I would of never thought that one small thing would take you on a journey, I also thought I would never be turned into a wolf, but that's also beside the point...

The wolf found that it was lost. Witch ever way it turned, all it saw was darkness, she turned her head and sniffed the air, Everything was unfamiliar. The she-wolf sat. What was her name? Where had she come from? Who was her family? She scratched at a flee. The most important Question that she had was, Why was she here?

She got back up and stared at the sky. The dark sky had nothing in it, no moon, no light. The wolf looked around it's self. Everything was gray, like it was dieing. The wolf snorted, she did not like this place.

Something moved behind her, she jumped and looked back. A shadow moved closer to her, it was large and big, it had no face but seemed to 'see' her. It moved toward her and she saw that along it's body where streaks of blue.

She did not like the feeling she got the closer it got. She backed up and it picked up its pace. "Get" She growled at it, but it seemed to no understand. She growled louder. It lurched and jumped at the

She-wolf. She sprung back, hitting a gray tree. She fell to her stomach, she gasped. The shadow thing was over her, reaching for her. She closed her eye tight, knowing what it planed to do.

A howl ripped the air. A pressure so strong pressed on the She-wolf, she couldn't breath. She gasped for air, but her lungs would not work. The she-wolf looked up at the thing, then fell into a black dream.

"Hey! Furball! WAKE UP!" The she-wolf jumped to her feet, panic in her eyes, she huffed, the feeling of suffocation still within her. As her lungs filled with a rush of air the wolf calmed. She looked around thin, looking for what woke her. She saw nothing and crooked her head. Giggling sounded in the air. "You are a funny thing, aren't you?" The voice came from above.

The she-wolf shuck out her fur and a small being hovered in front of her. "Your not him." It was a statement not a question. "I was hoping that he had returned. But..." The being shrugged. She looked at the she-wolf and narrowed her eyes. "but you seem a lot like him..."

"Like who?" the she-wolf whispered.

"So you do talk! Good! Tell me your name." The she-wolf looked puzzled at the black and white beings command. "What? Don't you have one?"

"I don't remember..."

"welll...I can't just call you wolf, I know! I'll call you who I thought you where, Link!"

For some reason the she-wolf cringed. "Please no, anything but that!"

The being looked confused, "why not?"

"I-I don't know...But anything but that!"

"Hummmm, if not Link...then Clover! Look there on your pelt!" The being pointed to the she-wolf's side. On it lay a lighter green clover shape.

(for a pic of Clover look up wolftaske on deviantart )

The she-wolf was silent, she didn't mind the name. The being looked happy, "clover it is! Oh and I'm Midna." She smiled at the confused wolf