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Epilog…Five years after the destruction of Vulcan…

Nia looked up from the patch of land she was planting in her garden. The shuttle from the Enterprise was coming in for a landing and bringing her sons to her. As she began to pull herself up, a strong pair of arms came around her and lifted her up.

"You need to be more cautious, adun'a." Suval admonished her as he laid his hands on her rounded stomach. "Our daughter grows strong within you, but you must reserve your strength."

She chuckled and laid her hand upon his. "I know, husband, but I wanted to get these vegetables planted before they came home. The boys can be such a handful."

"I realize this fact, Nia, however I am sure they would have greatly enjoyed helping you plant." He looked down into her face, marveling at the fact that she was his bondmate.

"Oh! You're right! I should've waited for them. But I still have the beets and potatoes to plant, so they can do that." She smiled up at her husband. "Let's go get them."

He nodded as he took her hand and was inundated with her memories…

Her decision to relocate to New Vulcan had been right. She loved being able to work at rebuilding a society that she had come to love. She and Amanda had been key in building the compound that housed the orphaned children and she loved her part in running the organization. She and Jake lived in a dwelling on the compound and the school was right next to them. After the death of her husband she found completion and fulfillment in her chosen path.

She and Suval had continued their friendship as he headed up restructuring the school system. He had a more open approach to teaching and the high council, with T'Pau's encouragement, realized things would be changing and didn't fight it.

They spent more and more time together working on various class syllabuses and taking stock of what supplies would still be needed. Nia had a large network to pull from and between the two of them had managed to open the school within a year of colonization. It was at this time she had noticed a change in her friend.

"Are you alright, Suval?" She questioned him one evening as they were closing up the common rooms of the school.

"Why do you ask such illogical questions?" He snapped. "I am Vulcan; of course I am 'alright'." His voice held distain. Nia blinked and laid her hand on his arm.

"Suval? Is it…your time?" She knew it was a highly personal question and as a non-Vulcan she should not know of such things let alone speak of them. But Vulcan was a small community and her sister was married to a half-Vulcan. Suval jumped at her query.

"Of course you know of pon'farr, you are for all intents one of us." He took a deep breath. "Yes, my time is near. I have made arrangements and shall retreat to the caves that have been appropriated for such times."

"You have found a mate?" She asked, bothered by the ache she knew she would feel at his reply.

"There are no females of the proper age. I shall meditate. If I succeed I will return in approximately two weeks." He locked the doors and handed her the keys. She nodded, of course she knew this. Many Vulcan males had taken off world mates because of this very reason. Of course she knew…

"Suval…" She reached for him again. "I…" He shook his head to stop her.

"There is nothing to say, Nia. This is how it is." He bowed to her. "It has been a privilege to know you and your son. I only wish the best for you and for Jacob. Please, let him know…" Suval stopped as a tremor went through his body. "I must go."

Nia bit her lip as she watched him walk away from her. Her eyes narrowed and she ran to Amanda and Sarek's house.

She had gone to Suval and seen him through his time. He had refused at first, but she would not leave him and his need eventually won out. After his fever broke he had confessed his feelings for her, although he didn't need to. She had seen it, felt it all through their time together, while he was in her body, in her mind, and she in his. Not long after, they were bonded.

Jacob referred to Suval as sa-mekh and Nia was happy. She had become pregnant during Suval's pon'farr and had given birth to a son, a brother for Jacob. They had named him Gregory in honor of Jacob's father. Now, four years later, she was preparing to deliver a daughter. She sighed in satisfaction.

"You are still happy, k'diwa?" Suval asked as they made their way to their sons.

"I am, husband, happier than I ever thought I could be." She smiled up at him. "And you shouldn't be reading me without my permission." Nia chided him with a mock frown.

"I could not help it, you were broadcasting very loudly." He smiled.

"I love that my Vulcan smiles at me. I'm a very lucky woman." They had reached the landing pad as their sons came running full tilt at them. She had to laugh out loud at the sight of them. They were both wearing Terran clothing and although Gregory looked just like his father, he and Jake looked like a couple of Terran kids back from vacation. Thankfully, Jake's grandparents accepted Greg as one of their own, touched that Suval had allowed him to carry their son's name, and insisted he visit whenever Jake did. He had a whole Terran family and so did she and Suval.

"And I am a very lucky Vulcan." He knelt down and held his arms out as his sons barreled into him.

Spock and Nyota exited the shuttle and smiled as their nephews excitedly ran to their parents.

"So, do you think your kids are going to be as excited to see you?" James T. Kirk leaned against the railing as he smiled at the couple.

"I would certainly hope so, Jim." Spock answered with a tilt of his head. Spock Prime followed his 'cousin' and wife off the transport shuttle.

"Are you sure we cannot convince you to remain with us?" The elder Spock asked.

"We were doing Star Fleet a favor by attending the symposium on Earth, Commander. It's time to get back home." Nyota smiled at the elder Spock. "Besides, I'm sure Captain Kirk wouldn't be able to handle two Spocks on the bridge." She laughed.

"Hey, I've become very flexible. And as the new captain of the Enterprise I think it would behoove me to have the best staff available." His mood suddenly became serious. "Honestly, Spock, Uhura, it would be an honor if you decided to re-enlist and an honor to serve with you."

"I thank you for the offer, Captain. However, when we decided to rebuild New Vulcan we made the commitment to remain for as long as needed. And now with Nyota pregnant with our forth child, we will be here for awhile longer." Spock looked down at his wife with a warmth in his eyes that caused Kirk and Spock elder to look away for a moment. How he ever thought he had a chance with Nyota completely baffled him, especially when he saw all that love between the Vulcan and the linguist. Jim shook his head of such thoughts and smiled.

"Give it up, Jimbo, they have a life on Vulcan that I for one envy." Len McCoy followed them out. "Just congratulate them and let it go." Jim nodded at his medical officer and shrugged.

"Congratulations!" Jim smacked Spock on the back and nodded to his science and first officer who nodded back with a small smile on his face.

"Indeed, our population is growing by leaps and bounds." The Vulcan agreed with his new captain.

When Spock and Nyota had decided to resign from Star Fleet, Admiral Pike had refused his commission as well. He was completely recovered and decided he was too young to give up the Enterprise and sit behind a desk as an admiral. So with James T. Kirk as his first officer, he took back what he felt was his. The Enterprise.

Spock Prime had followed his family to New Vulcan and did what he could to help in the rebuilding, but he always felt that he was out of sync. His younger self made every effort to put him at ease. Any Nyota, yes, Nyota. She tried her best to make him feel a sense of belonging. But her presence always caused an unfamiliar ache, regret at a life not lived, envy for the life his younger self had grasped with both hands and had never relinquished. Yes, his younger self had a courage, a sense of self it had taken him much longer to develop. Too late for his Uhura.

And his 'niece and nephew', ah yes, Samuel and Sara, they were always a source of joy of love. But his relationship with his father was never what he expected. And Amanda, she was always accepting, but they all had much to do and he felt as if he was an afterthought. A most human emotion, he readily admitted, however one he could not fully shake.

After a year on New Vulcan, Spock felt the need to return to space. He had kept in contact with the young Kirk and when the position of science officer opened up on the Enterprise, Pike offered it to him. And with the blessing of his parents and his younger self, re-joined the Enterprise with a strong sense of relief.

After the close of their five year mission, Pike took back his Admiralty and handed the keys, so to speak, of the Enterprise to Commander Kirk. Both Pike and Kirk felt he was ready to captain the ship. And as far as the elder Spock was concerned, things were as close to right as they could be. He was still the science officer but now added First Officer to his title. Again.

Spock looked at his older self and the young man who was the captain he had always felt he should be. And now, five years later, Spock felt James T. Kirk would make the fine captain his counterpart said he would be.

Nyota sighed and smiled at the sight of her children playing on their patio. Sam and Sara were now almost nine and their sister, T'Suri had just turned three. There were times she could not believe how her life had turned out. She and Spock were instrumental in the building and organization of the new VSA. They had recruited the best minds from within the remaining Vulcan population as well as from several Federation planets, including Earth. Spock was the department head in astrophysics and she was the head of xeno-linguistics and xeno-anthropology. It had taken a good three years to solidify the academy, but now it was in full swing and attendance was high. They even allowed off worlders who passed the rigorous admittance requirements to attend. She knew how hard it was for the elder Vulcans to accept these changes, however, it was thought that with a limited gene pool, as males did out number females, inter-species bonding might occur. And it did.

Things were different. The isolated, insular world of old Vulcan was gone. With so many species that help in the rebuilding of the Vulcan new home world it seemed the courteous thing to invite them into one's home and eventually, into one's life. Life long friendships were forged and people who had only come to aid in restructuring stayed and began to build lives. Good lives based on common goals and beliefs, not on the color of skin or the shape of ears.

At times, Nyota almost felt as if she had somehow stepped into the garden of Eden. She had to chuckle at her musings. Spock came to his wife and took her hand in his.

"You feel we are living in paradise?" He smiled as he pressed as kiss to her hand.

"Umm, anywhere is paradise if you're there." She giggled. "Honestly, sweetheart, look at our family. Our life. I feel such…completeness. I know, I sound like a cheesy movie, but really, I'm so happy."

"As am I, wife." He began to rise but she pulled him back down. "Where do you think you're going."

"To prepare dinner. We have the family coming, remember?" He nuzzled her neck before gently nipping at her shoulder. Nyota shivered and gave a small moan.

"I must admit, I'd forgotten. I'll come and help." She began to rise from the couch but Spock held her down.

"No, you rest. Suval is bringing Nia and their sons in a few minutes. He will help me with the evening meal and you and Nia shall rest." He kissed her before leaving the room. Nyota smiled at his departing form. Love him so much, she thought.

Sara brought out a tray with two glasses of herbal iced tea for her mother and aunt. "Daddy made this for you." The small girl smiled at her mother as she set the tray down. She ran her hand over her mother's stomach and giggled before doing the same thing to her aunt.

"Can you feel anything?" Nia asked as she lifted the glass of tea.

"Mmm, warmth, comfort…" Sara smiled and lifted her shoulders. "Love, I think."

Nyota pulled her daughter into her embrace. "Of course you feel love. Your little brother already loves you because he feels how much I love you." Nia laughed and shook her head in agreement. "Your mama's right, Orange. And I love you lots, too."

Sara giggled again. "I know, Auntie, and I love you too. I should get back and help Daddy and toz'ot Suval. Sammy's trying, but he's not so good with cooking yet." She kissed her mother's cheek and turned to do the same to her auntie.

"She's such a good girl, Ny." Nia smiled, sipping on her tea. "And the guys…could you ever imagine this happening on Earth?"

"I don't know, maybe. But I can't imagine ever being with anyone other than Spock, you know?" Nyota picked up her glass of tea.

"You know, after I lost Greg I thought that would be it for me when it came to love. He showed me how to love, how to be open, how to give. And I was happy with Jake, working with Amanda. But then Suval came along." She shrugged. "I remember when his time came upon him. The idea that he was going to bond to someone else…it hurt. I honestly thing Greg would be okay with this. He'd want Jake to have a good father figure, to have brothers and sisters." She paused and looked at her sister. "You think?"

"I most certainly do. He loved you, Nia. He would want you to live, to find happiness." Nyota smiled at her baby sister. "Just like I do. I'm just happy Gaila didn't pitch fit when you guys got married." She laughed.

"Yeah, right?" Nia started laughing as well.

The meal had been eaten and tea and desert was now being served on the patio. A large padded chair had been brought out for T'Pau to sit upon and her great-grandchildren were playing not far from her view. She looked upon her progeny, Sarek, Spock, S'Muel, T'Sara, T'Suri. Jake and Gregory, for she considered Nia as a granddaughter. Yes, life was continuing. One could attempt to extinguish it, but life would find a way.

She looked over at her son and his Terran bride, he held Amanda's hand in his and his head was leaning towards her, listening to her. This is something that would not have happened on Vulcan, they were too rigid, too aware of what was 'acceptable'. But now, now, life was too short. In an instant life, love could be snatched away. It was right that her people know this, that they hold onto what happiness, what love they had found and relish it. If the destruction of Vulcan had taught them nothing else, it was that people were the important factor. Not rules, not what was acceptable behavior, not holding onto the old ways until one was choking the life out of them. There was a time that it was necessary, when one had to fight to control the anger, the lust, the desire to kill. But this also caused one to control love, joy…life. But now, life, love, family, this was what mattered. Oh, what her great-grandchildren would see, what they would do.

"Grammy? Do you want some more tea?" Sara smiled up at great-grandmother.

"Yes, my dear, more tea would be…nice." T'Pau almost smiled.

The End