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"I feel terrible," Hakuba groaned.

"Well, falling asleep half-clothed after nearly hyperventilating probably doesn't help anything," Shinichi offered as he tried to figure out how to put on his slightly too-large robe without looking ridiculous. "Dammit, I think some of my clothes got switched with Kaito's," he muttered.

"Well excuse me!" the blonde sputtered as he blushed. "You'd be somewhat off too if you were suddenly told by a ghost - of a strange girl with blue hair nonetheless - that you were at least bisexual! I've always been attracted to girls! Koizumi-chan, Aoko-san, hell, our homeroom teacher wasn't that bad looking!"

Shinichi ignored his roommate's (possibly/probably in denial) ranting as he rifled through his other clothing in order to find a robe that actually fit him.

"-that girl Natsuki-san, I probably would've asked her out if she hadn't turned out to be a murderer! Are you even listening to me?"

"Not really," Shinichi answered truthfully as he donned his own robe that he'd finally located. "It's quite amusing hearing you rant like this though - the times I've ever interacted with you in the past, you've always been so calm and polite - nothing like this."

"'The times in the past I've interacted with you'?" Saguru narrowed his eyes. "We haven't met that often Kudo-kun, only a few times recently because of Kuroba."

Crap, I forgot he doesn't know about 'Conan', Shinichi cursed mentally. "Oh, really?" he asked, feigning innocence. "Must've been someone else I was thinking about." He looked around the room for a timepiece, and upon finding none, feigned surprise as he looked down at his bare wrist and declared: "Oh my, it certainly is getting late; we'd better hurry if we want some breakfast!"

The Meitantei of the East then beat a speedy retreat from his roommate's (potentially) dangerous questions.


The Golden Trio gave a collective sigh of relief as they saw Kaito dash across the Great Hall to join up with Shinichi, who was just coming in. The prankster magician had spent a good portion of the night wailing and bemoaning the fate that the two star-crossed lovers faced. Heiji's attempts at explaining that, no, Shinichi and Kaito were nothing like Romeo and Juliet did nothing to help - in fact, it only served to make Kaito even more despondent. Which was why he was now sprinting full speed - and damn, could he run fast! - across the hall while he shouted in caps lock.

"I campf shee were Ahm gowin wif you in my fafe!" Shinichi's exclamation was muffled as Kaito took the opportunity of glomping his boyfriend for all he was worth, not really caring that if he didn't let go of his boyfriend soon that said boyfriend would probably suffocate. Although, there was the one time they were playing Truth or Dare with Ran-chan and Kazuha-chan, and the latter had dared Shinichi and Kaito to kiss as long as they could without breaking apart - which happened three minutes and 49 seconds later, so Shinichi probably could hold his breath for a pretty long time-

Oh, never mind, Kaito was off Shinichi's face now and scowling at Umbridge, who had so rudely demanded that they stop.

"Public displays of affection are frowned upon here, young man." The woman whom everyone seemed to hate scowled at both of them.

"I hugged him - how is that PDA?" Kaito asked, not a little incredulous. "Although if you really want to see some PDA..."

He was cut off as Shinichi elbowed him in the stomach quite forcefully. "What Kaito means to say is that he believes that you're being a bit overreactive," the detective fluently translated Kaito's reply into BS-speak. Rule one of diplomacy, or any sticky situation, is to be able to tell people to go to hell in a way that makes them want to go there. Preferably while singing 'Friday'. Rule two is that if whoever you're trying to hoodwink - in this case the toad lady whose fashion sense rivaled that of the Black Org.'s (and that's not a good thing) - didn't believe you - and going by the narrowed eyes and pursed lips, Umbridge didn't - then you should utilize every weapon at your disposal to get the hell out of Dodge.

Luckily for Umbridge, what was about to become a bloodbath courtesy of Kaito was interrupted by a large cry of: "Preserve the Yaoi!"

A large group of ghosts burst through the wall with Satchan at their head. The blue-haired dead girl was somewhat different from the last time Saguru and Shinichi had seen her, as she was dressed not in a sailor fuku but a tight leather dominatrix suit.

(There was a funny story behind that actually. There's a store in the backwoods of Canada (who?) where there's a portal to an alternate dimension where everyone is a ghost, and it's the living who are 'dead'. Long story short, the ghosts from that dimension knew how to make clothes for the dead, and Nearly-Headless Nick had given Satchan the lovely bit of leather lingerie she was wearing (ooh, alliteration! Now imagine it in a sexy British accent...). True, he'd nearly had his head cut off all the way (he was trying to come up with something even more outrageous to give her so he could finally join the Headless Hunt) but it was so worth it.)

"Infidel, prepare to meet your doom!" the small black-haired girl beside Satchan shrieked (she tried to 'boom', but her voice was nowhere near deep enough).

"To protect the world from devastation," purred a girl in a skimpy red tube dress with white and black hair..

"To unite all peoples within our nation!" cried a girl with green hair.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love," a blonde girl in a school uniform declared monotonously.

"To extend our reach to the stars above!" the shrieking girl shrieked.

"YFGA blast off at the speed of light!" Satchan announced. "Surrender now, or prepare to be blasted into oblivion by the terrible sight of Armstrong getting it on with Gluttony!"

"EWWW!" the entire group of ghost girls chorused.

"We totally do not need that mental image!" a blonde - different than the one who'd spoken in monotone - shivered melodramatically. "Plus, that doesn't even rhyme!"

"Shut up Sierra, lest you anger the grand High Elder of the Glorious Goodness that is Yaoi," hissed a redhead next to her.

Now, to more than half of the occupants of the hall it was just a normal morning and nothing out of the ordinary was happening. That is, to more than half the occupants. The rest of the people who could see the YFGA were having reactions classed into one of three things:

- Facepalming (that would be Shinichi and Hakuba (or maybe just Shinichi since Hakuba was still a bit traumatized))

- Open-mouthed disbelief (that would be pretty much everyone else)

- Or jumping up and down in joy (that would be a little second-year Hufflepuff who was chattering about how she knew that they would eventually come and how she couldn't wait to tell the rest of her com-! A third-year Slytherin silenced her with a well-placed spoonful of blue jello expertly flung into the Hufflepuff's mouth. This caused a third-year Gryffindor to give the Slytherin a withering "Are you serious?" glare which the Slytherin responded in turn with a special one-fingered ninja hand sign).

Minerva McGonagall was one of the ones who didn't see anything unusual like a group of ghost girls who would like nothing more than to see random guys start making out with each other. What she did see was a large portion of people at the Gryffindor table with gaping mouths.

"Close your mouths before you start catching flies!" the Head of Gryffindor snapped, dutifully invoking fear and panic in the hearts of her students. "And Dolores, remember that you are on a short enough leash as it is!"

"Yes, Minerva," the pink horror simpered with a glare towards the world at large. She gave Kaito a glare that basically announced her intentions that she would be stalking - er, keeping an eye on him.

Shinichi quickly dragged Kaito away from Umbridge before he did something that he wouldn't regret but that would land Shinichi in hot water. "Breakfast, schedule, then classes," he hissed in his boyfriend's ear. "Or so help me once we're done with this school you're on the couch for a month."

The scathing reply Kaito held ready for Umbridge was kept behind lips that were now sealed shut in the face of the Terrible Cockblocking Couchâ„¢. But there was just one thing he had to ask.

"Shin-chan, why is there a girl over there with a sign that says 'KaiShin 4ever!'?"

Sirius knew it had been a good idea when he followed that little blonde girl! Okay, so he'd spent a few minutes trying to get the dog side of him to stop screaming "EVIL! EVIL! PURE EVIL STAY AWAAAAAY!" but hey, she knew Nymphie!

Heh heh, his cousin once removed couldn't hurt him for saying his name if it was just in his mind! Though he had to wonder at Andromeda for naming her daughter something so... suggestive. Then again, she was Bellatrix and Narcissa's sister; that in and of itself was an explanation of so much, yet so little.

Some small part of his mind wondered if he'd been this scatter-brained before he died, but as the little blonde girl kept glaring at him while the other kids were trying to wake Tonks up from her impromptu nap (that she'd probably kill him for once she regained consciousness), he soon returned his attention to the girl.

"You're not a real dog, are you?" Ai spoke to the dog in English. After all, Dora-chan was from England and she seemed to know the dog, if the dramatically gasped name before she fainted was any indication. Though really, who named their kid after a constellation?

Sirius sneezed, then paused for a moment before hesitantly nodding his head.

"Great," Ai grumbled to herself, pinching the bridge of her nose. "As if being without Kudo-kun's company after he's back to normal was too good to be true, now we have someone who's been turned into a dog. What else will that damned Organization get up to next?"

"But I'm not stuck as a dog," Sirius protested as he shifted back into his human shape. The girl's eyes widened almost impossibly large before narrowing to slits.

"Explain," she hissed, and Sirius almost expected her hair to morph into snakes and for him to turn to stone in the next minute.

"Ai-chan, she's waking up!" Ayumi called from where she and the boys had been minorly successful at getting Tonks back to consciousness.

"I had a strange dream," the blue-haired woman muttered. "Sirius wasn't dead and I ran into him in Japan..." Her gaze fell on Sirius in his human form.

"Hey Nymphie," he waved, his grin slightly nervous.

"Explain," his cousin barked. "Now."

Sirius briefly wondered if maybe staying dead would've been preferable to dealing with the two very angry females he was dealing with.

"You almost gave us away!" the third-year Slytherin hissed.

"Waah, I'm sorry Leader-sama!" the blonde Hufflepuff wibbled. "I was just so excited because from the ancient texts we've been expecting them for so long-"

"Oh, lay off of her," the Gryffindor scolded. "It's not her fault she doesn't think before she speaks."

"Yeah, it's not her fault," a third-year Ravenclaw chimed in. The Slytherin glared at her, eyes narrowed to near impossible slits.

"You wanna go at it again?"

"You ready to lose, you ninja wannabe?"

"Ha! Eat my super-ultra-lightning-quick attack!"

"Knives again? Pitiful. Take this! I summon Dark Magician Girl in Attack Mode!"

"Oh, so that's the way it is?"

"For the last time, I AM NOT LESBO!"

"Suuuuure, and your decks are composed of big-boobed girls for no reason!"


"Should we stop them?" A fourth-year Gryffindor asked the other boy, who sighed.

"No, it'll be good for them to get all their UST out."

"WHAT UST?" The Slytherin and Ravenclaw turned their glares on the two boys, who immediately gulped and wished they were elsewhere, like maybe Canada.

"Do meetings always go like this?" Tsuki Starfire asked the Hufflepuff.

"Eh, not always," the blonde shrugged. "Sometimes we have snacks!"

The first-year Ravenclaw nodded, not sure whether that made things better or worse.

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