Hello everyone, this is Cory of PRIVATE Corp, here to present to you a re-telling of sorts of one of my earlier works. Basically what I'm doing here is simply ret-conning EVERYTHING from what I have written so far, which is not only this prologue but the first "arc." Yeah when I first wrote this story, I really haven't dug into the One Piece story that much to realize that the arcs are part of a bigger "saga" part… plus I skipped a ton of stuff as well (I was watching the 4Kids dub and reading the end of Alabasta arc in Shonen Jump at the time…). So after getting myself caught up with the anime and working on reading the manga to understand what is happening in that universe, I will portray what is in those adaptations and try to reflect it here!

Now I am going to be doing things a little differently here with this story, hopefully having things in line with the original story while having some original ideas in the mix. So this time around I will expand on the first saga of my story and try to flesh out not only my characters more, but try to go into more details about what I have in store in my story. Even then, I got a plan this time around (along with some notes), meaning that I have a better idea where I'm going with my story, even coming up with a decent plot! … Wait, how in the world could I write a story without a plot? Then again, there are those who do that, but I'm not one of those… what was I talking about?

So, if you are interested, please enjoy what I would like to call my fan-sequel to One Piece

Legal Notes: I DO NOT own One Piece. The world, characters, powers and the mythical treasure all belong to its mastermind, the great and bizarre Eiichiro Oda. Any original content, be it characters, powers, locations, is credited by me, Cory of PRIVATE Corp, or any guest creator.

Legend of the D. and E.


Long ago, there was a tale of a man who sailed around the world, searching for wealth, fame and power. He and his crew made a journey through uncharted waters, sailing by islands of unknown origins and monsters that could scare even the toughest of men. This man, despite all other attempts by countless others before him, has done the impossible and sailed the length of the world and reached the end, where he left a great and powerful treasure to those who were brave enough to follow this man's path.

This man was called the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, known by many as Gold Roger, and it was him that not only the first person to sail in and out of the Grand Line to the very end, but also started the Great Age of Piracy. In his dying moment, he proclaimed to the world that his treasure, the mythical One Piece, was out somewhere in the world, causing thousands of pirates to set sail and search for his legendary treasure. Countless of these men from all of the four seas of the world sailed into the Grand Line for the One Piece and their shot at being the next Pirate King, only to turn away in fear or die by the hands of the sea.

One bold pirate emerged from the East Blue with a ragtag crew and a flimsy ship, all in hope of finding the One Piece and becoming the next King of the Pirates. His name was Monkey D. Luffy, a young lad with the devil fruit known as the Gum-Gum Fruit and he had similar qualities between him and the former King. With his crew, Luffy sailed the Grand Line to the end, encountering various monsters, evil pirates, Marines and others wanting to claim the growing bounty on his head. And to the bitter end, he made it to his goal, finding the mythical treasure and claiming the title of Pirate King… but not for long.

During his travels, Luffy used his powers to expand the strength of his attacks, along being injected with various hormones and poisons to make him stronger, but all of that did damage to his life clock. With each use of his attacks, he slowly shaved years away from his life, moving him ever so closer to death. But no matter how many times he was dehydrated to a desiccated husk, skewered, cut, drowned, blown up, bitten, beaten to a bloody pulp, stabbed, crushed, covered in arrows, frozen, burnt, shot by lasers, and poisoned to the point of melting, he kept on fighting to the brink of death. And with that, he managed to reach the end of the Grand Line and find the treasure that many dreamt of finding and failing to achieve.

It was unknown as to why both Gol Roger and Straw Hat Luffy managed to get through the dangerous part of the world, known as the New World back then. But many believed that both men possessed the Will of D, a mysterious contract that has been past down by bloodlines. These believers thought that these two entered the Grand Line greeted by Death itself and fought their countless battles to the brink of death, smiling and even laughing at the face of the Grim Reaper. Some wonder about the origin of this will, along with its other mysteries, but the two Pirate Kings shared a lot of common during their times alive:

They have the abilities to make allies from the strangest of people, to fight to near-death, sporting a smile on their face and laughing at Death dead on.

From the time of Luffy's rise for the fight of the title, a new will emerged from the edge of the Calm Belt: the Will of E. No one knew how this will came about and why it was brought during Luffy's time. Some presume that it was trying to cash in on Straw Hat's fame, while others proclaimed they were become just like the young King. But there were those who believed the will came before Roger and dated far in the past, despite there no origins to where this will came from. Those who believed this were the ones who carried the Will of E. on their backs, similar to those who carried the Will of D. And much like their counterparts, they don't know the true origins of their will save for one.

Over the course of thirty years, a man of unknown strengths and origin rose through the ranks and took on the world by storm. He traveled all over in search of One Piece, working on claiming the title of Pirate King for himself, but not once has he found any clues to where Luffy has hidden the treasure. This pirate challenged everyone that stood in his way of finding the One Piece, even going all out by proclaiming he was the Left Hand of Roger, the second-mate to the first King. No one believed that story, but those people feared this man due to his nature, his powers and his hunger for the One Piece.

The man who stormed the world also knows the secret to the Will of E. It was him that discovered one of the branches of the original carriers, and his intention to use the will to get him what he was seeking. Despite him knowing the secrets, he has yet encountered one of these carriers and learned the hard way of what a carrier of the Will of E. is truly capable of. It was that day that started the journey of a young boy and his quest for the Pirate King title, and it was all thanks to one man:

Negrot "Green" Beret


Late into the night, on a calm journey out in the smooth dark ocean and under a sparkling starry sky, a lone galleon drifted across the sea with a small draft pushing it along. The ship, belonging to a Navy base close to the Calm Belt, shone brightly under the moonlight while its shadows helped the ship blend in into the darkness. On board, several guests were invited for a feast on this boat, many of them high-ranked officers, while soldiers lined the exterior of the ship on patrol.

Within the large dining hall of the ship, several tables were set up, dressed with a white cloth, an elegant flower arrangement, two candle-lit vases, and several assortments of dining ware in front of the guests. Waiters and waitresses weaved through the numbers, carrying trays of spirits, wine and edible arrangements, serving them to the naval officers and their friends, families and loved ones. One table was set up at the opposite of the door, sitting only those who were in command of the bases in the area and the captains of each fleet. These commanders, captains and commodores watched over the guest moving about the dining hall, eating and drinking what the waiters have served them, and talking amongst themselves about their daily operations and other happenings in their assigned areas.

Two of these superiors, a couple in their mid-thirties, sat side-by-side with a young child sitting next to the woman. The male, the captain, has a maroon suit on with a grey tie and a bleached yellow shirt, with a broad head resting on his right fist, allowing his tangelo hair to reflect in the candlelight. The woman had on a flowing rusty red dress, her dusty brown hair tied up in a slender ponytail, and her face was radiated a gentle presence to those who look at her beauty. And the young boy sat impatiently in his seat, wearing a white shirt with a red "H" emblazed on the front, and his short, wiry orange-red hair burning in the candlelight.

A waiter walked by the trio, looking out of the corner of his eye to find the plates before them were empty. He approached the trio, tray in hand, and he stopped inches away from the table to attract their attentions. "Captain and Lieutenant Peytan, I take that you enjoyed your meals?" the waiter asked.

"Yes, it was delicious," the female lieutenant answered, giving the waiter a friendly smile and handing him her plate. "Please tell whoever made our meal were fantastic and encourage him to make more wonderful meals."

"No way, this food stinks!" barked the child, sticking out his tongue in disgust. "Whoever made this did a crummy job at making this!"

"I'm sorry that your meal wasn't to your taste," the waiter replied apologetically. "I'll inform the chef about your experience…"

"No please, tell him that it was delicious and give him our regards," the captain kindly ordered, handing the waiter his plate.

The waiter took the plates from the couple and left them, leaving them to continue their conversation with the other high-ranked officers. "Hilbert, that's incredibly rude" the lieutenant snarled in a low tone. "You don't have to blurt out how nasty the food is to the rest of the crowd."

"But it's true, isn't it?" the boy muttered under his breath.

"The kid's got a point," an officer sitting next to the child pitched, wiping away some wine from his chin. "This should be a gala for all of us hard-working Navy officers, and the Vice-Admiral had to hire some hack to serve us?"

"I know the food's bad, but at least we should give some encouraging word," the captain answered back. "If we would to give him some negative words, then the next meal would turn out worst than this. Giving him compliments will help encourage him into improving his work and make something better than what we had."

"You're nuts to believe that," the officer smirked. "I like the idea, but I don't see that working out for everyone. You gotta talk to them firmly, saying this food taste like crap and let the head chef teach them how to properly cook a meal!"

The two commanding officers got up from the table and got up into each other's faces, bickering on about the food before escalating into authorizing power. The lieutenant let out a sigh over the two's arguing before shifting her attention to the child. "Tell you what Hilbert, when we get home," the lieutenant whispered into the boy's ear, "I'll make you a marshmallow special just the way you like it."

The young boy's head perked up from hearing this news and he faced "Really? You would do that?" he asked cheerfully.

The woman gave the child a friendly smile before kissing him on the forehead. "Oh course, anything for my special son…"

The feast continued on into the evening, with some of the guest beginning to doubt about the food they were served. Out on deck, officers dressed in their standard uniform guarded the outer perimeter, looking out for any suspicious activities. Three officers were watching the horizon, each taking turns with a pair of binoculars to check for any ships out in the waters. In the distance, the sound of thunder echoed across the sky and a looming cumulonimbus cloud dotting the starry heavens.

"That's odd… I don't remember hearing about a storm for tonight," an officer noted, "especially out here along the Calm Belt."

"That's definitely unusual," another officer replied. "Normally the winds should be still around the Calm Belt and there isn't a single cloud in the sky. How is a storm out here even possible?"

"Hey, I'm detecting a ship out in the distance," a third officer reported. "It's large in size, and I can't make out what's flying on the main mast. By the looks of it, it appears to be a…"

The officer's eyes lit up in horror, his hands loosening their grip on the binoculars and dropping them in the water. The other officers asked what was wrong before a flash of lightning lit up the cloud and reveal the shape of a large fluyt ship out in the ocean. Flying on top of the main mast, a black flag bearing a skull on top of curving crossbones, with the skull wearing a green beret on top, waved violently in the wind as the lightning continued to flash brightly and burning the image of the ship into the officers' minds.

The three officers took a few steps back away from the edge, watching the ship and the cloud moving closer to their ship. Once they saw the lightning striking closer and the thunder booming louder, the three broke into a sprint and headed for the dining hall. The storm slowly crept closer to the galleon, the waves picking up in size and slowly starting to sway the boat, causing people to move closer or away from their tables. The three officers stormed the room, running by the waiters, waitresses and guest to make their way to the table on the opposite end of the room.

"Captain Kyron!" cried one officer, knocking over some waitresses on his way to the commanding officers' table. "Captain Kyron, Lieutenant Juniper, one of the watchmen spotted a pirate ship on the starboard… and he believed it's him…!"

"Who are you talking about, officer?" the captain questioned, getting away from his argument to face the scared men. "What did you see out there?!"

"It's… it's the Greenberet Pirates, sir!"

The name the officer shouted out silenced everyone in the room, stunning them shock by the familiarity of that name. The waiters and waitresses, along with some of the guests, began panicking upon knowing who was coming to their ship, while the other officers and commanding bodies got themselves ready for a fight. Outside the ship, the storm picked up, sending larger waves against the hull of the ship and rocking the crew and passengers around on the inside. The pirate ship that was in the storm got itself close to the Navy ship and stopped short, allowing several men to leap onto the deck and attack the officers on patrol, all before the crew headed for the dining hall and throwing open the doors.

The sound of black leather boots echoed across the room, slowly dragging a large and bulky man into the room. His clothes were torn from age, weather and combat, with his steel blue pants tighten down in his boots and by belts, an olive drab military suit dressed in metals stolen from fallen Navy officers, a Dartmouth green coat hanging off the shoulders like a cape, and a hunter green military beret resting on top of a bed of wet, long white hair. Several officers watched in anger and fear as an old man, with a face covered with white whiskers and scars, a long, crooked nose, beady mantis green eyes, and thick sharp eyebrows, past right by them and stopping midway to the commanding officers' table.

"Well, well, looks like I finally found you, Kyron the Deleter," the man wheezed. "And the lovely Blooming Juniper, my how times flew by… it's been so long since we lasted saw each other, correct?"

"Beret, what are you doing on this ship?" the captain named Kyron shouted. "You know that you're onboard of a Navy ship, correct? Is this your death wish to die by the hands of the Marines?"

All around in the dining hall, several of the guests pulled various weapons from their belongings. The old pirate scanned the entire room, watching every last officer aiming the pirate, and he let out a loud, wheezing laugh. "Now honestly, do you really think that I wasn't going to barge on it here without having some sort of plan?" the old pirate retorted. "It's not like I'm that stupid to raid without having everything planned out, especially when I'm dealing with superior Navy officers."

A flash of lightning lit up the room, temporary blinding everyone, along the ship rocking violently to knock a few officers down onto the floor. "Now my demands are short and simple," the old pirate stated loudly. "I came here in search of a carrier of the E. and I'm planning on leaving with one so I can use them in my search for the One Piece."

"And what makes you think we're going with you, Beret?" growled the lieutenant named Juniper.

The pirate Beret let out a small grunt, displaying a smirk for everyone in the room, as the boy standing next to Juniper disappeared from her side. The lieutenant watched her son reappeared in the pirate's hands, along with a shadowy man appearing right behind the old man, and the woman grew furiously mad before attempting to break away from the table. Kyron reached out and stopped the woman before she took another step, pointing out that several of the pirates behind Beret pulled out their pistols and aimed them at everyone in the room, including the hostage.

"I know how this situation works out and I'm going to give you a head's up about it," Beret smirked. "One of you is going to pull your trigger and fire a round at me or the child, or maybe even at my own men to distract me, but I have sharpshooters on the outside watching your every move. One false step and I'm certain that you'll be dinner for the Sea Kings waiting outside."

The officers hesitated in making their next move, wondering if what the pirate was saying is true or a bluff. A few of the guest lowered their weapons in fear of getting shot, while others kept their guard up in case someone was going to fire. The pirates waited anxiously, their fingers hovering over the trigger, waiting for the right moment to pull and fire their rounds into someone or something. The two commanding officers watched the old pirate hold a gun to their child's head, worrying over their only son's life in the hands of a dangerous, all before the captain lowered his weapon and dropped it onto the table.

"All right Beret, if you want an E, then take me instead," Kyron issued. "I want my son to be safe and far away from your dirty hands. If I were to give myself to you, would you give our son back?"

"Kyron, you can't be serious!" Juniper hissed, grabbing her husband by the shoulder. "Who knows what that man's going to do if he has either you or Hilbert? You can't trust him!"

"Listen Juniper, I have a plan," the captain replied. "If the man called the Greenberet Commodore and the 'Second Hand' can come up with a bold plan to storm a Navy ship to get either of us, then I could come up with something on my own. And besides, it surely beats you surrendering and Hilbert losing his mother."

The lieutenant looked at her son and noticed the fear in his eyes, before she released her grip on her husband to let him go. The captain walked around the table and headed straight for the pirate crew, slowly making his way by his subordinates. The storm outside continued to rain on, with a few instances of the ship rocking violently from the growing waves outside. One strong gust knocked into the ship, causing everyone to stumble down, including the pirate crew, and Beret looked out the window to see what was going on outside on his ship.

"What the hell?!" barked the old pirate. "What is that boy thinking!? He should have full control of this storm!"

At that moment, Kyron looked toward his son and he gave him a reassuring look before locking his gaze on Beret. The pirate noticed that the captain had a strange, creepy smile on his face, and he charged forward, toting the child in hand, as Kyron pulled out a customized pistol from his suit. Beret quickly swapped his pistol for a dagger and he swung it at the Navy captain, only for the attack to be blocked by the pistol. From behind, Juniper grabbed her husband's weapon, a sheathed saber with a cross-weaved hand guard, and she equipped it to her being as she single-handily wielded her rifle to hold back any pirates standing in the fighting duo's way.

With the sound of gunfire going off, the whole room spilled into chaos. Naval officers had their guns aiming not only on the pirates inside of the room, but outside to snipe out the snipers. Kyron and Beret battled it out with the Navy captain defending himself with a pistol-turned-knife and the pirate commodore carrying a child in one hand, a broken dagger in another. Juniper leapt over the table and joined in on the craziness, carrying the saber by her side while she fired her rifle at any pirates that got close to her and to her husband. During this scuffle, another wave shook the ship, but everyone was thrown back by the force of the shock and the increasing size of the lightning outside.

"What the… we need to get out of here!" ordered Kyron.

"But what about…"

He looked back at his wife, giving her an assuring look before lowering his defenses and raising his hands up to the pirate. "Like I said Beret, if you give Hilbert up," the captain demanded, "I'll be happy to give myself up to you in your search for the One Piece."

The old pirate looked at the Navy captain in confusion, wondering why the Navy captain is really doing this. "And what makes you think that you won't rebel like you just did now?" he asked.

Kyron continued to sport the crazed smile on his face as he gave his pistol a spin before placing back in his suit. "Tell me, do you know what a carrier of the E. is truly capable of?" the man asked, getting a small shake of the head from Beret for a response. "To be fair… I don't know either."

At that moment, a strong bolt of lightning ripped through the ship, cutting right through the middle of the two leaders before the ship started splitting apart. Everyone was thrown to the ground from the sudden blast of lightning, along with the strong gust of wind blowing all around them and pouring rain, making everyone wet from the cold downpour. Beret noticed that his grip on the kid was gone and he watched the boy escaped from his clutches to try to reach his parents.

The clouds lit up with an electric dancing of lightning, the symphony of thunder booming in everyone's ears and the pouring rain drenching everyone in seconds. The roaring waves continued to smash into the ship, pulling the halves away from each other and causing several people to fall into the ocean. The boy watched his parents struggled to stand as a wave swept through and carried them off into the sea. One strong push from the ocean sent the boy into the water, where he grabbed onto a piece of driftwood, and he cried out for his parents, trying to see if they were alive, and he looked up to find Beret staring right at him.

"Listen here boy," the pirate commodore called out. "Remember this day! Remember it to the end of your life! Remember that, on this day marks the beginning of the journey for the next Pirate King!"

One more lightning streaked the sky and struck down onto the crazed pirate, turning him into a silhouette as he laughed maniacally at the world. In a second, the man was gone, leaving the boy alone to drift out at sea, with no one to turn to or rescue him. All that remained were debris from the ship, some lifeless bodies floating around, drifting weapons and the lone boy. The storm began to clear up, allowing the moon to peek from behind the clouds, lighting up the sea as the boy cried over the lost of everyone around him and his lost parents.


A bright round moon hung up in the evening sky, out-glowing the stars that dot the black heavens. The ocean was quiet, with no sound echoing in the distance and the surface of the water as smooth as ice. A lone dinghy drifted quietly across the clear top, with a small source of wind pushing it along to its destination. There were no clouds that night, along with no breeze and no current to help the boat along, but the owner of this boat had some idea on how to move his dinghy from one location to the next.

In the boat, a teenager looked up into the heavens and stared at the moon for a long time. He remembered that day eight years ago; when the man that has the world in fear came onto his boat and started a long journey to find a legendary treasure. The teen reached underneath his seat and pulled out a sheathed saber, placing the curved weapon in his hands. He gripped the handle and drew out the blade slightly, revealing an engraved curved "E" in the metal, and he placed the sword back after burning the mark into his head.

"Just you wait, Beret," the boy said quietly. "I will beat you to One Piece and I will become the next Pirate King…"

Well, it's kinda sad that I had to rewrite my first fan-fiction, but I feel like I need to make something more closer to canon instead of… well, being just like everyone else on this site (no offense).

Anyway… actually, I didn't think about this when I was thinking about doing the re-write, but I got to do some characterization for Hilbert's parents, young Hilbert and Beret. Honestly I completely forgot about doing that but at least I did something with them before… well, this happened. Man, this is darker than what I originally intended for my beginning. But then again, this is One Piece, so I need some sort of dark past for my main cast and I guess I didn't shy away from that here…

OK, I would like to point out that, if you read ahead and go over the original story, I had Hilbert's first name as "Hunbug" for an unknown reason… probably to go along with the names within the manga. Since Hilbert's my character, I could do what I want with him, though I'm keeping the "Peytan" last name. And speaking of which, I am going with the "surname first, personal name last" approach with my characters, while I'm also going to use the English names for the Devil Fruits (while outside sources will be in their Romanized names), and I will refer the grunts of the Navy as "the Marines" and those ranked higher than "Warrant Officer" as Navy officers. So there are plans on renaming things as I rewrite what I have thus far. And also note that in the future, I will also provide the names of the Romanized Devil Fruit names at the end of the chapter for those who like that over the English names.

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