Encounter: The Judgement of Kudou Shinichi

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A Yama Came to Town One Day…

Hell. What exactly is it? Many people think it is a place where the evil are punished. Some believe it is the home of demons. Many religions depict it differently, some not at all. They all have one similarity, however: Hell is a place of evil. So many tales of Hell, but does anyone truly know its purpose? Yes, the very inhabitants of Hell know why it exists. If you ask a certain Yama, she will tell you it exists to ensure nobody sins. That is her job as a judge of the deceased. However, today she will not be judging the dead, but the living.

Yamaxanadu Sikieiki will be judging a human of our world. Kudou Shinichi. Why? Times are changing. Shinichi has great potential, but Sikieiki feels that it will all be for naught if she doesn't do something soon. She departs from Hell and enters our world.

It was Saturday. That meant no school for Edogawa Conan. He sighed with relief as he woke up that morning. He could finally get away from the school that he was forced to go through a second time. It was annoying, having to spend the majority of his day with little kids doing work he's already done. Who knows if he actually pays attention in class? He must have put the entire school (with the exception of Haibara Ai, of course) below him, thinking how ridiculous the kids were with their love for Kamen Yaiba and Gomera. He was above all that kiddy stuff.

Isn't it strange, though, how he acts the same way the kids would when it comes to soccer and detective work? He gets all excited for soccer tournaments, especially the World Cup(Ai once teased him about this). When he finds a difficult code, he goes all out to solve it, concentrating on that only. Everyone has something they can't resist, even the most adult-like of people. They're only human after all. Even Conan, whose range of knowledge seems beyond that.

The phone in the office rang. Who else but Ran would pick it up? In the Mouri family, Ran was the most responsible, unlike Kogoro who was a complete drunkard. Conan sometimes wondered how Ran could even put up with him, and how he was even able to survive all this time.

"Conan-kun!" Upon hearing his name called, Conan rushed to Ran. She handed him the phone. "It's Ai-chan."

Haibara? That's unusual... "Hello?"

"Edogawa-kun, can you come over to Agasa-hakase's? There's a…surprise for you." Ai wasn't used to this, but considering what was going on, what could she do?

Ran had gone back to her room. Good. "What do you think I am, a kid?" He replied in an annoyed manner.


Conan let out a frustrated sigh. "Can you just tell me what you want?"

"I already did."

Another frustrated sigh.

"There's someone here who wants to speak to you in person."

"Eh? Who?"

"That's the surprise."

Conan thought for a moment. "It isn't Hattori, is it?" Please don't let it be him…

"I'm not telling." For the first time, Conan noticed the exhaustion in Ai's voice. Was it just him, or did he also hear a hint of a diabolical tone?

"Fine. I'll come over." Now that he knew someone was there, he had to find out who it was. He hung up and got dressed.

Before he stepped out the door, he called to Ran, saying that he was going over to the Professor's to try out one of his games with Ai. Like I would do that…

Sometimes Ai gave Conan the creeps. Especially when she was in a good mood. And who knows what kind of tricks she would pull if they were playing a video game! She appeared to be good at those, being claimed to have cheated while playing a game that vaguely looked like Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo.

When he arrived at his destination, he was quite surprised at what he found. Agasa looked like someone had just told him that nobody liked him (and nobody did like him. Ah, how the truth hurts.) while an odd woman was sitting on the couch conversing with Ai.

She was wearing a dark blue shirt with white sleeves, and a hat to match. There was a gold emblem on the hat and a red and white bow on the back. She appeared to be carrying a rod with some strange inscription on it. Her green hair was uneven as the left side was touching her shoulder while the right side was down to her ear.

The outfit looks surprisingly formal, though the same couldn't be said for her hair. Why's it green? Apparently, having pink, blue, or blonde hair was not strange. Having green hair was.

Ai noticed Conan walking in the door. "Ah, Kudou-kun."

Conan freaked out in his head. You can probably guess what he was freaking out about.

Ai smirked. The woman laughed slightly.

"This is Yamaxanadu Sikieiki-san." Sikieiki nodded a silent greeting.

"A-ah…nice to meet you." Conan gave a flustered bow, having no idea what exactly was going on.

"I've been waiting, Kudou Shinichi. I've got a lot to talk to you about." She had a look on her face that Conan did not like. It basically cried out "tooorment" to him, only with a woman's voice and not two voices in English.

"She's a Yama." Ai said simply.

How convenient that even though Conan did not believe in the Japanese folktales he still knew every darn thing about them.

"But Yama—"

"That's what you think." Sikieiki cut him off. "The demons and youkai don't live here anymore. They live in another world known as Gensokyo." She paused, clearly enjoying the priceless look on Conan's face. "They do exist. The humans in this world just don't think so because there aren't any around."

"Then what about you?" Conan asked, still not believing her.

"I'm not of Gensokyo, or this world. You should know that. You knew what a Yama was, after all."

"E-eh…" Conan was taken back by her harshness. Regaining his composure, he shot another question at her. "Yama only judge the dead. If you're a Yama, why are you here?"

"I've come to judge you. While it is true that I judge the dead, I can still judge the living if they confront me, or vise versa."

"Why me?"

"You are an interesting subject. You have so many qualities that it would take much time to finish. Better now than later. There are a lot of people to judge."

Conan wondered if that was really why she was here.

"It is also for your benefit, regarding your situation."

Conan still had his doubts, but it did make some sense. How else could she know who he really was? And what else could cause Haibara to be like this? He looked at Ai with half-moon eyes, as she had a smile on her face, telling him she was enjoying this.

Conan sighed. This was going to be a long day.

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As stated before, a Yama is a judge for the dead.

Youkai are those demons you hear about in Japanese folktales like oni and tengu.

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