Encounter: The Judgment of Kudou Shinichi

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Let the Judging Begin!

Conan was shocked with the results of the day. Sikieiki spent the entire time talking about his faults. And that was just in one area!

"You have a strong sense of justice, and that is admirable." The Yama began with this. "And, like me, you do whatever it takes to make it prevail. Only I don't deceive people."

Conan shifted uneasily. Ai took note of that.

"With your current situation…you have no choice but to deceive the ones you care about. I understand that. You only want to ensure their safety. And I'm sure you're aware of how much Ran worries about you."

Conan nodded.

"You know just calling her every once in a while won't keep her from worrying. As long as Kudou Shinichi is away, she won't be able to stop worrying. She doesn't know that he's already there for her. If you keep her waiting like that, her spirit is bound to be broken."

"I already know that…but…"

"You need to make a choice. While it is true that keeping her from knowing will keep her safe, how do you know that the syndicate won't attack if they find out who you are? They're more likely to attack her than they are to attack someone who knows your secret! If you stay near her, she's going to be a more likely target. If she knows, however, she might be able to do something to help herself. She could be ready for an attack." She paused. "You can choose to keep deceiving her, or you can tell her the truth."

Sikieiki is a judge of the dead. These matters are important in judging. They're even more important for the living.

"Keeping secrets from people will only make them more suspicious of you. Of course, most of the humans here think you're just a smart kid. But for those who know Kudou Shinichi well…"

"But most of them aren't suspicious!"

"Then what about Wataru?" Sikieiki challenged. "He once asked who you really were. And your answer was pretty questionable too."

"You don't just expect me to tell everyone that I'm Shinichi, do you?"

"Of course not! I'm just warning you."

"And what does this have to do with me personally?"

Ignoring the question, Sikieiki continued. "As a person, you take joy in the attention you get from people as you solve cases. You drool over your fan letters and constantly brag about yourself."

"That was before—"

"What do you plan on doing when you're back to normal?" Sikieiki cut Conan off.

Conan glared. "I'm going to—" He stopped as he realized what he was going to say.

"You constantly describe this man," she gestured to Agasa, "as a crazy inventor who makes useless stuff. Because of your reputation, people believe what you say. But that is only your opinion, right? Just because it's coming from you doesn't mean it's true. However, the humans don't know any better, do they?"

Agasa looked slightly triumphant. Conan shrank back.

"You may have good intentions when it comes to certain points, but if you choose to go back to your ways before, you're bound to be all alone in the end." Seeing Sikieiki maintaining a calm look on her face made Conan a bit angry.

Who is she to judge me? I don't care if she is a Yama or whatever…

The Yama looked as though she was going to say more, but then realized something. "Komachi…she's slacking off again…" she muttered to herself. "I have to go. I'll be back though." She bowed and quickly left.

Ai kept watching Conan. He looked a bit embarrassed. Who wouldn't be embarrassed if they were lectured in front of people like that?

"Hmph! Who does she think she is?" Conan huffed in annoyance. He left without saying anything else.

Komachi sighed. Just how much of this work did she have to do? Surely Sikieiki wouldn't mind if she took a small break?

Surely Sikieiki would mind. In an instant, Komachi was bashed and being lectured.

"What are you doing here?" She managed to get out.

"I was coming back from the world Gensokyo had been sealed away from." Sikieiki answered.

"W-what were you doing there?"

"Visiting a special person."

The Shinigami was now interested. "Can you tell me more?"

"Get back to work Komachi. I was interrupted because of you."

Komachi let out a depressed sigh. "Aw…" She went back to gathering the souls of the humans who had passed.

Sikieiki sighed. Why, of all people, did she have to choose Komachi, the laziest Shinigami ever? Even Kaenbyou Rin would do a better job, as she does have an ability similar to a Shinigami's role. However, she carries the corpses to the former Hell of Blazing Fires…which is not the current Hell. They look so much alike too…

Well, Shinichi was partly the problem, what with his knack of running into murders. He was a death magnet. And that made more souls appear in Gensokyo, giving Komachi more work.

Now that she got Komachi taken care of, she could go back to Hell with no problems. Next time she went to visit the shrunken meitantei, she'd give him some more lectures. It was all for his own good, after all. It was really important that he made the right decisions, especially since the time was coming soon. If she wasn't straight forward with him now, how could she convince him? Besides, he was strong, right? Surely he wouldn't get a sickness in spirit like a certain rabbit youkai had…

"Welcome home Conan-kun!"

"Hi Ran-neechan…"

Ran noticed a difference in Conan when he came back from the Professor's house. He looked slightly…irritated…

"Daijoubu, Conan-kun?"

"Hai." Conan forced a smile. He plopped himself down on the couch and fell asleep.

Ran smiled. He must have just been tired. Either that or he was hungry, since his stomach growled just a few seconds afterwards. Shinichi was like that too. He was really grouchy when he was sleepy, and Conan was so much like Shinichi.

But Conan was also hard to understand at times. He seemed to act differently depending on who he was around. If he was around Ran or other adults, he'd act like a sweet little kid. But…there were times when he acted too mature for his age. He made really smart deductions sometimes, not that he wasn't smart. What was slightly odd was that Heiji would often have Conan help him during cases, which struck Ran as odd. Conan was just a kid, surely Heiji wouldn't need help from a kid that often. Or perhaps Heiji just liked him that much. After all, Conan and Heiji were just like brothers.

Speaking of Heiji, Ran also noticed that Conan didn't seem to enjoy Heiji's company when cases weren't involved. He looked very displeased when Heiji and Kazuha had made a surprise visit that one time. But then again, Conan wanted to read that new book he had gotten, so that would explain it. It was pretty funny when Ran thought about it. Sometimes it seemed as though Conan was the adult and Heiji was the child. Didn't Heiji once claim that Conan called him a brat? He was yelling at him for some reason during the magic show case.

Now Ran was confused. Why was she thinking of this just now? What did it even have to do with anything? She then remembered what she was originally thinking about. She was thinking about how hard it was to understand Conan, not about how Conan and Heiji got along!

Well, I shouldn't think so much about it. She decided. I do this all the time… Ran mentally scolded herself and went to get dinner ready.

And somewhere in Osaka, a certain dark-skinned teenage detective sneezed. Maybe I should go check up on Kudou…

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