight greenish tint over pale, flawless skin. His facial structure was symmetrical and quite honestly, beautiful. He held his face almost immobile, but when he turned back to her, her breath caught in her throat. His eyes, his eyes were filled with the emotion his face didn't show. She quickly got herself under control as best she could.

"Are you a member of Star Fleet or are you being recruited?" She looked up at him.

"I am in Star Fleet. However, we were requested to dress in civilian clothing, thusly my uniform is at home." He gazed down at her. "And you?"

"I've a year left at the University of Nairobi, then it's either to Stanford to work on my dissertation or the Academy." She smiled up at him, feeling a little more relaxed.

"In what area of study are you completing your Masters?" He seemed genuinely interested, causing Nyota's smile to widen.

"Xenolinguistics and phonology with a minor in sociolinguistics as well. I love languages, just haven't decided what I want to do with it as a career yet." She sipped at her drink, glad of its calming effect.

"Ah, yes. Captain Pike spoke to me regarding you and your stellar record. He, we, would be very interested in having you seriously consider the Academy." He moved minutely closer to her.

"Oh, I'm flattered, but I'm sure there are more qualified…" He cut her off.

"You speak most Terran languages and if I recall correctly, are well versed in at least eight off world languages. You have also shown an aptitude in the anthropological aspects of said worlds. This is not a common attribute of most cadets." His voice was deep and Nyota could feel him resonating in her soul. She slightly shook her head to clear those ridiculous and romantic thoughts. Must be the brandy, she smiled to herself.

"Well, when you put it like that, I really am a catch." She chuckled.

"Indeed." He gazed at her over the rim of his glass.

"What do you do at the Academy?" She gazed up at him, fighting the shiver that she felt at his closeness.

"At the moment I am at Starfleet in a teaching capacity." He took another drink from his glass. "I am the head of the Xenolinguistics department and I also teach advanced astro-physics."

She nodded and moved minutely closer as well, as though sharing a secret. "Actually, it was your syllabus in Vulcan and Romulan that intrigued me enough to come here this weekend." Nyota's stance shifted slightly as she realized just who it was she was speaking with. He was the Vulcan – human hybrid that was a genius by Vulcan standards and he chose to attach himself to Starfleet. That alone was quite a recommendation to the curriculum.

She continued. "And that a Vulcan of your caliber would opt for Starfleet definitely has me considering the program." Nyota considered him from the rim of her glass. "What do you mean by 'at the moment'?"

"I am on leave from active duty until the new fleet of star ships is completed. I am in line as First Officer on the flagship, Enterprise." His voice held no pride or ego, which intrigued her even more.

"Most impressive." She gave him a half smile as she used his words. He cocked his head to one side and gave her the ghost of a smile.

"I am merely stating a fact." Spock leaned in closer. He was drawn to this woman and he felt that if could not have her he might just implode. "Ms. Uhura…"

"Nyota, please." Her voice was deep and Spock fought the urge to groan. What was in those Brown Russians, he asked himself?

"Nyota. Although I am not in the habit of making such overtures..." he paused, "I have a suite upstairs and if you would be agreeable to the notion…"

Nyota smiled and nodded once. "Although I am not in the habit of accepting such invitations, I must admit I was hoping you would ask." She gathered her purse. "Lead the way."

Spock nodded and with his hand at the small of her back led her through the bar, past the lobby and into the elevator.

Chris Pike had seen the interaction between his friend and the loveliest woman in the room and smiled. Seemed Spock had gotten more than lucky by the looks of things. He just hoped his friend would forgive him for trying to loosen him up with just bit of chocolate. Shaking his head, he headed into the main room for dinner and music. And just maybe he'd get lucky as well, he thought with a sly grin.