There sat Panini next to her Cello case, she was 9 year's old. She would never remember how his face looked, "I don't like boy's but this sudden urge made me.."
she quietly said. She looked around her room, pink and fuzzy, bare wall's with picture frame's that displayed "My Friend's and I" but they were blank.

"Panini, would you go get the turkey, time is money!" Said Ms. Endive a fat orange elegant yelling at her apprentice/daughter.
"Yes Master Endive" Panini said and went out in the Snail-Car to get the Turkey, a big golden brown turkey indeed. But something caught her eye,
a purple dot next to a teal dot taking a walk.

"Chowder, the first thing to become a successful chef is to balance YOUR weight..." Mung announced they walk for a little bit more "Besides you need to get a girlfriend" Mung thought. "But Mung I already know how to cook" they both sat down to chat on the sidewalk.
Mung got up and said "No not on this topic again, let's just go back inside" and Chowder followed him from behind.

"Was that the boy I saw 3 year's ago?" Panini thought. "No,no,no that CANT be him, what if it is- No, keep it together Panini"
"Panini! Are you there?! Hurry up with the turkey!" Endive shouted "Okay I'm coming" her pink and fuzzy hand's were getting sweaty and clammy,
the turkey was almost as big as her, but Ms. Endive trained her so that she would be a strong one. One she was at Ms. Endive, she wasn't happy "Panini! That took forever! Oh at least you have the turkey, now, let's get the table set up..." and that was that.

Mung was perfecting his Stroodle Doodle that has been sitting there for 24 hour's, the phone rang and mung answered it with a flick of his hand:
"Hello, Mung's Catering Service how may I help-" Mung was interrupted "Mung! Come over to my house for thanks giving *Grunts* So, we can see who is the better chef!" Ms. Endive said patiently "Your on lady! The only person that is going to win is me" Mung shouted to the phone. "We'll see who's the better chef"
And she hung up.

"Chowder, we are going to Ms. Endive's house pronto!" Mung commanded "Who's that?" Chowder asked "Just... come on!" Mung shouted "OK!" Chowder said holding back tear's They zoomed for their Snail-Car and drove about a mile and reached Ms. Endive's house.

"Ok Panini, we will be having guest's over-" *Ring* "They're here!" She said with an evil expression "Come here quickly Panini" as usual Panini obeyed until she saw that boy again, he looked at her. She was starting to get that feeling as if she was going to throw up. Her next move was to be quick Panini ran upstairs. She opened her door and slammed it... "My goodness, he's changed to much over these year's when I took a glance at him" She thought, She picked up her Cello case and studied the Cello, orange and golden brown, the bridge was about the size of an apple and the strings were made of fine silver. "I'm glad I still have you"
She said patting the delicate instrument. Footstep's were coming up the stair's, she could hear voice's murmuring "Now Chowder, make good friend's with this girl since you don't have any" Mung said.
"So his name is Chowder" she thought, her insides filled with happiness but butterflies had room in her stomach. She opened the door, the feeling came again, "Hi" Panini said.
"Um, Hi" said Chowder but before she could say something else she ran downstairs and sat at the table. "Panini? Are you feeling alright, your getting all jumpy" Ms. Endive said with mercy.
"Uh, ya!" she said blushing. "The feast was unforgettable, she watched Ms. Endive and Chowder have an eat off, but she couldn't resist taking her eye's off him. Mung was sitting there getting hit by food and topping's. As soon as the eat-off with Ms. Endive and Chowder stopped, Ms. Endive obviously won, "Wow, good game!" Chowder said..."Fatty" Alright Chowder, let's go they both got up and headed for the door " Wait Chowder" Panini said "What" Chowder said. She ran up to him and hugged him "I love you" "Ewww, noo" Chowder tried to get out of her python grasp "Aww!, she love's you" Mung said. "No, she doesn't" Let's just go.. I'm embarrassed..."

Panini, wanted to cherish that moment but Chowder was by far larger and stronger than her, she went upstairs to play her Cello to calm her down.

Dance Of The Popper Elves...

If you want background information:
Panini started cello at 6 just a week after she saw Chowder She went to a private class were they were basically 6th grader's but hardly were there.

She is a cello virtuoso.
She love's her Cello more than anything but Chowder might ruin that relationship.

Nothing changed about Chowder.

Stay tuned for more and Happy Thanksgiving!