Hey everybody! As promised, I sort of changed my story to make much more sense. This is the information that people would want to know, because i will make references to this alot! So read it before you move on. So, the chapters will be under construction, but don't be surprised that alot of the original stuff stays in the story.

Thanks to everyone who have been very patient with this.

- H. of Merlin

Verse: Something to get to know Nicolai better =]

Date: 11-13-10

Full Name: Nicolai Elizabeth Mathews

Meaning: Nicolai is another name to the Goddess Nike: strength, speed, and victory

Origin: Greek Mythology is awesome!

Nickname/Alias: Heir of Merlin, Merlin's Heir, Niki, Squirt by Myra, Teddy by Remus, and Little Flower by Sirius

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Real Age: 15

Supposed Age: 16-18

Birthday: July 13, 1981

Birthplace: Godric Hollow

History: Merlin himself was born and raised in England, hundreds of years before the founding of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Merlin never had children of his own, but had an apprentice by the name of Rune, who was a complete master over ancient writings; but will later be known as Ancient Runes. Merlin trusted his apprentice with his very life, and in turn, gave him all his magic, all his knowledge, and his very being to him. At the time, Rune didn't understand what was happening, but when he went home that day, he had found out that his wife was pregnant.

Ecstatic by this fantastic news, he had ran to his master to find him dead and gone. Saddened by this, he had dug a grave far away so no one would disturb him, and gave his loving master a proper farewell. When he had returned to his wife, she was able to perform magic, and Rune had understood what his master gave him. To make sure that his family was well protected, they traveled around Europe for quite some time. Finally, after some months, his beautiful baby girl was born, in the Country of Spain, the very place where they have decided to stay.

After many centuries, the master's apprentice's family still stayed in Spain. However, for every generation that was born, only one child was able to be born, either being a girl or boy, in that order. It was never a girl or boy twice. After quite some time, the last child of the line was Alejandro Matthews, who was married to pureblood witch , Alba Garcia. Alejandro was tried for treason and murder the very day that his daughter was born, Elizabeth Artemis Matthews. Alejandro was killed on the eve of his daughter's first birthday, and Alba was distraught. After sixteen years of heavy drinking, Alba Garcia Matthews had died and left her daughter in the hands of the Spanish Ministry of Magic. The beautiful teen had been put into an orphanage, where she was abused and raped many times by other orphaned pureblood wizards.

After having enough it all, Elizabeth had used her knowledge of magic that she read over the years and escaped to England. There, she had encountered Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, and was accepted as a seventh year Gryffindore. Elizabeth had befriended Myra and Remus Lupin (twins), Sirius Black, Lily Evans, and James Potter, and had found out that she was pregnant two months after she escaped. Not bothered by this information, her friends where very supportive, and was there for her. Elizabeth and Sirius begun to date at the end of their seventh year, and Lily and James had just discovered that she was also two months pregnant, however, a few weeks behind Elizabeth.

After both babies were born, Elizabeth having a girl, to her utter shock, name Nicolai, and Lily having a baby boy, whose name is Harry, the six friends became inseparable. However, tragedy struck on the babies first Halloween when the Dark Lord had paid them a visit. James and Lily Potter had died in the tragic accident, with Harry surviving the killing curse. Nicolai had fused her magic with Harry's to stop Voldemort, and he fled. Elizabeth and Myra had taken Nicolai and fled, after they had checked to see if Harry was fine. After that, they escaped to America where they spent 15 years in hiding.

Upbringing: Nicolai was treated like a child until the age of 5, that's when Eli and Myra decided to tell her everything. After that, Nicolai was taught magic, defensive and offensive spells, and her mom taught her wandless magic. Even though Elizabeth lived in England for two years and in America for a few years, she still speaks fluent Spanish and refuses to abandon her heritage. Aside from teaching her daughter magic, Elizabeth taught Nicolai how to read, write, and speak Spanish, and at times taught Myra as well. At the age of 8, Nicolai had lost her mom, and she feels guilty about it to this very day, because she thinks it was her fault.

Infancy: The year until Nicolai turned one, it was all fun and games, but after that, it all turned down hill.

Childhood: 5-8, Nicolai never felt like a kid, only at times when Myra bought her a toy for her birthday and her mom baked a cake. Other than that, they were always traveling to a new place every other day so as not to get caught.

Adolescence: 8-15, Nicolai had decided that she couldn't be a kid anymore, not after she lost her mum. So she decided to read every magic book she can get her hands on, and tries to master her uncontrollable magic. And to still remember what her mom taught her, she at times would buy a few books in Spanish so as not to lose the only connection she still had to her mom. Although things become much more complicated after she starts dating Harry Potter.

Species: Pure Blood Witch. Magic is completely stronger than most because of her Merlin lineage. She is the third strongest magical being on the planet. First are the Valkyre (which will be introduced in the story later), and second are both Voldemort and Dumbledore.

Ethnicity: Nicolai is full Spaniard, but has hints of an English accent from her aunt Myra.

Blood Type: O positive

Preferred Hand: Nicolai prefers her right hand, but can also produce magic from her left.

Facial Type: Ovalish-round

Eye Color: Her natural eye color is brown, that look black at first glance; but when she gets very pissed off, or using her magic at the fullest, they turn a striking blue.

Hair Color: Her hair is a very dark brown that looks black.

Hairstyle: Her hair is mid-back length and has bang that goes to the left of her face and is usually in a sloppy bun. At times, she does leave it down, but only when she's really lazy.

Skin Tone: A light tan

Complexion: Clear skin

Makeup: None whatsoever

Body Type: Mesomorph

Build: Although Nicolai isn't weak, she appears to be small and fragile.

Height: 5'8" frame

Weight: 110

Cup Size: B cup

Distinguishing Marks: Nicolai has a lightning bolt shape scar near her collar bone, next to her heart, and she has a birth mark on her shoulder blade in the shape of a crescent moon and star, indicating that she is Merlin's Heir.

Health: According to Myra, Nicolai is in perfect health and shape. Nicolai's magic allows her to hardly have any scars, and whenever she gets hurt, her magic heals her. If the damage is small, it takes seconds to heal, but if it's larger, it will take longer.

Energy: Usually, Nicolai is calm and serene; which means that she's as strong as a normal witch. But when she gets very emotional, her magic gets out of control.

Memory: Nicolai has excellent memory, which some would confuse to photograph memory. But there are times when Nicolai would get dreams of past lives and catches glimpses of how there lives were.

Senses: Nicolai can sense when another magical being is near, and is able to somewhat feel what others are feeling, like an empath. Nicolai is also a natural mind reader, she can turn it off and on when ever she wants to, but if a person's thoughts are loud, then she'll be able to hear it.

Handicaps: Nicolai is hardly afraid of anything, but when it comes to the people she loves, she's willing to do anything for them, even die for them.

Phobias: Nicolai is deathly afraid of being left alone, and not being able to save anyone.

Mental Disorders: There are times when her past lives take over her body, but only when she's in extreme pain or extreme danger.

Style: Her style of choice is to be as comfortable as possible incase she needs to make a quick getaways. Most of the time, she's wearing jeans, her worn out converse, plain tees, and a light sweater.

Posture: When Nicolai is around people she doesn't know, she wears herself tall and strong, to intimidate others. When she's around people she's comfortable with, then she will slouch and act somewhat weak.

Gait: From all the running, she is swift and quick when she walks, so no one knows if she's coming or not.

Coordination: Nicolai has very good eye coordination, but at times she can be clumsy.

Habits and Mannerisms: When Nicolai is irritated or frustrated, she bites her lower lip and taps on anything she can get her hands on.

Smile: When Nicolai tries to make a first impression, she gives an award winning smile. But when she smiles at enemies, it's a smile that is planning your demise.

Scent: Nicolai smells somewhat of pine and vanilla, although at times, there is a hint of rosemary.

Expressions: When Nicolai gets extremely nervous, she stutters to no end. And when she's extremely happy, she will be bouncing in place.

Current Residence: Living with the Order, Hermione, Ron, and Harry.

Family: Mother, Eli, is deceased. Father is unknown. Aunt Myra is currently still alive. Godfather Remus is alive as well. And soon to be step-dad Sirius is alive and well.

Friends: The Golden Trio mostly.

Enemies: Ginny, Umbitch, and mostly all Slytherins.

Heroes: Nicolai's greatest hero has to be Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw, even though she's only read them in books, but after hearing her mother's stories, she became one as well.

Pets/Familiars: Nicolai recently had gotten a pet owl from Sirius for her birthday, named Snitch. Snitch can actually communicate with Nicolai through thought, and can also talk to other animals, such as Hedwig.

Equipment: 10 ½ inch wand made from mahogany wood and phoenix feather core

Accessories: Nicolai wears a necklace with a wing charm, the charm is suppose to represent Nike, the goddess of speed, strength, and victory.

Prized Possession: Her most prized possession is the ring on her finger, its stainless steel and has the roman numerals for 1-13 on it.

Transportation: Instead of aparating from place to place, Nicolai actually orbs from place to place. (Like the whitelighters on Charmed.)

Lovers: None yet.

Marital Status: Current moment, she's single.

Sex Life: Being on the run all her life, she's never had any contact with the male species, besides Sirius and Remus.

Turn-Ons: Loyalty, bravery, humor, and over all a good person.

Turn Offs: Lies, scared to do anything, not funny, and selfish.

Fetishes: Hates other people's feet.

Virginity: Still virgin.

Element: Loves to control water.

Work Ethnic: has never worked a day in her life.

Class: Runaway Witch

Income: Her mother's vault at Gringotts was filled with galleons. And Sirius always gives her coins, even when she's not looking.

Wealth Status: Extremely upper class, but doesn't know it, or she just doesn't care.

Organizations/Affiliations: Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's Army

Education: Can give Rowena Ravenclaw a run for her money.

Learning Style: Visual/Auditory thinker

Intelligence: Musical/Logical/ Linguistic

Religion: Doesn't believe in any religion really. But she loves Greek Mythology.

Morals: Will never leave a friend or loved one behind or hurt.

Motivation: Nicolai wants to free people of their fear from Voldemort

Priorities: Puts everyone before herself

Philosophy: If there's a will, there's a way.

Influences: Nicolai has never been really open, but her new friends show her how to be.

Goals/Ambitions: To defeat all evil. If she has the power, why not use it?

Desires: Wants to be love and be loved in return for who she is.

Accomplishments: Learned how to cast a pratronus wandlessly at the age if 6.

Biggest Failure: Couldn't save her mum.

Addictions: Never let Nicolai in a library, she'll sit there for hours.

Secrets: She came across the Valkyres in America, and they are loyal allies to Nicolai. Myra doesn't know.

Regrets: not producing a protective shield fast enough to save her mum.

Dream: To have a family and settle down.

Worst Nightmare: Losing everyone she cares about

Hobbies/Interests: Loves to look up new spells

Skills/Talents: Nicolai loves to sing when no one is around

Likes: Writing, sleeping, reading, sitting looking at the night sky, ebony, black, pie, pancakes, sweets over all, pranks directed at other people, and scaring people. (Mostly Myra)

Dislikes: Drawing, waking up earlier than 9 am, being in the heat, pink, waffles, vegetables, being scared, and pranks directed at her.

Sense of Humor: Nicolai is extremely sarcastic and at times has dark humor. But she can be really funny and random as well.

Pet Peeves: When people believe themselves to be above her.

Superstitions/Beliefs: Never break glass!

Quirks: Nicolai will sometimes wear a button with Gir on it that says "I like cupcakes" to her clothes.

Savvy: Well informed of the dangers around her, but Myra won't let her anywhere near them if she can help it.

Closet Hobby: Likes to receive presents

Stability: Nicolai is very good at hiding emotions, unless it's something that she feel's strongly about.

Strengths: Always questions everything first before she takes action.

Flaws: Lies constantly about how she really feels. She doesn't like "chick-flick" moments.

Perception: Nicolai sees the world as corrupted, and all the good people are in hiding. (AKA Sirius.)

Conflicts: Nicolai never wants to meet the man that helped bring her into this world, but just wants to know what he looks like. Is also having a hard time trying not to hex the pink toad that is her Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Can mentally lift objects with her mind, can control anyone through thought, can control water, and produce force fields, and can heal others.

Weaknesses: When using telekinesis, it causes her to have a bit of a head ache, usually loses consciousness after 5 minutes when the person fights the mind control, can only control small amounts of water if not trying, can have nosebleeds when she tries to hold the force field longer than 10 minutes, and drains herself when healing others.

Immunities: Can not die easily, can actually survive the Killing Curse.

Favorite Colors: Ebony and black

Favorite Animals: Ravens and lions

Favorite Flavors: Apple

Favorite Foods: Pie and pancakes

Favorite Drinks: water and cinnamon tea

Favorite Characters: Hiei Jangeshi and Yusuke Urameshi

Favorite Genre: Mystery

Favorite Books: Spell and potion books

Favorite Music: Anything but some country and rap

Favorite Sports: Quidditch

Favorite Stores: Book stores

Favorite Subjects: Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms

Favorite Numbers: 13

Favorite Letters: P and Z

Favorite Words: Git and Twit

Least Favorite Colors: Pink and Neon colors

Least Favorite Animals: Sloths

Least Favorite Flavors: Sour

Least Favorite Foods: Soups

Least Favorite Drinks: soda

Least Favorite Characters: Koenma and Ares (god of war)

Least Favorite Music: Some country and rap

Least Favorite Sports: Muggle baseball

Least Favorite Subjects: Transfiguration

Least Favorite Numbers: 2 and 99

Least Favorite Letters: A and O

Languages: Spanish and English

Greetings and Farewells: Nicolai either says hello by saying "Suppers Peppers," or "Que pasa Mufasa?" And her Goodbyes consist of "see ya laters," she hates saying goodbye.

Compliment: "You're all so weird…..I like it."

Insult: "Those fucking-bloody-sodding-no-good-son-of-a-two-faced-animal-torturing-friggin-pathetic-jealous-wastes-of-lives."

Expletive: "Freakin-A!"

Tag Line: "Duuuuuuuude."

Signature Quote: "Sometimes you have to stumble in the dark, before you can actually see the light."

Reputation: Royalty of the wizardry world

First Impressions: She can't dual, she's too weak.

Friendly Impressions: Willing to listen to anyone.

Enemy Impressions: All powerful beings have a weakness, find it and exploit it. Then take her down.

Familiar Impressions: Very loving person

Self-Impression: Powerful but can't do anything to help

Role: Helping Harry Potter defeating Voldemort.

Significance: Whosever side she's on, that side will win.

Compare: Nicolai is like a raven, mysterious and beautiful.

Alignment: Good

IQ: 125, but doesn't like to really show it.

Temperament: Usually understanding.

Attitude: Nice, but when you piss her off, back up slowly.

Evolution: Learns who her true friends are and who she can trust.

Symbol: Her winged necklace.

Vice: Pride

Virtue: Patience and Kindness

Stereotype: She's a girl, and falls in love with Harry Potter.

Originality: She's willing to put everything on the line to save anyone.

One Word: Powerful

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