I had my Roza cornered, she will be mine. We could live forever but the animal in side of me thought differently. I could tell I was hungry and I knew that I didn't feed for this reason. I could tell from her face it shown. I could tell she was fighting her mind in saying what and what not I did but I cant control her mind but I know someone who will.


I leaned in to smell he, the taste was over whelming, I was so close to biting her but her voice stopped me and took me out of my trance.

"Dimitri. Dimitri, what are you doing" her voice was on the verge of breaking. I wanted so much to hug her but the animal in side of me were not only going to hug but bite.

I let my nose smell her neck, it was mouth watering. I couldn't take but something slipped from lips

"So much for my self control" oh I didn't want to say because now she no's

"Dimitri, isn't you" she whispered, I tried so hard no to say 'because the Dimitri you knew died' but I seemed to keep my mouth shut. The rain was pouring down on us. It made her look even sexier. . . that was possible.

She seemed to be thinking hard. I made my chance and move closer, her neck was less than five centimetres from my fangs. That thought drove me crazy I could she saw the fire of passion dancing in my eyes. . . I could even feel it. I had moved there to the bridge so if Nathan came I could jump.

A car drove past but turned off but I could that my Roza wanted it to keep coming and see us. Then I would of had to make a run for with her. There was no way Nathan was getting his hands on her. Her heart beat pick up speed as I was slowly moving closer. She could slip and hurt herself if I frightened her any more but I mean what more could there to scared. Her blood pumping faster, her heart the same, her face on the verge of tears.

"Dimitri" Nathan yelled over the storm. Hey a storm wow I must be out of it

but why was he here

oh only to grab Rose and run and make her a blood whore

Why hasn't she stake me yet. I could the silver sticking out of her pocket.

She would do it but she loves you to much

How could she love a monster like me

She only loves the Dimitri that she fell for.

"Nathan" I growled and Rose look freaked even more well I guess that did it.

She was mine and only mine, I was going to do it now. I kissed her neck. I closed my eyes and bit down into her neck. She screamed as the my venom worked it way into the central blood vain. A sleek black car pulled up.

Adrian, Lissa and Christian were in side, I pulled my lips from her neck and she clenched it, Ha good luck trying to get the venom out.

"You idiot" Nathan growled, I guess I knew why... I just killed his only way to be come a known Strigoi.

She looked at Lissa, she was debating on what to do, why would she do that

She was going to jump. No my Rose I couldn't say that.

She looked at lissa that leaned back, her knees hit the wall and she was gone. Nathan, Christian, Adrian, lissa and me all tried to catch but I saw her body hit the rock her eyes close and she was gone. All because of me.

Lissa looked at me with Hatred. Who could blame I just killed her best friend. Se had tears coming down her face as did Adrian and Christian . . . wait why would Christian cry I mean they hated each other last time I check but I guess that was too long a go.

"YOU BUSTARD" Lissa yelled.

"Yeah I know he is one but lets make a game out of The only Rose Hathaway's Death" of course Nathan had to make a game out of it. I saw him looking at the stake left on the ground.

"what do you mean" her petty voice asked. I looked at her shocked the only game that Nathan played was. . .

"Russian Roulette" Adrian mouth dropped.


"A game where there is five guns or least and one is loaded with bullet from her stake and we place bets and the last surviving person wins" he smiled as Lissa face grew deathly pale.

"I'm in" Adrian said proudly.

"me too" Christian said and Lissa bust out in tears again.

"Eddie will do it too" Adrian muttered.

"Okay come to the house and we will figure out the plan and get the bullets made.

-two weeks later-

We were in a room and Lissa could stand watching so she ran, Christian looked heart broken.

Nathan had set up the game and I was sure that it was rigged but I wanted to die soi could be with her. Thats all I'm dreaming of is being with her and that it.

"Jesus Adrian you had to bring me into this didn't you" Eddie stated.

"It was for Rose" ah so I get it now, Adrian wanted to die so he could be Rose ha Not a chance BUDDY

"ok would you shut up now" Nathan snapped before pulling out the new guns. The were drench in a humans scent so I knew Nathan rigged it.

"Okay rules" he looked around and saw no one care.

""The five guns, one has the bullet's made from a stake...Rose Hathaway's" I Growled at that because he just had to use hers and he knew about me and her and that why he wanted her,

"Dimitri its been two week you girl friend is sure to be dead" I knew he was reight but I didn't want to believe it, I mean we never did find her body.


"eight" Christian

"seven" Eddie

"twelve" Adrian

"seven fifty" I said, it was all I had.

"Thirteen" Nathan. "So that in hundreds, big money betted from You" he pointed at Adrian, he just shrugged

Lissa couldn't lose any one else.

"Nathan its just us leave them out it" I started but his answer which shocked me.

"fine you can watch if you want"

"Dimitri chose a gun, remember if its the one I take the money and moroi" I looked at them and I knew I would die and so would they.

"fine." I sighed

" Hey you cant bet us" Christian shouted. He had jumped and was about to attack Nathan

"Shut it Fire Boy"

I pick up the forth gun and placed it under my neck, at throat. I heard the door rattle. And there stood me angel, she was different she smell like my mum.

Christian looked really happy to see her I mean who wouldnt. Eddie looked frightened as hell and Adrian looked like he could murder me and I wouldn't care.

"Roza" I breathed she must of been wondering why I didn't go after her but I would but her scent had change to a more breath taking scent.

"Well, I Dimitri you made an inbred" Nathan chuckled. I glared. How dare he call Rose an inbred but I guess she was, her skin was tough and she our speed and strength. But he knew I was going to get him back for it big time.

I was so pissed but I need a plan, okay. I will shoot her in the shoulder and that shoot Nathan in the chest, but eddie would kill me but I need to save her and it was the only way I could save her was hurting her. I slowly raised the gun at her and she was scared as hell. I looked over at Eddie and he was ready to jump at me. I sighed, Its the only way and the safest way I could tell Nathan waiting for me to shoot than attack me but he was going to die before he had the chance, I click the safety down, she started to shake, her vision was blurry, you tell by her eyes. The click scared her because now she knew she was going to die no matter what. But in my books she is going to live.

Ok Dimitri pull the screwed up trigger.

I opened my mouth to say the only think I could say,

"I'm sorry Rose" thats when I shot the gun but it wasn't going for her shoulder it was her chest...

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Well I can give you sneak peek of the next chapter.

'The bullet hit my in the chest but missed my heart, I was gasping from the pain not just the bullet it was the stake bullet, I clench my chest and saw Eddie on his feet but Dimitri aiming the gun at Nathan.

"You pissed me off before and now calling the girl I love an inbred is to far" he shook his head but still held the gun up, I was on my knees from the pain. But he said he loved me, I wished I could say I love you too but I was on the floor in pain, "your time is up and I know that all the guns have the bullet" Nathan smile was gone. It was replace with anger.

"I knew I should of never let you in because you would be a traitor"He shouted

" Me the traitor says you who only want Rose for the fame." I heard Eddie and Christian yell


"guys" I whispered and there head's whipped to look at me

I next heard the gun shoot. My breathing was shallow. Nathan was on the floor looking at me with his last breath. He whispered " You will be mine..."

He was dead and I saw the figures of three bodies coming for me.

"Rose. Please stay awake you need too" my angel was pleading.

"I love you Dimitri" I whispered before my world went dark'

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