One-shot: Arthur Finds Out About Merlin's Magic
Chapter 2. Life or Death


Merlin unsure of what to do replies with one simply answer that could kill him, or ignite a better friendship with his prince


"That was you? That was really you?"

"Yes, Arthur that was really me" Merlin tells him.

"But how? I mean, you're a servant and clumsy and annoying. How do you have magic?" Arthur said.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence" He said, almost to himself.

"No, I didn't mean it like- wait. You haven't done any magic on me? Have you?" Arthur said with venom in his voice.

"Of course not, well, only to save your life but other than that, no." Merlin said in a rush.

"Other than saving my life? When have you saved my life Merlin?"

"That could take a while" Merlin half laughed.

"No, go on I want to know." He persisted.

Merlin sighed "okay, but I'm warning you now, you won't like half of it, or all of it or-"

"Just get on with Merlin" Arthur interrupted.

"Well, there was the very first time when I still thought you were a pratt, or well, more of a pratt than you are now really, but-"

"Merlin" Arthur warned.

"Sorry, err let's see, when I pulled you out of the way of the dagger and the king made me your servant"

"Granted, but that wasn't by magic"

"Well actually, yes it was. How else would I have gotten there so fast? Ah, and there's the time I had to go to The Blessed Isle of Avalon, for the cup of life after you got bitten by the Questing Beast. The time when we went to my village, it was me who used magic to save us all. Oh and the time that-"

"Okay Merlin, I get the point, you saved my life a lot. But what I want to know is why? Why not use the power to kill me or my father and take over Camelot? Or at least tell me sooner?"

"I didn't know how well you would take it and, well, because it's my destiny, to keep you alive" Merlin said with a sad smile "and no matter what, that is what I'm going to do"

"why is it your destiny and not someone else's? And how do you know?" Arthur asked.

"that is something I can't tell you, but I guess you're just going to have to trust me"

"I guess so, well let's see it then"

"see what?" Merlin asked bewildered.

"your magic you idiot" Arthur said annoyed.

"oh, right"

Merlin turned his attention to the things still lying on the floor and cast the same spell as before, and as he finished saying the incantation, the items on the floor began to fly once more around the room.

"amazing" Arthur whispered.

"lots of fun too" Merlin said, his eyes still focused on the room.

"your eyes change colour?" Arthur asked, more than stated.

"err, yer. They do it whenever I use magic" Merlin admitted.

"what else can you do?" Arthur asked, becoming more interested every minute.

"whatever I want to really"

"Really?" Arthur asked. Merlin nodded slowly, almost suspiciously.

"why? I am not playing any pranks or anything. If I get caught I'm dead!"

"one little prank and that's it" Arthur pleaded.

"fine, but just one. God I feel stupid right now"

"oh, come on Merlin, it'll be fun. Arthur said with a bit too much enthusiasm. "Anyway, you're always stupid, it makes no difference"

"Thanks" Merlin muttered to himself. "Anyway, aren't you supposed to be with your father?"

"That's exactly where were going" Arthur said.

"Oh, no" Merlin sighed.


They made their way out of Arthur's chambers and down the corridors towards the great hall.

"so what have I got to do?" Merlin asked Arthur

"Can't you read my mind" Arthur replied

"I'm a warlock not a physic" Merlin stated in a stiff tone "and anyway, this is way too dangerous; I'm going to get caught"

"oh shut-up Merlin, all you have to do is create a few little mishaps for our guests" Arthur said slyly.

"what do you mean mishaps? And who are the guests?" Merlin asked.

"a few trips and things like that, and our guests, well I think you'll want them gone soon as well, I know my father does."

"why?" Merlin asked warily.

"you'll see" Arthur said as he walked into the hall and stood beside his father and Merlin behind him.

After a few minutes the doors to the hall reopened and two fairly small, blonde women walked up to stand before Uther.

"Welcome to Camelot, lady Serena and lady Justine" Uther said as the two approached him.

Merlin looked to Arthur, and he nodded slightly, signalling Merlin to do anything.

So Merlin concentrated on the lady Justine who was about to speak.

"Thank- *cough* -you" The ladies voice deepened after she coughed. "It's an-" she stopped speaking, not being about to correct her voice.

"what Justine was saying" Serena continued "was that we very much appreciate everything you have done for us."

The lady Serena took a step forward and Merlin made her loose her footing and trip forwards.

At this point, Merlin was still unsure of why the king and Arthur wanted the two women to leave.

The Lady Serena picked herself up and continued to speak "If you will excuse us, we would like to settle in, some" Uther nodded and the two women made their way out of the hall.

When they re-entered Arthur's chambers, Merlin walked to the centre of the room and put his head in his hands for a moment.

"why did I do that? They seemed nice enough? I have never used my magic to purposely hurt someone!"

"Merlin calm down" Arthur said "it's no big deal, besides you didn't really do much"

"No, I stopped before it got out of hand!" Merlin yelled

"look I'm not going to tell my father, you're not going to hurt anyone-"

Merlin cut him off "what you think I like using my magic like that! The only time I ever enjoyed it was when I first fought-" Merlin stopped himself.

"fought who, Merlin?" Arthur asked

"you" Merlin finally said in a quiet voice.

"what you mean after you called me an ass?"

"A royal ass, but yes. Because you were being such a pratt." Merlin said.

"so, that's how you managed to get that far, normally I can kill someone in seconds."

Arthur walked towards Merlin "so, when you threatened me, you meant with you magic"
(First episode –The Dragon's Call– when Merlin insults and threatens Arthur)

"yes, but I wasn't thinking properly then, I would have said anything to sound tougher" Merlin said worriedly.

"okay then, well as long as you keep doing your job and don't get caught by anyone else, I can't see any reason why this can't be kept between the two of us."

"thank you, Arthur" Merlin said as he began to leave.

"Who else knows about your magic?" Arthur asked

"only Gaius, why?"

"I don't want anything getting out, but I trust Gaius. Now, there isn't anything else your hiding from me is there?"

Merlin thought for a moment "no" he said simply

"Okay, well I'll see you tomorrow morning Merlin"


Merlin made his way down a set of stairs, and came out in to a dark cave.

"Dragon?" he shouted.

The great dragon flew down and landed on the rocks in front of Merlin.

"ah, young warlock. You have done well. Arthur trusts you and your magic and will one day soon unite the land of Albion, with you at his side."

"Yer, well at the moment he only wants to pull pranks" Merlin said fairly annoyed.

"Calm down young warlock, the prince will learn soon enough"

"Let's hope that's very soon. I don't know what else he's going to get me to do"

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