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Chapter Six – The Battle for Seaview


The fight is at a standstill, with Peytan and Nash waiting for the newcomers to make a move. There, standing before them are land pirates with two large Canocerouses standing by with these pirates. The leader of the group is looking sternly at the two young pirates and the man draws out a broad sword from his back and he swings the blade towards the sea pirates.

"Out of the way children," the leader stated in a calm tone. "We have business to attend to in town."

"And for what?" asked Peytan.

"We have an appointment with the Olden family, for they have our weapons surplus for the month."

"Olden?" the psychic parroted.

"He must be taking about that Duster fellow back at the shop," whispered Nash.

"Now if you don't mind, we will like to get on with our business," the man said, now bringing the sword to his side. "Or do we have to use force to move you out of our ways?"

"I like to see you try," Peytan said, snapping his hands together to start an attack.

Nash pulls out one of his golf balls and he takes a swing at the ball, which is a black ball with a string coming out from one of the dimples. The leader of the group stands his ground, even not pulling up his sword to defend himself, as he allows the golf ball to hit his chest and the ball explodes. The golf ball returns to Nash by rolling to his feet and the smoke clears to see what the damage has been inflicted.

Surprisingly, the man is still standing.

"What! But my Bomb ball should have knock you back into your fortress," Nash stated.

The man lets out a laugh in response. "You think that puny bomb could damage me?" he snorted. "I will show you what a real bomb can do!"

He swings his left arm outward towards the Canocerous on his left, and the creature lowers itself to aim the cannon at the boys. Nash takes a step back in fear and Peytan quickly prepares a Psy-Psy Net to prevent the cannonballs from hurting them. The cannon fired, shooting the steel ball with a deafening boom, and the ball inches to a stop, coming right up to the golfer's face before dropping to the ground. The surrealist looks over to his captain, who is shooting him a nervous grin.

"Next time, warn me when you're using one of your moves," Nash replied.

"Hey, you should use your powers to see mine," Peytan responded.

As they talk, they catch the leader of the land pirates charging at them, with three of his men right behind him for support. The leader takes his broad sword and swings it towards the sea pirates, but Nash uses one of his portals to send both him and Peytan away from the swing and put them farther away. When they appear, they notice a large crater formed from the impact of the broad sword hitting the ground where they once stood.

"Man, what did this guy ate?" asked Nash.

"No clue, but whatever it is, we got to get away before he crushes us!" Peytan said before shouting his last words. He grabs the surrealist by the collar and they start to run back towards the shop. The land pirates follow from behind, coming to a stop to watch the sea pirates run from this group to get some help with this fight.

"Send some men in the direction they are going," the leader ordered towards one of the pirates. "I have to get myself ready."


"I can feel something strange about those boys. I need all that I have to take those pirates down."

The leader begins marching back to the fortress, with him signaling for the other pirates outside to go ahead and head into town with the Canocerouses. In this man's mind, with this kind of force, they should be able to take over this town in a matter of minutes, but with those pirates, the plan will hit some bumps before becoming realized. But this not stopped him.


Duster and West are busy working away at the interior of N-90's skull, fixing up the damage to her circuits after solving what was wrong with her. With sparks flying from the wires and oil dripping on their hands, the two brothers are concentrating on the work before them. Far away, old man Torris begins to stir from his sleep, remembering the maid kicked him into a support beam and threatening him not to call her a slut.

With the bones aching from within, the old man grabs his cane and he slowly got himself back on his feet. Once up, he begins walking up to the work station, finding his sons busy away with whatever they are working on, only to find the same maid that kicked him earlier on the work table.

"What the hell is this slut doing on my table?" Torris snapped. "She isn't allowed to be in here, not after knowing that her friends were pirates!"

"Father, have you known that the order we were issued was sent from the Mount Boulder Pirates?" West questioned, briefly looking up to ask that question.

"They're pirates, so I don't see these guys being any different," Duster said, face hidden under his undershirt.

"Still, the Boulder Pirates pay top dollar for what they are offering us, and those sea pirates are far from what the Boulder Pirates are," Torris said, pounding his cane before him.

"Yeah, but they are still pirates! You said we don't deal with pirates!"

"The Boulder Pirates have the firepower to take this business away from me," snapped Torris, bringing his cane towards Duster's neck. "If those pirates that came in here were as big as the Boulder Pirates, then we could have service them. But they are nothing special, so they're garbage!"

Duster's mind is racing with hateful message and his anger is reaching boiling point. He takes the wrench in his hand and slams it on the table, which cause N-90 to snap out of her hibernation state and to sit up on the table. Despite being out, there is a recording device running in her head, and she starts replaying the hateful message in her head.

"What did you say we are?" she asked, now her eyes turning red with anger.

"Want to go another round, missy?" Torris said, bringing his cane up. "I have to warn you, I am a master sharpshooter and can not miss a shot."

The underside of N-90's arms open a panel on each arm, and two blades emerge from inside to extend out and ready for use. She is staring deep into the old man's grey eyes, seeing through the hatred that is raging in his eyes, and Torris takes his cane to get it ready for a fight. He pushes a button and razor sharp thorns emerge on four sides of the cane, with the girth of the cane expanding out to reveal a barrel of a long range gun. With the cane now ready for combat, the two fighters prepare themselves for the fight ahead.

Just before the two can start, the door fly open and Nash and Peytan quickly runs into the room with sweat dripping down their faces and breathing heavily. They look up to notice Torris now standing up and N-90 with blades drawn from her arms, and the two pirates look at the fighters confused before Duster comes walking up.

"If you want an explanation, Dad here got up and he got all pissy about her android here, and she got up to attack Dad once again," the mechanic summarized.

Peytan raises a finger. "That explains a lot," he answered.

"What brings you back?" asked Torris, lowering his cane to focus on the Psy-Mar pirates.

"Well, we were walking around town and then we saw this giant fortress heading for town," Nash said, beginning to use his power to reveal what happened. "Then some of the Navy officers came running up from behind and they got into battle position, only that they were aiming their guns at the fortress, not us. We waited for a bit in some alleys until he heard a cannon go off and then all hell broke loose."

"That would explain the cannonball," Duster said, placing his foot on the said cannonball.

"The Navy tried their best, but their forces were no match for the pirates inside of that fortress," Peytan said, continuing with their story. "As they clear, we notice these Canocerouses and several men standing outside. And then there this one man who was the leader of the group, and he haves these powers that prevent him from being blown up and allowed him to smash his sword into the ground, creating a small crater from the impact."

"And to make things worst, a few of those men are coming this way, bringing those Canocerouses with them," Nash finished, flashing a wide smile.

The room falls speechless from the two pirates' story. The three Olden members look at the male pirates with a silent stare, trying to find the words that are running through their heads. N-90 retracts the blades into her arms, closing the panels to seal them, and she walks back to join her crew. She is looking more joyful to see her crew members once again, and from what they could tell, the android has gotten better from the Oldens' work. But the said mechanics are not impressed.

"You said the Boulder Pirates are coming this way?" asked West.

"Boulder Pirates?" echoed Nash.

"The Mount Boulder Pirates are a band of land pirates that live far off in the mountains in that moving fortress of theirs," Duster said, remembering the origins of the pirates. "They have been a burden to Seaview when they came here, and they've been taking all of our valuable resources from us. Once a month, their crew comes down from the mountains and raids our town, going from business to the next to reap our possessions and use them to destroy our town."

"But, the Boulder Pirates are extremely rich, and they will pay up whatever sum they offer if we meet their end of the deal," Torris pitched in. "Of course, if anyone were to fail their task, the punishment is that cannonball on the floor exploding, sending this place and the surrounding area to kingdom come!"

The Psy-Mar pirates are not pleased. "But in order to stop it from exploding, we had to make our end's meet, and that's what exactly we did, right brother?" asked Duster.

West nods in response. "Everything is here and ready to go."

"Now hold on. Why are you giving these pirates tools that could destroy this town?" asked Peytan. "Don't you know that they will turn their backs and possibly level this city if they wanted to?"

"Boy, don't you even mess with those pirates," Torris stated, bringing his cane towards the psychic's neck. "If you even think about taking Everest down, you're just asking for your ass to get sent to Hell and back."

"Everest? You mean that big, tall guy with the power to create craters with his sword?" Peytan asked, now interested in this Everest person.

"You met Everest in person and took him on?" Duster asked a bit surprised.

"Uh, weren't you listening to our story?" asked Nash.

Duster shrugs as he walks over to where there are large stacks of weapons are stacked. As he is grabbing some guns, the whole room begins to shake, feeling strong vibrations that are coming from outside. Everyone looks to see the large Canocerouses marching down the streets, with several men in tow and ready to enter the store. Peytan begins to come up with a defense move, but Torris waves his cane towards the psychic to prevent him from using the move.

The door is kicked open and two large men came walking into the store, with the two of them being identical in uniform. Then a third man strolls inside, looking similar to what Paytan and Nash remembered for Everest, but he haves short black hair and he haves a brown headband going around his head. This man walks up to the old man and he gives Torris a wide, sinister grin.

"Torris Olden... it's been a while, hasn't it?" the man asked.

"I can recall that you Boulder Pirates barging in here a month ago, ordering a thousand rifles, a thousand swords, and two custom swords for your leader and for you, Kilimanjaro."

The new man lets out a small laugh. "I hope that you got that axe that I asked for on there," Kilimanjaro snorted.

Duster comes up from behind Torris, carrying a large blue sword with a double edge axe coming out from the grip. Kilimanjaro grins ear to ear as he takes the sword from Duster and holds the blade in his hands. As this Boulder pirate runs his fingers along the silvery blue blade, West stealthy takes a wrench from the work bench and he puts it in his back pocket for the time being.

"Now this is blade," Kilimanjaro said sadistically. "Such a fine, sharp edge that could slice this building right in half!"

"You can't do that!" shouted Peytan.

"Oh? And you think that you can take us on?"

"If it's worth taking you down with me, then you shall get a fight," the psychic stated, straightening his white glove.

"And if you want to get to him, you've to go through me," the surrealist said, taking out a few playing cards.

"And if want to beat them up, you're going to answer to me," the maid said, drawing out her blades from earlier.

Kilimanjaro gives the three Psy-Mar pirates a stare down before cracking up. "Boy you three are funny!" he laughed. "Are you really serious about taking on a Boulder Pirate like me?"

"Like hell we are!"

That shout did not come from any of the pirates. Instead, Kilimanjaro turns around to find Torris and Duster pointing the cane and a custom pistol right at the Boulder pirate's face. The two Oldens fire their weapons, sending their rounds at the same time and both explode upon the pirate, but unlike Everest, Kilimanjaro skids back from the impact, but he is completely in tact. The Boulder pirate lowers his large sword, which he used to deflect the bullets, and he flashes the Oldens a devious grin.

Kilimanjaro grips his sword with all his strength and he swings his mighty sword in an upwards movement, creating a wave of energy that rip right pass the Oldens, who dodged out of the way in time, and through the wall. The wave continues cutting through the walls, tearing through several houses before coming to a stop, and everyone gathers to see what damage Kilimanjaro had made with just one sweep of his large sword.

"Now that's the power of Kilimanjaro's mighty sword, the Seismic!" the Boulder pirate shouted, hoisting the said sword above his head. "With this, I can be able to create seismic waves that can cut through literally anything!"

"Yeah, but you don't have your leader's sword," Duster pointed out, taking a sword out of its sheath, all before collapsing to the floor.

Kilimanjaro could only laugh. "The Earthmover is way too heavy for anyone to pick up! Only Everest is strong enough to lift such a mighty blade such as that."

"Wanna bet all of your Berries that I can't lift it?" Nash offered, twirling one of his playing cards between his fingers.

"Let's see you try."

"All right, but it's your money."

The surrealist walks up to the sword that is on the ground and he places his hand on the handle. With a quick glance over to Peytan, who is giving him a nod, Nash lifts the sword up and everyone is surprised to see the boy lift the sword up. Now with the Earthmover up, Kilimanjaro starts to get the sword, but Nash brought the sword around to attack Kilimanjaro, but the Boulder pirate reacts in time to counter with Seismic. With such a shock, both pirates skid back, but Kilimanjaro did not expect to come up to N-90, who haves a foot raised to kick right into the pirate's back and sending him towards Nash.

Peytan snaps his fingers and Kilimanjaro comes to a stop, right in front of Nash. The surrealist gives a quirky grin before handing the Boulder pirate a playing card. "My card," he said, patting the card into the Boulder pirate's vest before Peytan tosses Kilimanjaro through the window and out into the street.

The Boulder pirate got back up on his feet, with an irritated look on his face, and he rotates his sword around to get the axe ready. Just as he was about to swing the blade down, the card in his vest begins to smoke and then it explodes, creating a large fireball in the street to knock several other Boulder pirates off their feet and being caught on fire. The explosion also irritated the Canocerouses, who are not fond of having an explosion being blown in front of them, and they turn towards the shop with the cannons lower and ready to fire.

One fire a round into the store, which rip a large hole in the wall and everyone is now expose to the two angry Canocerouses outside. N-90 makes an attempt to charge them, but Nash stops her as Peytan makes his way towards the creatures with his arms behind him. He then forms a hand seal and places both hands on the ground, shouting some words, and he forms two steel cages around both creatures to prevent them from harming others.

Now trap, the Canocerouses ram against the invisible bars, trying to break the steel that is imprisoning them. They even resort to using their cannons, but nothing is going to break the steel prison. The two creatures quickly tire themselves out, getting down on their knees before collapsing on their sides. Now with the Canocerouses down, the Psy-Mar pirates gather together once again and they focus their attention to the fortress, where they could hear the screams of Navy officers being executed by the Mount Boulder pirates inside of the moving fortress.

"You three must be fools going into that fortress," said Torris, walking out through the giant hole in his shop. "If you step one foot into that place, you'll be murdered on the spot."

"Didn't you see what we have just done?" asked Peytan. "We are capable of taking down those pirates."

"But you don't have the right firepower to take down Everest," said Duster, struggling to bring Earthmover out. "Only Earthmover is strong enough to break down his Boulder-Boulder Fruit, so you're going to need this for the fight ahead."

"And while you're away, we'll get to work on your ship," West said, stepping out of the shop to find his father staring at him. "Don't worry about anything. My father and I can get your ship all fix up if you can beat the Boulder Pirates."

"Wow, really? Thanks a lot," said Peytan. "Oh, and we forgot that we have some pirate's bones that are made out of solid gold, so we can pay you the femurs for everything."

Torris' ears twitch. "How much?"

"Oh, about 100,000 worth in Berries," teased Nash, knowing that the worth they originally are paying match the true value of the bones.

Now Torris is in the deal. He grabs his older son and drags the mechanic down towards the docks, leaving Duster behind with the Psy-Mar pirates. As soon Duster notices this, he starts to make his way towards the docks, but he could hear his brother shouting in the distance.

"No, stay with them!" he shouted. "You got more know-how on defeating the Boulder Pirates than we do! Plus, you have those weapons that only you can...!"

West did not get to finish his sentence as he now too far away for him to shout his final words. Then an explosion is let out, coming from the shop that the Oldens call home, and from Duster's look, he knew that the cannonball will eventually go off. But to his luck, two items survived the blast and he picks them up in his hands.

In one is a right hand glove, all black with a dark grey metal covering the back of the hand. It also features several springs attach to the metal, which haves a wristband that is attach to these springs and an odd device on top of this wristband. The other object is the pistol from earlier, which is a flint-lock pistol with a scope, dual barrels, a revolving chamber, and a piston for a hammer. Duster slips the black glove, which he calls the Micro Gripper, on his right hand and he places the pistol, the T-40 Wilson Speck, into his left pocket for easy draw.

Now Duster Olden is now ready for the fight ahead.

"Now to just let you know, this is just to get back at those Mount Boulder Pirates," the mechanic said. "I'm not doing this from the bottom of my heart nor am I doing this just to be part of your crew."

"That's fine. We don't want to have a blind man working with us," Peytan responded.

Duster lets loose some steam. "I am not blind! I have a bad case of cataracts in my eye and my dad shot out my other eye... before I accidentally burnt my right eye," he said, placing his gloved hand on his eye patch.

"Not very lucky, are you?" asked Nash.

"Nah, but I did call that bad feeling I had last night."

The four of them heard a cannon being fired. "We better get moving," Peytan said. "If we want to get out of here alive, we better get rid of these pirates."

The small group returns a nod and all four of them begin to run towards the fortress, where wait a large army of Mount Boulder Pirates and one Everest...


In one room inside of the fortress, the large Everest stands in front of a window, looking down at the battlefield that is his courtyard. Several of his weakest men are taking on the feeble Navy, in which proves that such a force is no match for the Mount Boulder Pirates. If even the weakest of these pirates prove to be a challenge for the Navy, then in Everest's mind, there is no chance that Seaview got to defend against. It will be checkmate for all of the residents of this port town, and Everest will be crown the king of this port.

It could happen... if it weren't for an external force interfering with his plans.

The leader of the land pirates look out towards the city, where a handful of his men are still out in the street, and he could tell from the rising smoke that his men are falling to defeat, which is a bad sign. Whoever is doing this must be a worthy adversary and Everest must challenge this opponent to a one-on-one battle. But to question who is strong enough to bring down his men and the Canocerouses, for they are some of the toughest creatures to come out of the North Blue, yet their cries can be heard from the glass.

The door to this room opens up and a male in a long draping cloak strolls in. "Everest... those pirates from earlier are easily getting through our defenses. What shall we do, sir?"

Everest continues to stare out the window, not bothering to look at the new man's reflection. "Leave them to me," he finally replied. "Or to say, leave the boy in red to me. He might provide a fight that I have been longing for."

"Understood," the underling replied. "I'll tell the forces to separate him from the rest."

With that, the cloak man strolls back out and shuts the door, leaving Everest alone to continue watching the fight below. In his mind, if those sea pirates get to the gates and charge through the battlefield to get to the fortress... the leader shakes his head from such thoughts and he begins to leave the room, grabbing his original Earthmover from a wall and then out towards the halls.


Now only a few feet away, N-90 runs up to the doors of the outer perimeter of the fortress and she delivers one kick to blow the door off its hinges. With the doors out of the way, the four members rush into the courtyard, where there is a large-scale battle of Navy officers versus the Mount Boulder pirates. No one from either side care to notice the doors being blown off or to see the three pirates and one mechanic walking onto the battlefield, as every last one of the fighting parties are busy with their fights.

"This looks like a massacre," Duster pointed out, viewing through his monocle to see the action clearly. "A massacre of the Navy with a legion of Boulder pirates."

"A legion?" parroted Nash. "That's how many are there?"

"'Fraid so. The Mount Boulders practically call themselves a society in their own terms, but don't follow by any rules but their own."

"That will explain this fighting," N-90 said.

"We need to find a way to the main fortress," Peytan said. "Just keep straight and avoid any fire. Grab anything you see that may be useful and get rid of these Boulder pirates."

With these words, the four sprint ahead, grabbing several shields for defense and Peytan with a protective shield around him, as they make their mad dash towards the Boulder fortress. Along the way, a few of the Boulder pirates decided to advert their attention away and fight them, but in return they get a few slashes from N-90, several smacks from Nash, psychic powers from Peytan, and a couple of rounds from Duster. They are making progress, as the Navy did not bother to turn away and fire at the pirates.

At just a quarter of the way through, the group stops to notice a breeze blowing right before them and a cloak stranger emerges right in front of them. This cloak figure reveals itself to be a female, one of the first females they seen today, and she is wearing the standard Mount Boulder outfit, but she is wearing the cloak to cover some parts of her body. She is also wearing a nun type headwear over her black hair, which bangs slightly covering her eyes.

"This is new," said Duster. "Never knew that they were females in the Boulder pirates."

This mysterious female draws out a sword from her cloak, revealing a slender maroon red blade that is attach to her sleeve. She continues to stare at the four, with the only movement that she is doing is raising the blade up to her chest, showing off the razor sharp edges.

"Who wants to draw their weapon?" she asked in a flat, sweet voice.

The three males look at each other before N-90 steps up, with her arm blades ready for a fight. "I will go," she said, placing the blades out. "You go on ahead. I'll take care of this."

"Are you sure you'll be OK?" asked Peytan.

"Let her go," Duster said, placing a hand on the psychic's shoulder. "You can clearly see that she is a capable fighter. Plus, I don't see how this Boulder is going to stand a chance compare to your android."

The captain of the Psy-Mar gives a firm nod and the three male bodies of the group split N-90 away to fight, only to continue on to the fortress. Now alone, N-90 focuses her attention upon this mysterious female, who now has put her sword back down at the ground and is now ready for the sword fight.

"Who are you?" N-90 asked.

"They call me Saint Helen," the Boulder pirate replied. "You?"

"N-90." The android got herself into a fighting pose. "Now let's dance, shall we?"


The remaining members of the small group are now farther ahead into this fight, getting themselves caught up between the Navy and Boulder Pirates. All three are taking on with the weakest of the Boulder Pirates, but they prove to be a challenge to defeat for being the lowest of the low. But with the help of the Navy, they are winning this fight faster when they were not part of the fight, and the numbers of the Boulder Pirates are slowly dropping.

At half-way, the ground suddenly begins to rock beneath the three's feet. They got control of their balance as something draws near the surface, and cracks begin to form under Nash's feet. From what Duster and Peytan are giving Nash, he is surely the victim in something he is not causing. Then the true culprit finally emerges, shooting out from the ground at full force and knocking the three off their feet. They recover to find a mysterious man floating in the air with... a sword?

Yes, this man is apparently flying with a katana blade, which is spinning around fast enough to keep him afloat. He is, like the others, wearing the same uniform, but on this man is samurai type armor, and his right arm is made entirely out of rocks. And the man's face is cover up by a strange mask, which is showing black holes for the eyes and mouth on the mask and the group could not tell who is behind the mask.

The flying man drops down from his flight and he draws his katana towards Nash. "You there! I challenge you to a duel to the death," the man said in a strange tone.

"Me?" the surrealist replied, looking around to make sure he is the only one. "You want to fight me?"

"Yes, of course child. You prove to me worthy to fight me, Fuji, to a one-on-one."

Nash gives a confused look before coming to an agreement. "All right, I'll fight. I always wanted to fight a masked samurai to a fight."

The surrealist golfer draws out his heaviest three iron out and grips the handle as if he is holding a sword in his hand. Peytan and Duster understands that Nash wants to fight alone and the two continue ahead to get even closer to the fortress. Now alone, Nash and the masked Fuji wait it out, with the wind blowing up dust, and each staring at each other for a long time.

"I'll be nice enough for you to make the first move," Nash offered.

"With pleasure," Fuji replied.

With a single swipe at thin air, Fuji disappears into the air. Nash checks his surroundings around him and he whips around to clash his club against hard steel, and the two begin clashing metal, with each swing harder and faster by the second.


Farther ahead, Peytan looks back to see his two crewmates fighting Boulder Pirates that are as strong as Kilimanjaro from earlier, knowing that they could be risking their lives if they weren't careful. But the captain haves faith for his crew, for he knows they are strong to take those pirates down. And then something begins to play in his mind. If those Boulder pirates appear all of a sudden and then challenging different members, could the same happen to him and Duster?

"Something bothering you?"

Peytan looks to see Duster looking concern at the psychic. "It's nothing," he replied.

"It's strange to see your crew members being pulled away like that," Duster said, looking away for the moment to shoot at a Boulder pirate. "Everest must be planning to have a fight between one of us."

"You got that right."

An unknown voice stops both Duster and Peytan in their tracks, making them look around to see where the voice came from. Then a cloak figure comes walking up towards them, with a large buster sword strapped to his back and looking fierce at the two.

"You must be Duster Olden," the cloak man said. "I have heard a lot about you from Everest. I say, there is a reason why Everest haves a fond interest in you."

"And you are?"

"The name's Loa, the first-mate to Everest," the cloak man said, giving the two a small bow. "I have come here to distract Duster away so that Everest can fight this gentleman." He points towards Peytan.

"Him? Why him? Isn't Everest interested in me?" asked Duster.

"He is, but Everest wants a fight," Loa answered. "This boy proves to be a worthy adversary to this crusade, and the two must fight one-on-one to see who wins this fight."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not allowing you to get Duster," Peytan said, stepping in. "If you want to fight him, you have to get through me."

The first-mate of the Boulder Pirates grabs the handle to the buster sword and he swings the blade around, revealing the sword to be much larger than its user. "Do not mess with me," he threatens. "This sword here can cleanly slice you both in half, even if I'm allow to cut you both."

"Just try," Duster smirked.

Loa draws back his sword and he raises the large blade over his head, getting the sword ready for the swing. Just as he brought the large blade down, the sword hits something hard and the force knock all three male figures away. Loa quickly recovers and he notices his captain Everest standing in the middle of the battlefield, with Earthmover out and unsheathed.

"Everest! What are you doing out here?" Loa asked.

"I will ask you why you were going to attack my opponent?" replied Everest. "This boy is going to be my opponent and yet you were going to strike him."

"Yes, well..."

The blade of Earthmover slides right under the first-mate's neck. "You are dangerously close from having your life being taken away," Everest said in a low tone. "If you disobey your own word again, you will not live to see another day."

Loa gives a good look at the sharp blade and gulps real hard. "Yes, your lordship."

The leader of the Boulder Pirates draws his sword back and he turns to face Duster and Peytan. "So what do we have here? It looks like we have Duster Olden joining in all of this. So... are you with this pirate here, or are you here to join my crew?"

"OK, first question: I'm not with him. Second: again, hell no!" snapped Duster. "I will never be part of your crew! I had a perfect life before you came to this town, and now you're taking it away from me!"

"I am sorry for that," Everest replied, not changing his tone. "You know that this can all change if you join."

"I rather eat my own ass and join his crew instead of joining yours!" the mechanic growled.

I like to see that, Peytan thought to himself.

"Very well, if that is how you think..." Everest starts to raise his sword, "then you shall die."

The large man quickly swings his heavy broad sword towards Duster's head, hoping to end the man's terrible life. But to Everest's surprise, a sudden impact with a strong sword prevented from decapitating Duster and to both of their surprise, the sword blocking the attack is the new Earthmover.

And it is floating in the air.

"How... how is this possible?" asked Everest. "I thought that I am the only one to wield Earthmover?"

"You misunderstood the Cursed Devil Fruit powers," Peytan said, with a hand in front of his face. "My fruit allows me to use psychic powers, and lifting your sword is no different."

"So that's how you defeated Kilimanjaro," Duster muttered.

Peytan swipes his hand to make his Earthmover move, knocking Everest back a few feet. "Very clever boy," he said, "but you forgot that I have the Boulder-Boulder Fruit. With its powers, I can easily become heavier than a boulder and my strength increases by a hundred-fold."

"And I bet you sink faster if you're out in the ocean," Duster stated, knowing how Cursed Devil Fruits have the all around side-effect of making whoever ate a fruit to be cursed never to swim again.

"That does not matter. As long as I remain on land, then I will never be in danger of drowning."

"I could change that," Peytan said, cracking his knuckles.

The psychic begins to charge up some of his moves, getting the sword up for him to fight. Everest brought his sword forward and rushes in to take a swing, but the impact of both Earthmovers is enough to blow everyone in the radius of the blast away and to create a crater several feet deep. Both fighters skid back from the impact and they try again, getting the same result as before, only they are getting deeper and deeper into the ground. Even with his massive strength, Everest is no match for this psychic boy, who proves to be a stronger swordsman than he is.

As they clash one more time, the force is enough to send both out of the deep crater and across the battlefield, with Peytan heading back towards Nash and N-90 and helping them win their fights. Everest, on the other hand, is flying back towards his fortress, and upon impact, he made such an indent that large cracks begin to form. The man did survive, stepping out from the hole he made and he walks out to continue on with the fight, now dealing with an angry Duster.

The mechanic raises his pistol towards Everest's face and fires, but the bullet proves to be useless against a man made out of rocks. Everest grabs Duster's neck and begins squeezing, forcing all of the air out of the mechanic's body to turn everything blue. Nash notices this situation and he got N-90 up from the pile and he creates a portal for her to use. With a portal facing the back, the golfer takes out a rubber golf ball and he flings it through the portals into the back of Everest's head.

The leader of the Boulder Pirates turns away from Duster, releasing his grip on the poor man, and he looks through the portal to see the android maid N-90 in a seductive pose. The man could not believe what he is seeing, as the android begins to remove her dress to reveal what is underneath, and Everest's nose bleeds out a large stream upon seeing more than he needed. From the lack of blood, Everest falls hard, shaking the ground as he landed, and the portal close to leave a topless N-90 standing there slightly cover in blood.

"Uh N-90, can you put your dress back on?" asked Peytan, who is now back on his feet and covering his eyes.

N-90 looks down and she quickly pulls her straps back over her shoulders. She turns away to hide her non-existing blush, as Duster comes strolling up, looking happier than ever.

"Well now, I guess that this is the end," he said. "With Everest in a coma from that surprise, I'm sure that we won't be hearing from the Boulder Pirates any..."

A low grumbling erupted from behind, cutting the mechanic off from finishing his sentence. All four look towards the fortress, seeing that this is the source of the grumbling, and they slowly begin making their way towards the gate. From before, the crater Everest made had enough force to create cracks along the walls, which spread like wildfire and eventually starts to weaken the fortress down severely. With only minutes before the fortress could collapse, the Psy-Mar pirates and Duster rush out from the courtyard and down the streets of Seaview, with several surviving Boulder Pirates and Navy officers following suit as the fortress now begins to crumble.


"I can't believe they have all this gold!"

"I can't believe they have all this scrap," said West, checking over the progress they did so far. "It's far from being complete, but if Duster gets here soon, we'll be finish in no time. Dad, are you listening?"

"So much gold bones! They have been keeping this away from me," the old man greedily said, rubbing several bones across his face.

West is not easily impressed. He lifts up one of the scraps from N-90's ship and starts to climb up the plank when he turns towards town to see his baby brother running towards the docks, along with the Psy-Mar pirates, Navy officers and Boulder Pirates. West panics to see a large crowd of Boulder Pirates heading for the docks, throwing the scrap metal on the deck and rushing down the plank to grab his father by the collar and away from the gold bones. With the old man forward and away from the bones, Torris looks out to see the large crowd heading for the docks.

"What the hell is going on?" he asked.

"Get out of the way, old man!" shouted Duster. "Can't you see that we're escaping for our lives?"

As what Torris and West could see, there is several large chunks of rock rolling behind the crowd, which is coming from the former fortress of the Boulder Pirates, and the mechanics got out of the way for Duster and the Psy-Mar pirates to get on board of the Kyron Hunter. As they made their way up, Peytan grabs the majority of the bones, including the skull, and he leaves the femurs behind as payment. Then the psychic shoots out a gust of wind to push them away from the docks and out into open waters.

On the docks, Torris and West move towards the edge as everyone that is part of the crowd begins to fall into the ocean water and the rubble tumble into the same water to crush anyone that is not lucky underneath or possibly drown from the impact of the rubble hitting the water. The two mechanics watch the victims of the fight suffer in the water, with a few sinking under faster due to Cursed Devil Fruits, and Torris lets out a snort in disgust.

"This serves them," he grunted. "It's about time that they get what's coming to them, and I can't believe that my damned child did it."

"It wasn't just Duster that did this," said West. "We should also be thanking those pirates for helping us out."

"I'm not sure to call all of this helping us out," Torris said, turning to notice the damage the wreckage of the fortress did to the town.

The two jump from a horn blaring in the distance. They turn around to see that the Kyron Hunter is gone from view and a much larger ship, a Navy ship, is sailing towards the wrecked town.

"Great, a Navy war ship," groans Torris. "Just like we need some high-ranked Navy officer coming to this town and help us out when we needed them the most."

"Well, they can provide us with some money," West replied, and Torris could only sigh in response.


"Ah shit! I can't believe that I wound up on this ship!" Duster shouted, grabbing his head in disgust. "Now I'm going to be stuck on this ship for the rest of my life!"

"Hey, it wasn't our fault for you running up onto our ship," Nash said, cleaning off his club he used for his fight against Fuji.

"And besides, this gives us the opportunity to have you join our crew," Peytan pointed out. "With you being a mechanic, you can fix the ship up and get that navigation device install in no time."

"And why should I bother joining your crew?"

"Because it beats staying with your father and you can have all the freedoms you want with us," Peytan replied.

Duster looks away to think and then looks back at the psychic. "You're right. Now that I'm away from that hellhole, I guess I could make a name out of myself."

"Then welcome to Psy-Mar!"

The mechanic clasps Peytan's hand and firmly shakes it. "So where are we heading next, captain?"

Peytan pulls out his old map and looks towards the bottom of the paper. From where they are, he could tell where their next destination is. With a clap of his hands and the winds turning their ship, the psychic captain walks up to the bow of the ship and puts his foot on the edge.

"Get ready my crew, for we are heading for the East Blue!"

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